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Feb 13, 2019
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Spells are the way witches and wizards channel their magic. Of course, as members of the SoS Task Force, we will make use of some very powerful spells ourselves. If we hope to contain the Calamity, we must know how to cast them properly and what each of them does. So let’s go over the fourteen spells that appear in Wizards Unite.


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The Summoning Charm is one of the most common types of magic used in the wizarding world. This Charm summons an object, or in some cases a small beast or animal, towards its caster. We have seen this Charmed used repeatedly in the wizarding world. Most notably, Harry Potter used it to summon his Firebolt in Goblet of Fire. It was used during the Triwizard Tournament’s First Task, when he had to face a Hungarian Horntail.

Newt Scamander also used this spell as he attempted to retrieve his rogue Niffler in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.


This is a water-making spell. It conjures a clean jet of clean water from the tip of the caster’s wand. It can also be used to put out fires. The power of the water jet will depend, as most magic does, on the power of the caster.

Fleur Delacour used this spell against a Common Welsh Green during the Triwizard tournament. In Half Blood Prince Harry used this spell to try to fill a goblet with water for Dumbledore in the Crystal Cave and later to put out the fire on Hagrid’s Hut.


The Unlocking Charm is the perfect spell when one wants to break into a place discretely. Also known as The Thief’s Friend, this charm unlocks doors, windows or other magical artefacts. There are some protective spells that can be cast to prevent Alohomora from unlocking something.

The spell was first introduced by Hermione in Philosopher’s Stone. She used it to open the door that led the trio to Fluffy.

Newt Scamander also uses this charm to open a bank vault in search of his Niffler in Fantastic Beasts.

In Wizards Unitewe saw this spell used on the Confoundable that had a Demiguise in chains.

Arresto Momentum

This is a slowing charm. It can be used to slow the speed at which the targeted object is moving. The most popular use of this charm is in Quidditch. If a Quaffle drops during the game, it will not fall at a normal speed. Instead, it goes down as if sinking through water. This means that Chasers can get the Quaffle back into play without having to dive all the way to the ground continually.

Although the spell is part of the second year curriculum, we haven’t seen it in use in many scenes. Dumbledore used a similar spell to slow Harry down as he fell off his broom. This happened when the Dementors appeared in the Quidditch field during Prisoner of Azkaban. The charm, however, was non-verbal, so there is no way for us to be sure.

It is possibly another one of the spells Newt uses on the Niffler as it’s trying to escape after the jewellery heist in Fantastic Beasts.


This charm causes a small explosion wherever it is targeted. The size of the explosion will depend on the power the caster puts behind the charm. Hermione uses this charm during Prisoner of Azkaban to blast a door open. Dolores Umbridge uses a variation of the spell ‘Bombarda Maxima’ in the film version of Order of the Phoenix. This causes a much more powerful explosion and, in the film, she used it to blast her way into the Room of Requirement.

It is also mentioned in Cursed Child as a bad spell to use when trying to be stealthy because of the noise the explosion produces.

Combat Bolt

It is unclear precisely what kind of spell this figure represents. For now we are considering it a generic offensive spells.

During battles in Wizards Unite, our character uses this charm to attack whatever opponent they are facing. During these battles there are only two possible spells, at least in the beta version. We can use the combat bolt to attack and then a shield charm to protect ourselves as both opponents take turns attacking one another.


The severing charm allows its caster to cut into, or through, just about anything. Although it is part of the second year curriculum, this charm can be quite dangerous. It requires high levels of concentration and dexterity and very precise wand movements to avoid accidents and possible death.

This charm was used several times throughout the books. In Goblet of Fire, for example, Harry uses the charm on Cedric’s bookbag so he could speak to Cedric privately about the First Task. In the same book, Ron also uses this charm to cut the lace off his formal robes for the Yule Ball.


This jinx traps a target in a very large magical bubble that cannot be popped by any physical means. We saw this spell used in Wizards Unite against some of the Confoundables.

