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Feb 13, 2019
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A lot of information was released earlier this month about gameplay. So while we wait for news on a Wizards Unite release date or even beta apk, we’ll go over what we know so far and try to figure out how the game will work.


Among the several locations that will be part of Wizards Unite gameplay, there’s one that leaves us with lots of questions. Greenhouses.

Let’s go through what we know and, since information is scarce, let’s speculate a bit, too.


As we start playing Wizards Unite we will see the map transform the world around us. When our phones turn our surrounding into something worthy of the wizarding world, we will notice some important locations. Some will let us recharge our magical energy Others will allow us to team up and battle our way to rare rewards. And some might offer a treasure trove of plants and potion ingredients.

Regular Muggle buildings will turn into Fortresses, Inns, Greenhouses and more… and you’ll be able to gather valuable supplies such as delicious foods, or potion ingredients that you’ll need for upcoming Wizarding Challenges.

Once we get over all the flashy news and pictures we might notice game descriptions mention potion making quite a few times.

Now, we know that Wizards Unite will be able to adapt to various specific circumstances around us. The Foundables we come across will change depending on the area, the season, the weather, and even the phases of the moon. For instance, the best moment to find a werewolf would be at night during the full moon. We can expect the same to happen with potions ingredients.

What are greenhouses

The term greenhouse is quite common. Its meaning, however, can be a little different here. The magical world, and especially Wizards Unite, always seems to add a new layer fo wonder to what it touches..

We’ve often read about and seen magical greenhouses in the Harry Potter series.

There are several greenhouses at Hogwarts where students get a chance to learn about Herbology. They do so with the help of Professor Sprout, and Professor Neville Longbottom in more recent years.

The magical plants are different in each of the greenhouses. They are chosen specifically for students of a certain age, knowledge, and capabilities. We know, for example, that second year students have access to mandrakes (as long as no one has been petrified. In that case, Professor Sprout would keep those mandrakes safe and care for them herself).

Those greenhouses are the places where teachers will gather ingredients for their potions class. Or for the hospital wing to make healing balms, medicine and potions.

Greenhouses in Wizards Unite

As we go about our day playing Wizards Unite we might find some ingredients that will come in handy for potion making. Here is how the
official Wizards Unite website puts it:

While exploring, you’ll also come across ingredients that can be used to brew Potions, which will aid you in different aspects of your Wizarding World journey. These ingredients can be found on the Map, varying by the environment, weather, and time of day, as well as in specially designated Greenhouses.
However, these ingredients will be dependant on the area we live in and other circumstances we can’t control. So it makes sense to have a place where we can acquire or cultivate our own ingredients. That’s where greenhouses come in.

The quote does mention “specially designated Greenhouses.” This, in our opinion, could mean one of two things:

  • Only certain types of buildings (such as parks or schools) or locales in a specific type of area (for example any type of building near a forests) will become Greenhouses.
  • Each Greenhouse will have designated types of plants available. In this case we might need to visit several Greenhouses to gather specific ingredients.

The idea, in either case, would be to have access to plants that would otherwise not be available to us due to any of the specific circumstances mentioned above.

Greenhouses: Shopping or Gardening?

Another thing that we don’t know yet, but seems quite important, is how these Greenhouses will work. Will they be a one-stop for us to simply gather ingredients and go on our merry way? Will we have to work on those plants from seed to fully grown before we can use them?

It would be quite something for us to be able to ‘grow’ our own Greenhouse. Looking after the plants would be a nice little extra activity, and it would make getting rare ingredients more rewarding.

But we certainly don’t have the knowledge to properly care for these plants. I, for one, can’t keep a cactus alive (true story). So don’t you think we’d need someone knowledgeable to help us out? Perhaps Professor Longbottom himself?

It would be amazing to have him helping us out as we try to grow our own potion ingredients. Some of those plants are quite delicate. Most of them are downright dangerous. We could all probably do with a wizarding guide. And any excuse to see Neville right in his element would be appreciated.

Greenhouses and Potions

If plants are not part of the game as Foundables, then the only other use that comes to mind is potion making. Unless there is a mandrake shouting its little lungs out in a Muggle area. Then we definitely need a Confoundable to deal with it.

So why would we need to make potions? There’s nothing in the main game description indicating potions will be used on Foundables. And the skill tree we’ve seen doesn’t seem to focus on brewing either.

The Fortress challenges seem to be mainly focused on active magic as well, at least from what we can gather.

The main focus of the game will be getting Foundables and gathering rewards, mostly from Fortresses. There will also be a storyline that will guide us through the mystery that is the Calamity. But that might not be enough to keep us entertained and coming back after a while. Especially for people from rural areas who will probably have less access to Foundables or Portkeys. Something similar to what happens with Pokémon Go.

So while it´s possible that brewing certain potions will be necessary to master an ability in our chosen career, it makes more sense for potions to be mainly a part of the Wizards Unite ‘mini-games’

Wizards Unite mini-games

So if we get to a point where simply levelling up our character’s skills and teaming up for battles is not enough, they have a little something else to offer.

While your over-arching mission is to restore the Muggle world to its rightful state, you’ll also be able to take part in smaller extra-curricular activities along the way. Dotted around your surroundings, you’ll find all sorts of wonderful magical items to pick up – which work very well for one of the mini-games, which invites you to make potions.
From this Pottermore quote we can probably assume there will be different types of mini-games to keep us busy. This type of short challenge will make us feel like we are achieving something, even when advancing in the game slows down after certain level.

One of the mini-games will ‘invite you to make potions’, and this is where Greenhouses will probably come into play. We might need to brew a Polyjuice Potion in a certain amount of time, or a Sleeping Draught to get past something or someone. Perhaps a Pepper up potion could let us recharge faster when in a bind.

All of these potions require ingredients we might need to find at the greenhouses. And so the theory comes full circle.

Although we don’t think potions will only be used for mini-games. Developing something like a Greenhouse and adding potions ingredients to our in-game surroundings is a lot of work for a mini-game. We do, however, think that those games will make great use of the Greenhouses.

Time to get ready

So those are our thoughts on Wizards Unite Greenhouses. What do you think? Would you like to grow your own magical plants? Do you think we’ll just pop into a Greenhouse and take what we need? Which option sounds best? And are you looking forward to brewing potions? Let us know in the comments!

Now roll up your sleeves, grab your wand and turn to page 394.

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Feb 14, 2019
Ah, speculation is all around. Hahahah...:p.
By the way this information is very handy, yup this is the time to get ready and I am really looking forward for the final launch!
Feb 14, 2019
Uhnn, you are talking about final launch and we are waiting for even the Beta Version. hehehe :geek:
I hope they consider our interest and release it at their earliest.?


Feb 13, 2019
What I first pictured for Greenhouses was just popping in and getting/buying ingredients, but I love the idea of actually putting some work into Greenhouses, so it becomes another part of the game. I'm easily distracted, so I love it when I have something to do in a game every time I log in. If 90% of what we do is walk around searching for bits of magic I will be happy for a while, sure, but in the long run I'll just drift to something else. So I hope Greenhouses are interactive like that.