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Feb 13, 2019
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Today has been a day full of new information, footage and possibilities that probably left many a head reeling.

After so long speculating, we finally have some actual, proper information. So let’s break it down into more manageable pieces and go over what we now know.

Gameplay: Professions

This is the official information we have on Wizards Unite Professions so far:

You’ll also need to pick a wizarding world profession. You may be a Statute of Secrecy Task Force recruit, but you still have a day job.

What are our options?

The game will let us choose between three career paths: Professor, Magizoologist or Auror.

It seems that whatever option we pick will help shape and level our skills and abilities as a witch or wizard.

Each profession comes with an achievement tree. The example below is from the Auror profession:


As you can see in the picture, there is a complex scheme that will only allow us to level up or increase our skill once we have achieved a certain proficiency in related areas. This shows that the game will delve deep into the storyline and the profession we choose might be quite important to the way we play the game.

Professions: Professor

This one seems full of possibilities, since there is, in fact, a wide array of wizarding classes. At first glance we might imagine we’ll get to choose what kind of professor we wish to be and learn a specific skill. Maybe we want to go into Transfiguration, or perhaps Charms. I know some of us would love to learn Divination from Professor Trelawney herself.

However, I think this profession will, in fact, represent knowledge. We will probably need to study and be proficient in many types of magic. This might actually be the profession with the most possibilities. It will probably touch upon all areas of knowledge eventually which sounds amazing (Ravenclaw here, sorry!). But considering the other two options, the Professor will probably be the wise player when it comes to teamwork.

Professions: Magizoologist

This one is bound to be quite popular. Who doesn’t love fantastic beasts, after all? We might become the next Newt Scamander, wandering about the Muggle world saving creatures and sending them back to their natural habitat. We could even have a suitcase like Newt does in the films. Now that’d be something.

But on a more serious note: Magizoology. This profession will clearly center around finding new magical creatures, good and bad, and dealing with them appropriately. It will probably require quite a bit of knowledge and practice to get to a level where we will be dealing with more dangerous creatures, such as the Dementors or the Werewolves we saw on the new footage. While being the Professor seems fitting for a Ravenclaw, Magizoology sounds perfect for all the Hufflepuffs out there.

Professions: Auror

Now this one is another interesting one. In case we choose to follow a career as an Auror, we will have to develop a varied set of skills.

For starters, Aurors need much more training and knowledge regarding duels and offensive/defensive spells. They will certainly need to be proficient in at least some type of healing magic, and learn how to deal with fantastic beasts in some level. All of this matches the Auror skill tree from the picture above.

And since we drew some paralels before between professions and Hogwarts Houses, let’s do the same here. I think the Auror profession best fits brave Gryffindors and ambitious and cunning Slytherins. Fortunately, Aurors will most likely not be allowed to fight each other, so this mix should be safe enough.

So while our choice of profession will probably determine the way we act and what we learn, it is also likely to limit the types of traces we will find out in the Muggle world.

Teaming up against the Calamity

It seems we will not be sorted or teamed up during the game. However, the official information does mention the possibility of working with other players.

The game works best when played with friends (or, hey, fellow players in the street that you could abruptly make your new best friends!) due to multiplayer challenges that you’ll come across on your travels.
There is, however, a more specific mention of teamwork:

Bear in mind that working together with comrades from different wizarding professions will help you cover more ground – as well as unlock rarer content.
So a good thing to keep in mind when choosing your profession is other people you know will play the game. If you want to work together, you will want to make sure you have different professions to make the most of the experience.

The name of the game is, after all, Wizards Unite.

So what do you think of these professions? Too few options? Interesting possibilities? Which one would you choose? Let us know in the comments!
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