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Feb 13, 2019
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As our surroundings transform through the magic of AR once we start playing Wizards Unite, some specific locations around us will provide players with unique, area-related Traces. Today we’ll focus on those places.

We’re still waiting for a Wizards Unite release date or beta apk info. Until then, we’re covering what we know about Wizards Unite Gameplay from those amazing images we got in March through Pottermore and the official WU website. We’ve done our best to break the information down by categories in order to review it in more detail.

Among the many locations that will be part of Wizards Unite gameplay, there are a few that are a little difficult to describe on their own, but interesting and full of possibilities all the same. To simplify things we’ll refer to all these special locations as Monuments.



So as we said before, we have chosen to group these various special location to analyse them as a whole

Here is what the official WU site has to say on the matter:

While these Traces can be found all around you, certain Foundables may be more likely to appear at various types of real-world locations including parks, banks, municipal buildings, college campuses, libraries, monuments, zoos, art galleries, and more.
What are Monuments?

Monuments are real-world areas with some sort of significance or importance. The examples above point out a wide variety of options, with even more left unmentioned.

Wizards Unite will rely heavily on our real surroundings throughout the game. Much like weather, season or time of day may affect what Foundables we come across, the specifics of certain areas will do the same. And while everything seems to indicate Fortresses, Greenhouses and Inns will appear at more random locations, these Monuments seem to be very specific types of locations and directly relate to the Foundables within (or around).

What can we expect from each Monument?

Keeping in mind what we know so far about Wizards Unite and how the AR will work in-game, we feel confident enough to make a few guesses and speculate around a bit. We know certain Foundables will be more prone to appear in these areas or Monuments. But what will those Foundables be?


For this one, it will likely depend on the area you live in and the type of park you visit. In general, I would expect to find some beasts in a park, maybe a bowtruckle or a fairy. Or an Augurey if you live in a rainy area. But perhaps not the largest of beasts, those might fit better with forests or wooded areas.

In case you live in a big city you might find those dangerous beasts wherever Muggle weird creatures roam, like Walmarts, the subway or outside seedy bars.

And parks might also be a good place to find potions ingredients, so you’ll want to keep an eye out for strange-looking plants. And remember to cover your ears before you pull up a Mandrake!


This one is probably the easiest one. I think we can all agree this will be a gathering place for fantastic beasts crafting evil plans to take over the wizarding world. Whether it’s a Basilisk you’re looking for or just a Hippogriff willing to give you a ride, this will probably be the place to find them. Just make sure you bring along some food for the real Muggle animals if it’s allowed. And don’t go all Gryffindor and climb into the lions’ den just to get a Foundable, please.

Oh, and beware the dragons!


While banks in your area might be boring places where you have to wait in line to pay your utility bills, wizarding banks are a thing of magic. As the lucky few who got to visit the new Gringotts set early will attest to. (Check out @rhiseesyou‘s account, she was one of the lucky ones and is working on a vlog about the visit!)

However, do remember that Goblins are not beasts, please do not try to use Confoundables on them unless you are trying to help them. They can and will defend themselves.

So while we might find a Goblin in trouble near a bank, we’re also likely to find some shiny-hungry Nifflers in the area. And perhaps a dragon if we venture inside. Gringotts is also a safe place to keep all kinds of magical artefacts (even the philosopher’s stone, back in the day). So I’d guess some beasts and lots of nice artefacts fur us to puzzle and play with. Maybe even some mini-games?

Municipal Buildings

For this one, I think it will centre around the local Ministry of Magic headquarters. Municipal buildings might be a place to go to get new missions, hear about announcements or news, and maybe even catch up with other players.

They could also be somewhere for dark wizards to roam, ready to attack all us newbies who don’t yet know how to defend ourselves.

Hopefully, it will also be a great place for Portkey to take us to the real Ministry building or one of its departments.


Here we can probably add college campus, too. These are places of knowledge. We might find books of spells or encounter famous characters who could guide us along the adventure. And what better place to do some research and get some potions recipes? I’m sure we’ll be allowed into the Restricted Section. We are Ministry members, after all. An SoS Task Force ID must carry some weigh.

Just don’t try to grab the Monster book of Monsters before caressing its spine, and be careful not to trip on any Invisible books of Invisibility while searching for Foundables.

Sports centres, arenas, stadiums and gyms

Here we’re actually going back to something mentioned back when the Nimbus video was released. They told us to keep an eye on Muggle sports areas, since magical objects tended to search for something similar to their natural areas. So we can expect to find some Quidditch equipment flying around in any of those places. Just make sure to stun the Snitch before you grab it and bring along your Beater’s bat in case you run into a rogue Bludger.

Ponds, lakes, rivers, seas, and oceans (and waterparks)

Okay, so this one we added ourselves. But it makes sense, doesn’t it. There are quite a few water-dwelling creatures in the wizarding world. We can probably expect to find traces of them near the water. Mermaids and Mermen, Grindilows…even the giant squid could make an appearance. And some water plants might come in handy, too, when brewing our potions.

Let’s just hope they don’t make us wade into the water to get those Foundables, though. I’m short on gillyweed and my phone…waterproof it is not.just

What’s in your area?

Do you live in an area where there’s a bit of everything? Are you worried your home is too far from populated areas and you will not get many Foundables at all? Do you live in a big city with no trees or water surfaces and were hoping to meet some bowtruckles or Merpeople? Let us know in the comments!
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