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Feb 13, 2019
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There are many resources we can use when playing Wizards Unite. However, most of those resources go into a vault, and that vault’s capacity is extremely limited when we first start the game. So here we’ll go over the different vaults, what they are for, and how best to manage them.

Wizards Unite Vaults

To access the game vaults you need to go into your suitcase.


There you will see your player information and icons to access vaults, potions, the Registry, Portkeys and your Profession. Once you tap on the vault icon you will see five different vaults. There are two that have no limit to how many items they can hold; those are the Utility vault and the Runestones vault.


In the Utility vault you can find your books and scrolls, which we use learn new lessons and level up our Profession, as well as Silver Keys for Portkeys and Dark Detectors.

The Runestones vault holds all the Runestones we have in the game. While in the vault they are sorted by family, the order changes to runestone level, or number, when we access them through a Fortress. Event Runestones thankfully appear first now, to avoid confusion when trying to complete an event Registry Page.

There are, however, three more vaults with a size limit that we can manage, as well as spell energy, which works similarly although it doesn’t have a vault of its own. Let’s get into those.

Managing the Potions Vault

This is probably the most important vault, and how you manage your potions will largely determine how you manage the rest of your vaults.


There are many factors that play a big part in how you should manage your potions and what your stock should look like:

  • Your profession (Magizoologist will generally need less Healing Potions and more Exstimulo Potion to power up their attack, for example)
  • The Fortress level you play (in higher fortresses you will need more Healing and Exstimulos, but you will also come across elite foes, so you will also need more Wit Sharpening Potions)
  • Your skill tree (whether you spend most of your books and scrolls on Stamina or Power, you will need potions to balance the other one out)
  • Your Charms and Hexes (the square-shaped lessons on your skill tree. These require focus, so to use them you might need Invigoration Draughts)
  • Your playing time (if you generally play on the go, you might not spend a full half-hour grinding on, but if you go for longer lessons you’ll want some Baruffio’s to double up the XP
  • The Achievements (there are several potions-related achievements that will get you special rewards: Potions Brewed; Potions Used in Wizarding Challenges;Potions Used in Traces; Exstimulo Potions Used; Baruffio’s Brain Elixirs Used)
My own experience managing this vault

All of this will play a big part in your you manage your potions. We’re working on a more specific post on Potions at the moment, but as an overview you can see my vault in the image above. I generally keep two Dawdle Draughts (for those rare traces) and two or three Wit-Sharpening Potions for high level Fortresses. I rarely have enough energy to spare on high levels, so I’ve yet to run out of this potion while playing.

Since ingredients for Baruffio’s Brain Elixir are harder to find (I’m looking at you, Powdered Dragon Claw!). I tend to brew them at night whenever I have ingredients, and keep a nice amount of Leaping Toadstool seeds ready to grow.

The rest of the vault is mostly split into Exstimulos and Healing Potions, since they really do help get through those Fortresses faster. I’ve been brewing more Invigoration Draught lately because I have levelled up my hexes and charms enough that I want to use them on every foe, so I need more focus than what I get in high level chambers.

This, of course, depends on your vault, your Profession and your focus on the game (Foundables vs Fortresses). Just have a handful of each and see what you use more as you level up in the game.

Managing the Ingredients Vault

This one, as we mentioned before, depends a lot on what you do with your potions and how much space you have available. I do recommend trying to make sure you have some extra room before you open a Portkey. Here’s an image of what I got in my last 10km Portkey. This is, by no means, the norm, but it can happen. And while I ended up deleting most of those ingredients, I would’ve hated to miss out on the Powdered Dragon Claw.


Thankfully, since the last update, managing our ingredients is a lot easier. Instead of going through the vault, you can go into the Potions icon in the suitcase and then tap on the recipes option in the bottom-left corner. That will take you to a list of each potion with some basic information and, most importantly, the ingredients you need and the ones you have.

