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Feb 13, 2019
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One sunny afternoon, as we go about our day, we will look down at our phones and…

What is that? A Wizards Unite Foundable? What do I do now?!


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And since we are all hoping that magical day will come soon (sometime this summer, if Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara was telling the truth about Wizards Unite’s release date) let’s quickly go over what to do with Foundables, step by step.

A Confoundable for every Foundable

From what we’ve seen so far, all the beasts, artefacts and displaced memories we will find in our surroundings are considered Foundables. And each type of Foundable will have a Confoundable to match.

This Confoundable will be the spell needed to contain the magical trace the Calamity caused. Clearly, these Confoundables will vary depending on what kind of magical trace we find, and how rare or dangerous they are.

We can expect Confoundables to be more difficult the higher our skill level or the rarer the Foundable. Our chances our Confoundables succeding will probably also depend on our profession. In cases like the werewolf attack, an Auror will be able to cast more powerful spells to defeat the beast. The same will probably happen with the other professions, depending on the types of Foundables we are interacting with.

How to use a Confoundable

There are a few steps we need to follow once we see a Foundable around us, as we can see in the image above.

  1. Locate the Foundable and centre it on the phone screen.
  2. A notice will pop up showing us the kind of trace we’ve encountered.
  3. Three little stars will appear on the screen where the Foundable is. Those will be fixed in place. Another, matching set of stars will appear on our phone.
  4. We need to move the phone until our stars overlap with those on the Foundable and keep them there for a few seconds to interact with the Foundable we’ve located.
  5. Then another star will appear. Overlapping this one will allow us to cast the corresponding spell.
  6. Now a figure will appear on screen. This is the wand movement needed to contain the trace of magic. It’s the Confoundable.
  7. We must trace the line in order to cast the corresponding spell. The speed and accuracy with which we trace the spell will determine its power and our chances of success.

Here is a quick view of the process:


As you can see in this example, the more powerful the witch or wizard, the better our chances to defeat the werewolf before Muggles catch on.

Some Wizards Unite Confoundables

There is still much we don’t know about the game. However, we have recently got a glimpse of Foundables and Confoundables. Let’s have a look.


Here we have two different Foundables. The first one is a chained demiguise. Why someone would chain such a lovely creature is beyond us, but it’s on us to free it. The Confoundable to use in this case, as many a fan will have guessed, is a simple Alohomora.

In the second image we see two creatures trying to steal our beloved Sorting Hat. With this foundable the interaction is quite different. We don’t need to free the creatures, we need to stop them. The Confoundable in this case is Flippendo which, if successful, should knock the creatures out so we can recover the Sorting Hat.


These two images are displaced memories (both from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban). In the first one we see Harry being attacked by a Dementor. As we all know (or should by now) the only spell that can stop a dementor is Expecto Patronum. This is the Confoundable we’ll need to use to stop the creature.

The last picture shows Ron facing a boggart that took the shape of Ron’s least favourite beast: A giant Acromantula. As Professor Lupin taught us, the correct way to deal with a boggart is to imagine it as something else we find funny (such as Professor Snape dressed as Neville’s grandmother) and cast Riddikulus. This is the Confoundable that will stop the boggart.

Here come the rewards

By using Confoundables we will defeat whatever trace of magic the Calamity has caused. When we do this we will receive rewards. We can expect these rewards to vary depending on the Foundable. Interacting with a Foundable of the same type several times will also add it to our Registry. And it can help us get runes (you can see the different types of runes as circles at the top of the Registry image) that we can then use to enter a Fortress.


Wizards Unite: It’s all connected

As we can see, every part of Wizards Unite seems to be connected in some manner. But Confoundables will certainly be our most powerful tool in the game.

Foundables will clearly drive Wizards Unite, making up most of our day-to-day game activities and giving us rewards we need to participate in other parts of the game, such as battling our way into a Fortress or gathering the best ingredients for a potion.

And Foundables are of no use if we aren’t able to cast the appropriate Confoundable.

So as small a detail as it seems, Confoundables will be a very important part of the game. So we best brush up on our spells, then, if we want to be ready in time.

What do you think about this part of the gameplay? Are you looking forward to trying out all the different Confoundables? Let us know in the comments!
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