Wizards Unite: Fantastic Flora and Fauna Event


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Feb 13, 2019
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As all of you probably know by now, the Fantastic Flora and Fauna event (the first Wizards Unite event ever) will begin next Friday. The announcement was made via the game itself, and shared by those players who live in a beta area. Now there are a few issues with this event. Most importantly, the game hasnt been released yet. Another issue, of course, is that what we call beta is actually more of a soft release, since Niantic has confirmed it will not erase the data from beta players once they release the game globally. This, of course, will leave New Zealand and Australia quite a bit ahead on other players.

The Fantastic Flora and Fauna Event

There is some information about the event itself, gathered and turned into a lovely graphic by @orangewizard2019. If youre not following him on Instagram you definitely should. He makes all the complex game info so much more visual and easy to understand!


As you can see in the graphic, the event will last one week and consist of four parts. The tasks are mostly regular parts of gameplay, their difficulty rising as we move forward. For example one of the tasks for part one is picking up a Portkey Portmanteay, while by part four we need to open three Portkeys. There are rewards per task (books, collection items and xp) and also for completing each part (potion, ingredients, xp, books and collection items). The good thing is that even those who dont finish every part of the event will get some nice rewards.

The location issue

Now, there has been a lot of speculation about this event. Mostly due to Niantics reluctance when it comes to sharing information. And release the game globally. Here well go over what we think are the three possibilities Niantic will have to choose from before the Event begins.

Event exclusive for New Zealand and Australia

Right at this moment, this is the option that seems to make the most sense. These are the two areas where the game is currently live. Since the event itself was announced through the game, it makes sense that it will be available to them only. This is the most pessimistic option, of course, but we know Niantic by now.

The reasoning behind this move could be to test how the game works during an event with just about every player connected at the same time for a whole week. This way they could find and fix some bugs before their first worldwide event.

Event for New Zealand, Australia and the UK

This one also makes sense if we keep in mind the recent announcement of the partnership between Niantic and EE, a 5G network provider. Given the timing of the announcement and the fact that EE costumers will have exclusive access to the game in the UK and also some exclusive content, we could see Wizards Unite releasing in the UK next week, before the Event begins.

Worldwide release before the event

At the moment, this is the option we hope for the most, and expect the least. A launch so close to the event would leave new players scrambling to learn how to properly play Wizards Unite with the added pressure of the event happening at the same time. It would be amazing to have Wizards Unite release within the week. But we really dont think its likely.

Niantics lose-lose situation

Heres where things get complicated for the company, in our opinion.

  • A worldwide release coinciding with the first event might be too much for some players (and our poor hearts can only take so much more stress). And with the beta out in only two countries, we think a worldwide release might be a little too much, too soon. Although it would be awesome too finally get to play the game.
  • A beta release in the UK would have to be limited to EE considering the partnership. Which would leave every member of the wizarding world currently in the UK and using any other network quite upset. All in all, this seems to be some sort of happy medium. They give us a little, make us feel like things are moving along. Niantic style.
  • The last possibility would be, of course, to limit the Event to those countries that already have the beta version live. That would be New Zealand and Australia. The problem? The rest of the world might very well go up in arms. Or in wands. Weve been waiting for this game for so long, weve been so patient. But having the first ever Wizards Unite event limited to only two countries? That might be more than we can take. This move might cost Niantic some players. And definitely a lot of frustration with those of us who stick to waiting for the game. They would have to find a way to make it up to us somehow.
What is your best guess?

What do you think will happen? We know what we all hope for, but right now it just doesnt seem realistic (am I saying this only to be contrary and push Niantic into releasing worldwide just to prove me wrong? You may never know).

What wed love to know, however, is what you think will happen. Which of these options do you think the company will choose to stick to come Friday? We need some mind-readers, fast!

So join our discord and our forum and lets talk a little more about this. Or vent. Or maybe share a tear over some Butterbeer (the rhyme was unintended!) Just click the button you like most and youll find us on the other side!


And remember, keep your eyes peeled, your ears open and your wand ready. Wizards, Unite!

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Feb 9, 2019
Nice report! :)
We'll need to check wutubers like @Valki or @spicy from Australia and New Zealand... :)


May 12, 2019
I am planning on doing a live stream for when the event starts. It looks to be 6 am here (gulp) but I will sacrifice some sleep.
Mar 11, 2019
Thanks for the nice report. You mentioned about partnership between Niantic and EE, a 5G network provider. I don't believe 5G network is live anywhere yet, am I correct?