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Feb 13, 2019
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With the first release of actual gameplay footage this March 11th, we’ve been busy delving into Foundables, Professions, Locations and Portkeys.

But after going through all that amazing new information and footage, there’s one last detail we’d like to get into.

Gameplay: Avatars

Now I mostly just assumed our physical involvement within the game would be limited to perhaps a glimpse of our hands as we wielded a wand. And boy, am I happy to be wrong!

According to the game description at Pottermore, there’ll be a lot more of ourselves in the game and on the screen.

You’ll need to become your best wizardy or witchy self, and create your new avatar (…) to create your Ministry ID.
So going by the description, it seems becoming a member of the SoS Task Force will mean we get our very own Ministry ID.

Smile for the camera

There will clearly be a few steps necessary in order to get this badge. The first one will be creating an avatar.

The first step into creating this avatar will involve our phone. Using the selfie-mode, we will apparently have to take and upload a photo of ourselves into the game. This new avatar image can be personalised with accessories such as scarves, hats and even Spectrespecs!

There’s no way of knowing just how much we can edit our image yet, but we’re hoping for a wide array of options.

Our Ministry ID

Once we have a picture, we will need to add some specific information.

In the wizarding world, there are certain things that are important and can tell others a lot about ourselves very quickly. Apart from a username for the ID, we will have to provide our house affiliation. The only officially confirmed house names so far are for Hogwarts and Ilvermorny. Here’s hoping we can learn more about other magical schools and houses.

After that, we will need to give the Ministry some detailed information about our wand. This will include wood type, core material, length and flexibility.

We might have to add some information about our chosen career path, too. But since it is a Task Force badge, they might just skip this detail until later.

Choices or Quizzes?

It is still unclear how we will provide the information for the ID. The house affiliation could be just a short quiz or simply choosing one ourselves among the different options.

The wand here might be a little trickier. Although there is an official quiz on Pottermore to figure out what your perfect wand is, it would be very impractical to ask players to go into the website and take the test there.

It also seems as if making our Ministry ID will be among the first steps once we download the game. And Ollivanders has been mentioned at WIzards Unite as one of those places we can visit through a Portkey.

So perhaps in this case the perfect solution would be to make us go into Ollivanders in the game intro. Once there, we can go through the process of trying out wands until one of them chooses us. Then the pertinent information could straight into our Ministry ID. In fact, the same could be done for houses, with a little quiz from the Sorting Hat, but by now most of us know what house we belong in.

In game Avatar

We really don’t know how the avatar will work in-game. There is no footage or information that really makes the issue clear. In fact, the only body part from the player that appears in the Wizards Unite footage is a hand in the Sorting Hat picture.

But would it really make sense to let us create an avatar if it’s never going to appear outside our Ministry ID picture? I don’t think so. In fact, it was a detail important enough to warrant a mention in the Pottermore announcement.

So I think we will actually get to see our avatar on screen. It might be simply some fixed interaction here or there, perhaps a chat with some NPCs.

Whatever the case may be, check out those house and wand quizzes and try to figure out your best selfie angle for when the time comes. We all want to look our best on official ID. And if you have different thoughts on the matter, drop us a line at the community or in the comments and we can have a chat!
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