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Feb 13, 2019
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Wizards Unite is a complex game, filled with magical details of the Wizarding World. We have covered many areas of gameplay already, from Professions to Inns, Fortresses or Greenhouses. Today we will focus on one particular Registry Family: Oddities

Wizards Unite Oddities

There are several Foundable Families we can find in the Registry. Every trace on the map works the same way: You tap on the Family icon, you trace the corresponding Spell and hopefully defeat the Confoundable. You receive your reward.

Then theres the Oddity Family.


How Oddities work

Oddities are a cross between normal traces and Wizarding Challenges (Fortresses).

When you tap on an oddity trace you will find the oddity inside needs to be defeated by attacking and defending until they run out of Stamina.


This is generally not too difficult, although with oddities you cannot use any spell, hex or charm you might have access to in a Fortress battle. While how fast (or whether or not) you defeat an Oddity will depend on your Professional skill, and not your wizarding level, you will only have use of your basic stats, like Strength, Protego Power, Stamina Which means someone with a higher level profession and some serious attack power can defeat an Erkling in one attack, while other players who only just started levelling up their profession might have a harder time doing it.

How to find Wizards Unite Oddities

There is another important difference between Oddities and all other Registry Families. Not all Oddities can be found at any time of the day (or the month). Here is a graphic showing when Oddities spawn (appear on the map)


Graphic by @OrangeWizard2019

The game divides the day into four parts:

  • Dawn (from one hour before to one hour after sunrise)
  • Day (between dawn and dusk)
  • Dusk (from one hour before to one hour after sunset)
  • Night (between dusk and dawn)

You can easily see which part of the day you are in at any time by tapping the weather icon on the top-right corner of the map, right under the compass icon. This will open an window that will show the weather, time of day and phase of the moon.

As for the traces themselves, there are ten types of Oddities or Foundables. These are the eight you can find on the map.

  • Erkling These can appear at any time, but more often during Day
  • Brown Centaur These too can appear at any time, but more often during Day and Night
  • Horned Serpent This one appears between Dusk and Dawn. You will not find it during Day
  • Leprechaun These only appear during Dusk and Dawn
  • Doxi This one, unfortunately, only appears during Dawn
  • Vampire As you can probably guess, this one will only show up at Night
  • Pixie This one, too, only appears during the Night
  • Werewolf These are the rarest of them all. They only appear at Night, during or around the Full Moon (generally during five nights each month, two nights before the full moon, on the night of the full moon and two more nights afterwards)
The missing Wizards Unite Oddities

Having trouble completing your Oddity Registry pages? That is to be expected.

While there are ten Oddities in total, only eight appear on the map. The other two (the Centaur Bow and Horned Serpent Egg) can only be obtained as a reward when you complete a Fortress using an Oddity Runestone. You can get these Runestones every time you increase your Family Rank by defeating enough Oddities to get the necessary Family XP. You can also buy a bag of Runestones at Diagon Alley (one level 1 Runestone of each Family for 40 gold coins).

These two Oddities are quite difficult to find, since not every Wizarding Challenge will award you a fragment. There is quite a bit of speculation and analysis on how Fortresses work, and how to get Family Fragments when completing challenges.

Here is a very interesting video from Wizards News going through exactly this, trying to find the Fortress level with the highest chance of reward and a low enough difficulty that we dont need to spend too many potions to complete it.

And thats it for today

Had any interesting Oddity encounter youd like to share? Are you as annoyed with the Vampire and how long it takes to get through the animation as we are? Do you agree that Leprechauns attacking by throwing dirt at you is hilarious? Let us know in the comments!

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