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Feb 13, 2019
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Among the several locations that will be part of Wizards Unite gameplay, there’s one that certainly seems filled with possibilities. Fortresses.



These Fortresses will appear on our Wizards Unite map as a castle. Although it is mostly covered in the image above (and the available images are certainly limited) you can get a glimpse of a fortress right behind the Magical Creatures rune.


So, in Wizards Unite, Fortresses take the shape of a castle with different floors or levels. These Fortresses are locations where the game allows us to team up and fight different foes for better rewards.

Team Work

When you enter a Fortress, you can do so along with four other Task Force Members. This means that the teams can be made out of up to five players.

There is something interesting that was mentioned several times in both Pottermore and the official Wizards Unite site. Teams work best when they are made out of players specialised in different professions.

So five Aurors will probably have a lot of power when it comes to fighting Dark Wizards or some beasts, but the endurance will be quite low. Instead, having a mixed group of Aurors, Magizoologists and Professors will make for better results. And even within the same profession you can have different sets of skills. With Aurors, which is the group we know most about so far, you can choose to focus your abilities in defence or offence. In each case, the way you play will be different.

Fortress levels

The way Fortresses are set up, in its most basic form, is very much like other games. The ‘building’ will be split into different levels.

Our objective will be to get to the top of the Fortress. But as we make our way up we will find enemies we will need to defeat in order to make it to the next floor/level.

So once we enter the building, we will be faced with a challenge. These challenges will become more and more difficult as we move higher in the Fortress. And of course, we cannot advance to the next level until each of these challenges or foes are defeated.

The adversaries

Although we will be able to create a team to enter the Fortress, once inside we will not face off with other teams. As of now, the game will be focused on Wizards vs Calamity, so there will be no battling other players. Instead, we will be fighting against an AI.

As we level up the adversaries will become more dangerous and difficult to defeat. At the base level we will be faced with the easiest foes (which does not mean they will be easy to get past.)

When this happens, each member of the team needs to pick something or someone to fight. This is where team strategy comes in. When we come across a Dark Wizard, we will probably want to send a powerful Auror to defeat it. If we run into an angry Acromantula, on the other hand, the task will probably be best suited for a Zoologist. It’s unclear what a Professor will be best at, although it seems to be the profession with the better balance between power and endurance. But perhaps we run into a puzzle or artefact we need to figure out, and send our wise professors ahead.

What this tells us is that on each level we will come across a variety of foes. It doesn’t look like there will be a floor full of Dark Wizards, another with dangerous beasts and so in. Instead, I believe we can expect a healthy mix of opponents on each floor, so that a varied team can make the most of each others’ skills.

The entrance fee

In order to enter a Fortress, we need to pay our way with a Rune. These Runes are part of the Registry, and we can get them by interacting with different kinds of Foundables repeatedly and possibly as a reward for other achievements.

It is still unclear if the Rune used will have an impact on the type of opponents we will find within the fortress. We also don’t know if each team member will have to pay a rune to participate or if one per team is enough. Like we mentioned before, information on Wizards Unite Gameplay is still very limited.


Great Victory

As we make our way higher up the Fortress, we will get more and better rewards. Although it’s still unclear what these rewards can be, we can certainly expect rare items. And if we make it all the way to the top and conquer the Fortress, there will surely be some amazing rewards waiting for us!

Bitter defeat

But we can’t always win. And while there is only one path to victory, there are two that will leave us defeated.

The first possibility is quite obvious. If we ‘die’ fighting our adversaries in the Fortress, we are out. If everyone in our team is defeated, the Fortress will be lost.

However, there is another enemy we must keep in mind. Time. Once we enter a Fortress, we will have a certain amount of time to make it all the way to the top. Once the clock strikes zero, the Fortress will be lost.

In conclusion

Fortresses are probably one of the more exciting things we’ll find in Wizards Unite, a way to team up with our friends and do battle.

However, the fact that we need to use a Rune from our Registry to enter could mean it might be more of an event than a daily adventure. Although it is possible that, even if we lose the Fortress, we might be able to retain the Rune and make another attempt as soon as we stop at one of the Inns to get some of our energy back (perhaps with a nice, cold Butterbeer). That, as so many other details, still remain a mystery.

So let’s hope we get some more gameplay information soon! Until then, we’ll keep speculating along…

And now’s the perfect time to Apparate over to the Community Forum for a nice chat with other overexcited Potterheads!

Let us know what you think about the game. Are you excited about Fortresses? Would you rather just focus on single play and stick to Foundables?
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