Wizards Unite Friends: Why we are the best fandom


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Feb 13, 2019
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Today, among all the Wizards Unite release hype, we thought we’d bring something a little different.

All of us in the Harry Potter fandom know what our community is like. There is no other group out there who is as kind and as supportive as Potterheads are.
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It doesn’t matter what house you’re in, how many times you’ve read the books or if you only watched the films. If you love the source material you are one of us.

And no other community, online or otherwise, will accept you faster than the Harry Potter community.

We have been excitedly waiting for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite to launch for a long time. Partly because we wanted to play the game. But also because we were hoping for that sense of community. Hoping to meet people in our area and in other places who enjoyed the game as much as we do or will, depending on where you live.

So after the surprise US/UK launch one of our friends at our discord, Chrismax18 shared this lovely story with us and kindly allowed us to share it with the rest of you.

I just officially made my first new witch friends thanks to Wizards Unite!

Today I was sat in my flat looking on the map and my local Fortress I could see was active (had a greenish glow coming from it). Well, as any good wizard should do, my curiosity peaked me… I set out and wandered over to the Fortress to see what was going on. I feared the worst when I couldn’t see anybody initially as I approached (its gone 10PM at this point so it was dark).

Then I spot two young women, probably my age (I’m 27) and I cautiously ask them if they’re playing Wizards Unite and well, bless my soul, they were. We quickly got friendly and discussed the game in depth and how we were all deciding what profession to go with and how much we all loved Harry Potter <3.

Shortly after this we proceeded to walk together round the neighbourhood briefly for 20 minutes or so, the three of us encountering Confoundables and Foundables alike and expressing our excitement and joy together.

I just want to say a huge thank you to Niantic and WB Games for bringing us this marvellous gift.

Eventually I parted ways after realizing it was getting late, but I couldn’t stop smiling the entire way home. I immediately wanted to share this story with my fellow witches and wizards to share this delightful story.


This is why we love our community

This story is proof of what we said before. And it’s not just us who think so…chrismax18.jpg

The post, originally posted on Reddit found its way to the global marketing leader for Wizards Unite!

It is a wonderful story and, if you enjoyed it, please click on the link and upvote it. Everyone should know how great being a Potterhead really is.

And that’s our post for today. As we wait another day for the global release so we can live our own magical stories, we thought it would be nice to share Chrismax18’s adventure. If you have an interesting story of your own to tell, we’d love to hear all about it! Just leave a comment and share the amazingness that is Wizards Unite.

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