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Feb 13, 2019
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There has been an influx of new information, footage and possibilities that probably left many a head reeling.

After so long speculating, we finally have some actual, proper information. So let’s break it down into more manageable pieces and go over what we now know.

Gameplay: Locations

The game will use Augmented Reality to turn our surroundings into something magical. Here is how it’s officially described.

As this game features real-world 360-degree exploration, your phone will use augmented reality technology to create a magical map that imitates your actual surroundings. Regular Muggle buildings will turn into Fortresses, Inns, Greenhouses and more…

Wizards Unite Locations

So once we open the game and let the Augmented Reality take over, the buildings around us will transform to better fit the wizarding world. But what kinds of locations will we find? Let’s go over each and see what we can figure out.

Locations: Inns

The Inns are the place where we can get more energy, which we spend casting spells. The idea is for our avatar to go into the inn and gather supplies, such as delicious foods. In this case, the inns seem to work similarly to Pokéstops.

It’s hard to know what kind of buildings or establishments will be turned into inns, or if it will simply be a random choice. But it would be amazing to just make a quick stop along the Wizards Unite adventure for a shot of caffeine and at the same time know our avatar is recharging its energy as well.

Locations: Greenhouses

This one seems quite clear in its purpose. We know there will be potion making within the game. In fact, it is mentioned in the Pottermore announcement itself.

Dotted around your surroundings, you’ll find all sorts of wonderful magical items to pick up – which work very well for one of the mini-games, which invites you to make potions.
So considering the game will be heavily influenced by our real surroundings, some ingredients will be impossible to find. Weather, moon phases, the time of day and physical location will play a part when it comes to finding ingredients. So it is only fair for everyone to have access to a greenhouse where we can find some ingredients that would not be available for us otherwise.

We still don’t know what kind of potions we will be allowed to brew, but a wide variety of ingredients will certainly come in handy.

Varying external circumstances will shape your gameplay and change what objects you’ll find. Weather, geo-location, natural phenomena, time of day, even phases of the moon can all affect the type and amounts of potion ingredients that appear around you, so get planning some decidedly-more-magical-than-usual nature walks.
Location; Fortresses

This is probably the most interesting location for many players.

Visit areas called Fortresses, and you’ll be tasked with taking part in some augmented reality combat encounters. For example, maybe you’ll run into a particularly nasty bout of Cornish Pixies that you’ll need to vanquish as part of a team.
So it seems fortresses will offer some out-of-the-game adventures. They will give us more freedom to fight Death Eaters, Dementors and even Pixies. Once more the Fortress official description mentions the fact that we will achieve our goals faster if we work with players from different professions. Teaming up will also help us unlock rarer content.

So for those of us looking to make the most of multiplayer platforms and developments like Codename NEON these Fortresses might be just the place to go.

What do you think of these locations? Which one seems more interesting? Let us know in the comments!
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