From here, if you tap on any of the ingredients a new window will pop up with the option to manage that ingredient, choosing how many units you wish to delete. Once you know which potions you are interested in brewing, you can keep the necessary ingredients for a handful of each and delete the rest. Try to pay attention to which ingredients are rare in your area, as you might want to keep a higher stock of those.


The Achievements Rewards

Another thing you might want to keep on mind with this vault is the Ingredients Achievement. Just like with Potions, there are two Achievements related to ingredients that you might want to keep in mind:

  • Greenhouses Harvested (although while this will give you ingredients, the harvesting will count for the achievement whether you had room in your vault to keep the ingredients or not)
  • Potion Ingredients Found (this one gives you a nice XP reward, so you might want to leave enough room in the vault so that you can pick up every ingredient you see on the map and simply delete them when you have a moment)
Managing the Seeds and Water Vault

This one is probably the easiest vault to manage. We use Seeds and Water to plant ingredients in Greenhouses. The seeds are different for each ingredient, while the water is needed for all of them.


The only thing to keep in mind here is which ingredients are rare in your area and you need to plant. In my case, this would be the Leaping Toadstool Spore. Since I always put 50 spell energy when I plant it to get 18 units instead of just two, I don’t need to plant often at all, but I do like to keep them in the vault.

The rest of the seeds I simply use to complete the achievement Ingredient Seeds Planted. To complete this you can just plant any random seed in any random Greenhouse. You don’t even need to be there to pick up the ingredients when they are done. Just remember not to use seeds you might need if you aren’t coming back to pick them up.

As for the water, I tend to keep enough to plant at least twice, although it’s quite easy to find on the map so it’s not a problem as long as you have enough to plant once and then collect more. You can delete seeds and water from your vault the same way you delete Potions ingredients, simply tap on info, then manage, and select the amount you want to delete.

Managing Vault sizes and the Spell Energy bar

As we mentioned before, there is hardly enough room in the vaults to comfortably play when you start. There is only one way to increase the size of your vaults, and that is with Gold Coins. Whether you use the Gold you receive in game (through daily or special rewards) or choose to buy some, the vault options remain the same.

The Vault Extension Pack

You can choose to buy an extension pack. This will save you 25 Gold Coins compared to the price of buying each extension individually. This is a very good option for starting up, since it extends the three most important vaults: Spell Energy, Ingredients and Potions. Personally, I used my rewards to buy two packs before I started getting individual extensions.


The individual Vault Extensions

Once you have a decent Ingredients Vault I would certainly recommend focusing on increasing your Potions and Spell Energy Capacity. If you live in an area with few Inns, for example, it might be a good idea to increase your maximum Spell Energy so you can play longer after recharging. If you are working hard on those high-level Fortresses, you’ll want to balance Spell Energy and Potions Vault size, since you will certainly need both to advance to higher chambers.


Again, this largely depends on how you play. You can see my stats in the image above, but for a quick once over here are my current Vault sizes:

  • Spell Energy Capacity: 105
    I’ve been having a hard time filling that up while playing and I play in an area with quite a few Inns, so I haven’t prioritised this one until now.
  • Potions Vault Capacity: 90
    As I mentioned before, I have started brewing more Invigoration Draughts and like to keep a healthy Exstimulo and Healing Potions stock, but for now I don’t think I’ll need more extensions.
  • Ingredients Vault Capacity: 320
    Once I trim all the extra ingredients I don’t need for brewing this leaves me over 100 extra spots, so I can pick up ingredients left and right without having to worry about filling up the vault
  • Seeds and Water Vault Capacity: 50
    Since I can find most ingredients easily enough on the map, I only need to make sure I have enough water. I generally have this vault full, but I don’t need to extend, I just refill after planting.
And that’s a wrap!

So that’s our take on how to manage Wizards Unite vaults. Do you agree? Have you invested your gold somewhere else? Let us know in the comments!

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