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Feb 13, 2019
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It’s almost time for the second part of the Back to Hogwarts Wizards Unite Event to begin! Keep in mind two-parters work slightly differently than other events, we’ll go into those details in the post. But to start here’s a rundown of the tasks, the rewards and the Foundables we will come across during the Back to Hogwarts II Brilliant Event.

The Back to Hogwarts II Brilliant Event


Lasting an entire week (from August 27th to September 3rd), this will be the second part of the Back to Hogwarts Brilliant Event. This event will let us complete the second page of the event Registry, get some of the Fragments from Part I and also get your hands on some more of those precious restricted books that are holding our professional careers back.

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So let’s get started!

The Back to Hogwarts Event tasks

Just like in all previous events, this one will be split into four parts. Every task will have its own reward, with a larger reward once each of the four parts are completed. This is where we will get our Restricted Section books, along with Brilliant Foundables, event XP and much more. Let’s take a closer look at those tasks.

Back to Hogwarts II 1/4

  • Dine at Inns 3 times – 10 Brilliant Family XP
  • Pick up 2 ingredients or Portmanteaus– 10 Brilliant Family XP
  • Return 4 Hogwarts School Foundables – 10 Brilliant Family XP

Rewards for completion:

    • 10 Brilliant Family XP
    • 1 Restricted Section Book
    • 1 Hogwarts Gates frame
Back to Hogwarts II 2/4

  • Recover 2 Brilliant Sorting Hat – 300 XP
  • Brew 3 Potions – 10 Brilliant Family XP
  • Return 10 Foundables of any Family – 15 Brilliant Family XP

Rewards for completion:

    • 2 Potent Exstimulo Potions
    • 2 Restricted Section Books
    • 25 Brilliant Family XP
    • 1 Hogwarts Hogsmeade Sign sticker
    • 1 Wingedboar Statue Foundable
Back to Hogwarts II 3/4

  • Return 1 high-threat Foundable – 500 XP
  • Return 5 medium-threat Foundables – 500 XP
  • Use 2 Potions – 15 Brilliant Family XP

Rewards for completion:

    • 25 Brilliant Family XP
    • 3 Restricted Section Books
    • 1 Hogwarts Carriage sticker
    • 1 Hogwarts Carriage Foundable
Back to Hogwarts II 4/4

  • Unlock 4 Portkey Portmanteaus – 750 XP
  • Brew 6 Potions – 10 Brilliant Family XP
  • Defeat 10 Foes in Wizarding Challenges– 15 Brilliant Family XP

Rewards for completion:

    • 9 Restricted Section Books
    • 1 Hogwarts Express Conductor Hat lens
    • 50 Gold Coins
    • 1 Sorting Hat on a Stool sticker
    • 1 Thestral Foundable
Our take on the tasks

There are a few more changes here compared to the first part of the event. This part will certainly be more time-consuming. While Part I could be completed within a few hours this one will definitely take longer, since there is a lot of Potion brewing involved.

Part 1/4

Looking into the tasks we can see Part One is quite easy to complete. Visit 3 inns, pick up 2 ingredients or Portmanteaus and return 4 Brilliant Foundables (while the only Foundable from part two we will see on the map is the Sorting Hat, we will also find Hogwarts Students from Part I so returning 4 of any type should not be an issue.

Part 2/4

For Part Two brewing the three Potions might be a little time consuming, but planning ahead will let us get right past it. Leave some Potions brewing ahead of time and once you reach this task you only need to open the Cauldron window and take them. No time lost, you should be able to get to Part Three fairly quickly.

Part 3/4

Part Three might be a little more difficult, since we need to return one high-threat Foundable and 5 medium-threat Foundables. However, lots more rare Foundables (those with shards of light, be it yellow, orange or red) have been appearing on the map quite often. Dark Detectors have also been tweaked in the last week so now when you activate them the Foundables will appear much closer to the Inn (although in some cases they do appear inside/over the Inn and cannot be opened).

Part 4/4

Then we have Part Four. For this part we need to unlock four Portkeys, which will be time-consuming since we have to make sure the Portkey isn’t activated before we reach this task; that means we cannot really start unlocking the Portkeys too far in advance. However, we will be getting three Silver Keys as our daily treasure this Wednesday, so that might help move things along.

There is one more issue with this part, however. We need to brew 6 more Potions in order to complete the task. I would certainly recommend you start brewing more Potions as soon as you take the ones for Part Two. However, the fastest Potion we can brew at the moment takes 2 hours, and we can only use our Master Notes on the first Potion in the queue and, once that potion is finished brewing, you cannot add another or use Master Notes on the next one without picking the first one up, which can’t be done until you reach Part Four. My advice here, if you want to finish as quickly as possible, is to rent a Cauldron and cut waiting time in half. However, if you’re not going to complete the event in one day, you might as well leave the Potions brewing through the night and save those gold coins.

