Wizards Unite for Squibs and Muggles


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Feb 13, 2019
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These past few weeks, Wizards Unite, via Warner Bros, started working on their marketing campaign. Of course, of all us here have been aware of the game, and impatiently waiting for it, for quite some time. But most people who are less up to date with the Potterverse are unaware of this upcoming little wonder.

A peculiar marketing choice

It has been quite strange just how little news coverage the game had up until now. Even when Warner Bros CEO Kevin Tsujihara let it slip that the game would release this summer the news was buried as a throw-away comment in the article.

The reason, of course, could be quite simple. When the company has no idea when its game will release, marketing it too early could actually turn people off playing it. This doesnt apply to us hardcore Potterheads, of course. Well be there no matter what, of course. And the company has been releasing little titbits of information for the past six months to keep us appeased. But all of these trailers came through the official game website and social medial, so they only reached people already interested in the game. Even the two beta versions currently live in New Zealand and Australia are only being covered by a small group of people.

So why the sudden change in strategy?

Wizards Unite for Muggles

Warner Bros has a lot of experience with marketing films, shows and games. So we will assume they know what theyre doing. Which means that they decided not to publicise the game until now. This, of course, means that were speeding down the runway, readying for takeoff.

People generally have very short attention spans when it doesnt come to things they are specifically interested in (such as many of us hanging around for over eighteen months waiting to play the game). So if the marketing campaign is starting now, I think we can expect the game to drop next month. I dont think it will be sooner than that because the campaign needs time to reach a wider audience and get them hyped, so Im guessing the first half of June would probably be a reasonable time to launch globally.

The Wizards Unite Guerrilla and the brand new ads

The Detective Pikachu Trailer

The first move Warner made towards a worldwide campaign was showing the latest Wizards Unite trailer in theatres. This new trailer surprised audiences in the UK who were about to watch Detective Pikachu. As we all know Niantic is behind both Pok矇mon Go and Wizards Unite so, with no films from the magical franchise coming out anytime soon, this was a perfect way to reach an audience already interested in one of their products.

This trailer has an audio version of the Enlist message we can see in the official website. It also shows bits of the trailers wed seen before and of two more that were released afterwards through Warners Insiders.

You can watch all the Wizards Unite trailers released to date in our post:

Wizards Unite Trailers: A Trace of Patience

The Wizards Unite posters

They also released four posters, asking the magical community to spread the word. The two Ministry emails we received had a similar message. They want us to use our knowledge of the game and our passion for the Potterverse to get people to play the game. With this they mean to target a wider audience on a more individual level.


Wizards Unite released these posters both through their site and through emails. Theyve asked us to print them and post them all over the world. The wizarding world does, after all, need our help.

The in-app trailer

There is one other place where the latest trailer has appeared. Or rather various places.

The trailer popped up in at least one game (as reported by yours truly) this weekend. The game, in case youre wondering, is called Bubble Shooter and, as you can imagine, has no relation to anything Harry Potter or AR. Just one of those random games everyone keeps on their phone. Along with the game came the option to pre-register on the Play Store.

One other place where the trailer appeared is Instagram. The ad popped up a few times this Sunday.


What do you think?

Do you agree with our take on the new marketing campaign? Do you think Wizards Unite will release sooner? Later? Let us know in the comments and dont forget to join our Discord to keep up with the latest news and meet some awesome people while youre at it!

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