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Feb 13, 2019
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Wizards Unite let’s us delve deep into the magical world of Harry Potter. It allows us to interact with magical creatures, dark witches and wizards, even memories that were displaced from the book. But in order to do that, there is one resource we need above all else. Energy.

There are two ways to get energy in the game: Greenhouses and Inns. Today we will focus on the latter.

Wizards Unite Inns

In the game, there are three different kinds of buildings: Greenhouses, Fortresses and Inns.


Graphic by @OrangeWizard2019

The five Inns

While the first two always look the same, Inns come in different forms and colours. There are currently five different types:

  • Ministry Inn (the building with the brown roof)
  • Butter Beer Inn (the building with the purple roof)
  • Pub Weasley Inn (the building with the green roof)
  • Three Broomsticks (the building with the blue roof)
  • Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop (the building with the aquamarine roof)

The types of Inn, as well as the rewards, will vary depending on your area. Rural areas reportedly have better rewards, generally speaking, to make up for having fewer buildings and Traces.

Here is a caption from my own game. As you can see there are many inns, one greenhouse and no fortresses anywhere in sight. This is not a normal occurrence, thankfully POIs are a little more varied, but it happens. Also you might notice most of the Inns in my area are Ministry Inns, with a few Three Broomstick and the rare Madam Puddifoot’s. Does the same happen to you?


The Energy Rewards

Once you enter an Inn, you will be prompted to trace a glyph in order to receive some energy in the form of a dish or a drink. As far as we know, these are random rewards not related to the trace or your level of energy at the time of entering.


After tracing the glyph and getting your reward, you will have to wait five minutes until you can ‘dine at the inn’ again. So if you are short on energy, it’s a good idea to find an area with many inns and just walk from one to the next collecting energy. You can even go in a five minute loop so by the time you get back to your first Inn you can already collect again.

It’s important to mention a detail about battery-saver option. You can turn this on if you go to the suitcase, then settings and scroll down to advanced. If you select this option you can turn your phone upside down and the screen will go black with the SoS Task Force logo in the middle. If you keep the sound effects on (which we absolutely recommend) you will hear a notification every time an ingredient, a Portkey or a Trace appear on the map. This will not, however, warn you when there is an Inn in your vicinity. So if you’re low on energy you will have to keep an eye on the map to find Inns and collect more energy.

Dark Detectors

There is a second option within the Inn screen. At the bottom-right corner you will see a tab that reads Dark Detectors. This screen shows up when you tap on it.

You can buy Dark Detectors at Diagon Alley (the game’s shop) or get them as daily rewards, for completing certain tasks or sometimes when you level up.


This screen will show you how many Dark Detectors you own and, if the Inn is already active, you will see how many Dark Detectors are being used.

What this Dark Detectors do is increase the amount of Traces in the Inn’s vicinity for 30 minutes, so make sure you place them in an Inn you plan to stay close to. You can use up to three Detectors at the same time.


However, Dark Detectors not only increase the number of Traces. They also give you a much better chance of finding rare ones. The more Detectors you add, the higher the rarity and threat level. So this might be a good resource for Events where you have to find some rare special items in order to complete your tasks and get some special rewards.


Just like with Greenhouses and Fortresses, you will see a halo of light surrounding an Inn with active Dark Detectors. You can add your own (up to a total three per Inn) regardless of who placed the first one. Also, remember that anyone in the area can interact and return the Traces, so you can’t get distracted!

And that’s all for today!

Did we miss anything? What’s your experience so far with Inns? Too many? Too few? Not enough energy rewards? Let us know in the comments!

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