Wizards Unite Brilliant Event: First Impressions


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Feb 13, 2019
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Finally the day arrived and some extra special magic made its way to the Muggle world. So today we’ll go over some of the new features, what we learnt on the first day and we’ll even share a bit of our experience.

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Brilliant Event First Impressions

So far, we are absolutely loving the new event. But that is hardly helpful information, is it? So let’s delve a little into the Brilliant Event.

Hagrid’s introduction to the Event

The event began with a message from Hagrid.


The message reads:

Hello there! I know yeh’ve got yer hands full w’ Confoundables everywhere and such, but I could use yer help w’ somethin’ in particular, if yer willing.

Yeh see, somethin’s not right ’bout the Forbidden Forest. Ever since the Calamity started disappearin’ creatures, the forest’s been thrown outta sorts.

If you come across any Foundables from the Forbidden Forest, let me know, would yeh?

After that we go back to the map, and the adventure begins.

The Brilliant Event colour scheme

There are quite a few changes on the map, but the most noticeable one is the colour scheme. Everything Event-related is purple, from the Trace icons to the Fortress Runestones. Not to mention the spells we cast. Those, too, have turned purple. Here you can see what it looks like.


This is what the Event traces look like in the map. They are extremely easy to see, so that is definitely a plus. From what other players have mentioned, the rarity of these traces seems to change from one area to another. We are not sure if that is because of the geographical location or simply different time-zones affecting the traces.

During the event, there are two different Foundables we will get through traces: a unicorn and Buckbeak. This is what they look like on the screen, with the event’s purple light surrounding them.


While Buckbeak is relatively easy to return considering it’s a medium-level threat, the unicorn will either take more patience and attempts or the help of an exstimulo potion. Whatever works best for you in the game.

What’s to come

Tomorrow we will delve a little deeper into rewards, Wizarding Challenges and those precious Restricted Section Books, so make sure to check back!

Our thoughts so far

Here is my personal impression of the event. I will start by saying that, as I’ve stated before, I am completely new to the world of AR. I never played Pokémon GO, so I am learning through Wizards Unite. With that said, the game – and the event – are incredibly intuitive.

On the first day of the event I went to an area where I know there are a lot of POIs and started there. My energy bar was full at 85 and I’d made sure to pack enough potions for whatever may come.

So I started off with one hour of heavy playing. I used two Baruffio Potions for this. The amount of XP you get as you play is incredible. I started the event about 25% into level 15 and ended it (after one hour of heavy playing and one hour of mostly inns and the odd Trace as I made my slow way to the car) about 45% into level 16. Which means I roughly got enough XP for 1.5 levels. In less than two hours.

The unicorn and Buckbeak were very easy to find in my area. I got all 10 pieces of Buckbeak’s sticker and a few on top of that. The unicorn is slightly rarer. I got 9 our of 10 pieces, with maybe two that got away (roughly the same for Buckbeak). I did, however, have to use an Exstimulo Potion when trying to rescue the Unicorn as my skills were not enough to break through the Confoundable.

The event consists of four levels and we have a week to get through them. I managed to finish levels one and two within the first (Baruffio-aided) hour. I know other players had a much harder time of it, not being able to find many Event Traces on their maps, unfortunately.

But what this tells me is that everyone should be able to finish all four sections of the Event long before it ends on July 10th.

More to come tomorrow!

Check back tomorrow for an update (and hopefully a caption or two of my completed event).

If you have any more tips for new players make sure to leave them in the comment section! We’d love to make the most of our first event.

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Feb 14, 2019
So nice! I'm still in level 3/4... hope to finish it today :)