Wizards Unite BETA released in New Zealand!


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Feb 13, 2019
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It’s official guys, Wizards Unite made its way into New Zealand on this wonderful Wizarding Wednesday!
Niantic announced it through their twitter account and blog. Then the official Wizards Unite website corroborated it with a post of their own.


The interminable wait

The wait has been long and arduous, with month after month of total silence until those first few trailers hit our screens and turned the hype up to eleven.

First came the Rogue Snitch, then the Riderless Nimbus and finally that Discombobulated Niffler that stole our shinies and our hearts.

And then, on March 11th came the treasure trove of actual game footage and Wizards Unite gameplay information that made us all so happy we could’ve Expecto Patronused our way past every Dementor in existence.

The speculation

We’ve been speculating about what Wizards Unite would look like since late 2017, when it was first announced. We even started our own WU wide-release date poll over at the community forum. You should check that one out of you haven’t already!

Last month we even got a good look at the gameplay, and it looks absolutely amazing. But now finally, finally we have a live Beta. In New Zealand And it’s wonderful! Although that’s the only country with Beta version so far, the fact that it launched without prior notice gives us hope. Any day now we might wake up and see the Beta version is suddenly released in our area.

The first Beta release is here!

It’s official, folks. Wizards Unite beta will be changing our boring Muggle surrounding into magical places soon. Although just like they did with Pokémon GO, we are looking at a slow Beta roll. Today, on this Wizarding Wednesday, we found out the Calamity arrived at New Zealand. With no prior notice. Out of the blue, every SoS Task Force member in the country was called to action.

So if you didn’t get the beta don’t lose hope. The beta release will go by country, so perhaps you’re on the waiting list and don’t know it yet. And once the beta is out in your area, you can always download the apk. Just invite yourself to the party!

What do I do until then?

Well, first off, we have a great list of Potter-related things you can do to make the wait easier right here.

Another thing you should do, regardless of whether Wizards Unite is coming out soon or not, is follow all the amazing #WUtubers and enjoy their content. It’s fun, informative and just perfect for every occasion! In fact, we have a special are in our Community forum just for them: the WUtubers’ Pensieve and a WUtubers list with the very best of them on our Twitter account @AccioWU

And don’t forget to join our Community and our brand new AccioWU Discord channel for a nice, friendly chat where we can all share our excitement over the amazing news!
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Feb 14, 2019
So, finally the great Wizarding Wednesday is there. It was much anticipated on Wednesday :D
Thank you, @Samantuchy for sharing this great post with a lot of useful links. (y)