Wizards Unite Gameplay: Beta Introduction Part One


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Feb 13, 2019
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There has been an influx of new information, footage and possibilities lately that probably left many a head reeling.

After so long speculating, we finally have some actual, proper information. And although we can’t yet download Wizards Unite, Niantic started the Beta period, making its first stop in New Zealand.


We’ve been covering the Wizards Unite Gameplay for a while now, breaking it down into more manageable pieces so we can delve a little deeper. Locations, Professions, Foundables…Today we will have a look at the Wizards Unite Beta introduction.

Wizards Unite Introduction, Part One

As you open the game for the first time you will go through an introduction. This is where we will meet some important game characters who will explain some of the game mechanics. So let’s see what this introduction looks like.

Getting started

The game starts off with a townie owl flying through the clouds. We follow this owl closer to the ground and finally see the Wizards Unite Maps. This map looks a lot like the Pokémon GO map, although the graphics for the Beta version are not final and might change before the game is release.


At the centre of our map we see our Avatar. This figure, surrounded by a direction circle, is wearing robes and a hat. There are rumours that we will be able to choose our robes once the game is released. We will, apparently, be able to choose between some set of robes with colours that match our Hogwarts House.

Log in and Code Name

As soon as we reach our avatar a new screen will pop up. This is the Ministry of Magic registration form. Here we must write a name and a surname. This name can be changed at any time and will not be shared with other players, so we are free to choose whichever name we want.


Once we have provided this information we can move on to the second part of the form: Our Code Name. This Code Name will work in the same way as the Trainer Name does for Pokémon GO or Agent Name for Ingress. This is the name other players will see. From what we have heard from the Name Reservation process, we are not allowed to choose names that are part of the Potterverse.

Also this is where we get our first game warning:

Stay Safe

Do not trespass while playing Harry Potter:

Wizards Unite

The introductions

Constance Pickering

With our personal information out of the way, we are transported back to the map, where we meet our first contact, Constance Pickering.

Constance works with Hermione Granger on the Statute of Secrecy. She immediately informs us that we have been tasked with containing this disastrous Calamity. She informs us that people, things and even memories have been stolen from the wizarding world and tossed about across the Muggle world. Our mission, Constance tells us, is to return what is lost.


While we are given enough time to read the text, all the information is accompanied by audio. Niantic hired some really great voice actors to speak for the different characters throughout the game. This, along with the special sound effects, is why it’s probably a good idea to pack some headphones in your Wizards Unite Backpack.

Constance also informs us that Harry Potter, will be our guide and will advise us on some “Calamity basics.

Harry Potter

Now that we know what the Calamity is and what our mission will be as members of the Task Force, it’s time to meet our guide. With a voice that sounds surprising like Daniel Radcliffe’s, Harry explains that magic leaves traces, and these traces will indicate the location of a Foundable. These Foundables are the things that are missing, and they put the Statute of Secrecy at risk.


The Magical Traces

At this point we can see a trace of magic on the map. It shows a blue image of one of the Registry runes, on this case the Care of Magical Creatures rune. Above the rune we can see a column of red light depicting the magical trace.


Using the Camera and AR+

The game prompts us to tap on the Trace in order to return the Foundable. When we do that a new message appears asking for access to the camera.


Enable AR+ to engage with the magical Traces.
Allow access to your Camera?

This is an important message because it shows that AR+ is necessary in order to interact with the Foundables. While we don’t need to keep AR+ (and the camera) active throughout the game, we do need to use it for casting spells and battling witches, wizards and creatures.

Interacting with Traces


Once our camera is on, we must search our surroundings to find where that Trace is.

And in this Wizards Unite intro, the very first trace will lead us right to Hagrid.


Once we find Hagrid, the first Foundable, we need to move our phone until the stars on the screen align. When we do that, the Threat Meter will appear on the screen. This Threat Meter looks much like the MACUSA clock we’ve seen in the official Wizards Unite site. When it comes to Confoundables, the greater the threat, the harder it will be to free the Foundable.


Now we need to cast a spell. In this case, Diffindo. In order to get the best results, we must trace the glyph accurately and fast. We can try to cast it more than once, but it will consume energy. When the spell is cast successfully, both the Foundable and the Confoundable will disappear.

The Registry

The Foundable will then appear in the Registry, in the appropriate section. In this case, we saw the Care of Magical Creatures rune when the Trace appeared on our map. That is the section where our Foundable, Hagrid, will return to.


We have some new terminology here as well. The different Registry collections are Explorations. Each exploration has a blank image of everything the Ministry reported missing. All the Foundables we need to recover. Also, what we normally have been referring to as runes are called Trace Icons. We will be needing a Wizards Unite dictionary quite soon.


And finally, we need to head to the Registry and make note of Hagrid’s return. We simply need to place the blue, ghostly figure over the white Hagrid shape and he will take his place in the Registry Exploration.

End of Walkthrough Part One

How do you like the Wizards Unite game so far? Does it look as good as you’d hoped?

Whatever you think of the graphics so far, keep in mind that this is a Beta version. The graphics are not final and can change before the full game release.

Also remember this is only part of the Wizards Unite Introduction walkthrough. Tomorrow we will cover the rest, including the amazing Ministry ID.

Remember to head on over to the forum next. Let us know what you think about the introduction or any other aspect of the beta you find interesting. We’d love to know your opinion!
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Feb 13, 2019
This looks amazing! Thanks for the hard work! I’m really looking forward to playing Wizards Unite, I need to start practicing my spells!
Feb 14, 2019
Really nice work done @Samantuchy. Your post is gonna help all those newbies in WU world ?.
Next part of the introduction is awaited by thousands of Wizards ?
Feb 14, 2019
@Samantuchy Thank you for putting in the great effort. I hope to see the same kind of introductory series on the actual released game like you have done for the beta. (y)