Time is still on our side

So all in all, this event will take longer to complete (unless you are willing to spend quite a bit of gold speeding up the brewing process). Depending on where you live, you will have more or less time to play on day one. In my case the event starts at 8PM, which means I can only play a few hours if I want to get enough sleep before work. In other areas the event will start around noon, or early in the morning, which leaves them more time to play on day one. But, of course, this is far from a competition, and we have a whole week to complete the tasks, so there’s no need to rush!

Tasks Rewards Summary

As for the reward, if we complete every task we will get:

  • 2050 XP (same as in Part I)
  • 155 Brilliant Family XP (15 more than in Part I)
  • 3 Brilliant Foundables
  • 1 Hogwarts Gates frame
  • 1 Hogwarts Hogsmeade Sign sticker
  • 2 Potent Exstimulo Potions
  • 1 Hogwarts Carriage sticker
  • 1 Sorting Hat on a Stool sticker
  • 50 gold coins (same as Part I)
  • 15 Restricted Section Books (same as Part I)
A few important details

Just like in Back to Hogwarts Part I, restricted section books are awarded later on. You can only get the last 9 books when you complete all four parts of the event, so make sure you do so!

Just like in Potter’s Calamity II, map Foundables from Part I will appear during Part II, which is great if you didn’t manage to return all the Fragments. During this event the developers changed the Family XP needed to level up the rank (and get Brilliant Runestones and scrolls) from 100 to 40, which should make it easier for players to get all the Runestones they need for the Fortress Foundable. If you have any leftover Runestones from part I they will start yielding the new Foundable as soon as the event begins.

The opposite applies to Portkeys. Any Portkey you still have from Part I will yield Luggage Trolley fragments regardless of when you open it. So unlike the Runestones, you shouldn’t save those Portmanteaus for Part II. They will only take up space and make it harder to complete the Part II Portkey Foundable.

Focus on those tasks!

All this means you should put as much effort as you can in completing the tasks, since there are three Foundables that will only appear by completing parts 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4 and you will not get another chance to complete the Registry without them. Not to mention those Restricted Books, 9 of which you will only receive after completing every event task. Brilliant Portkeys and Runestones will continue to yield Brilliant Foundables for a time after the end of the event (although if Runestones work the same way as they did in Potter’s Calamity, after the end of Part II the Foundable they will yield could be from either Part I or II, so it might take longer to complete if you don’t finish within the week).

Where to get the Potter’s Calamity II Event Foundables


Let’s have a look at where we can find each of the Brilliant Event Foundables:

  • Sorting Hat – 12 Fragments – On the map
  • Wingedboar Statue – Complete step 2/4 of the Event tasks
  • Hogwarts Carriage – Complete step 3/4 of the Event tasks
  • Thestral – Complete step 4/4 of the Event task
  • Hogwarts Boat – 3 Fragments – Use a Brilliant Runestone (important!) in Wizarding Challenges (any level chamber will work)
  • Hogwarts – Hogsmeade Signpost – 5 Fragments – In 3km Brilliant Portkey Portmanteaus
Brilliant Event Tips

Here are a few tips to keep in mind before and during the event.

  • Brew your Potions in advance. You’ll probably need:
    • Exstimulo Potion, which improves your spellcast in both combat and traces.
    • Dawdle Draught (available from Lv 17) which reduces the likelihood of the Trace fleeing.
    • Baruffio’s Brain Elixir, which grants you double Wizarding XP from Traces, Wizarding Challenges and Portkeys for 30 minutes.
  • Have some Portkeys ready to go for part 4/4. These don’t need to be Brilliant Portkeys.
  • For Event Foundables, it’s best to stay away from areas marked with a Family Banner.
  • If you can, try to start the event with full energy. It will make the first day go much better.
  • Find an area with enough Inns and Greenhouses to move between. Remember the 5 minute waiting period. That will give you km for your Portkeys and spell energy for your Traces.
  • Master your spells. And most importantly, remember the game values speed over accuracy.
  • Try to level up the game, but don’t go all out with your profession. It’s your game level (and your ability to trace spells) that determines whether or not you defeat a Confoundable. You might want to save some scrolls for when you get those shiny Restricted Section Books and plan where to spend them when you’re done with the event.
  • Make room in your vaults for ingredients and potions.
  • We’re all sure to meet some new Potterheads during the week. What better way to make new friends and possibly new teammates for your next Fortress incursion? Don’t be shy and reach out!
  • And the most important one: Have fun! (And try to convert as many Muggles as possible!)
That’s what we have for today, so go play!

Make sure you’re ready to make the most of the event, add your Friend Code to our map if you haven’t yet. You can also have a look around the map and find players in your area!

We also have a Local Community Map where you can add your Wizards Unite Communities for other players to find you!

If you have any more tips for new players make sure to leave them in the comment section! We’d love to make the most the event.

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Feb 13, 2019
Back to Hogwarts II 4/4

  • Unlock 4 Portkey Portmanteaus – 750 XP
  • Brew 6 Potions – 10 Brilliant Family XP
  • Defeat 10 Foes in Wizarding Challenges– 15 Brilliant Family XP
That's the one it's going to take longer... 6 potions!!