It works as a type of containment charm, very useful when trying to stop an opponent during a duel or protect a certain object from being taken. There aren’t many explicit uses of this jinx in the books or films.

This is the glyph suggested in the Niffler trailer in order to return the Niffler to the magical world.

Expecto Patronum

The Patronus is one of the most famous charms in the Harry Potter universe. This is considered very advanced magic. At its weakest form, a Patronus will appear as a whisp of silver light. With enough power behind it, it can take corporeal form.

This spell is used against Dementors, and requires a high degree of focus. The caster needs to concentrate on an extremely happy thought in order to cast the charm with any degree of success.

Harry used this charm several times during Prisoner of Azkaban. In Order of the Phoenix, the members of the Wizengamot seemed particularly surprised that a wizard as young as Harry could produce a fully corporeal Patronus. This was, later on, one of the charms Harry taught the members of Dumbledore’s Army.


Finite, or Finite Incantatem, is a general counter-spell. It is quite useful for duels to counter the effect of minor jinxes and curses. It is also useful when one wants to temporarily disable a protective charm.

In the Harry Potter books Tonks uses this charm to release Harry from a Full Body-Bind Curse and Remus uses it to take a Tarantallegra hex off of Neville.

Newt, Tina and several Aurors used this charm to contain the black fire Grindelwald created in the Lestrange catacombs in the Crimes of Grindelwald.


The Knockback Jinx is a jinx that, as the name implies, knocks back its target. As an offensive spell, it was used several times in both the books and the films, although not always verbally. This is, for example, the spell Dobby uses on his former master, Lucius Malfoy, when he attempts to attack Harry Potter for freeing his elf at the end of Chamber of Secrets. It was also used several times during the Battle of the Department of Mysteries in Order of the Phoenix.

As for its use in Wizards Unite, we actually saw this jinx featured early on. In one of the logos that came out on March 11th we actually see this jinx put to use against the gnomes stealing the Sorting Hat.


This Fire-Making Spell is quite useful both in duels and everyday life. This spells conjures a jet of flames used to set things alight. This spell was also used often in the books and films, although many times it was cast non-verbally.

A good example of this comes from Dumbledore’s Pensieve as he shows Harry his first meeting with a young Tom Riddle. Dumbledore presumably used this spell to set Tom’s wardrobe on fire as his way to prove to the boy that magic was real. Many years later, Rowle used this same spell to set Hagrid’s hut on fire.

Meteolojinx Recanto

Unlike the other types of spells we’ve seen so far, this is a counter spell. It’s used primarily to counter the effects of weather-modifying charms. This spell is mentioned in Deathly Hallows as a possible way to stop the constant raining inside Yaxley’s office.

This is also the first spell glyph we saw from Wizards Unite. In the Riderless-Nimbus trailer we can see the glyph for this counter-charm suggested as a way to stop the broomsticks gone wild.


This is probably one of the most memorable spells for any Harry Potter Fan. This spell is used against Boggarts. While a Boggart has no known shape in hiding, once it’s free it takes on the form of whatever scares the person closest to him the most. This spell requires some mental preparation, as the caster needs to know what scares them the most. Then they need to imagine this thing in a way that becomes absurdly ridiculous before casting the spell. It’s the caster’s laughter at seeing this image that actually defeats the Bogart.

While this spell was used on several students during Lupins’ tenure as Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor, there is one that stuck to everyone’s mind. When Neville faced the Boggart it turned into Snape. And with a little imagination Neville cast the spell and Boggart-Snape found itself dressed in Neville’s grandmother’s usual garb. Much to everyone’s amusement.
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Nice compliation :)
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That's a really cool post. Love knowing which spells we're going to use in the game. And the little snippets from when we've seen them used before sure brought back memories. Like Neville's Boggart.
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This is very interesting post with all the spells that we are going to use in the game.(y) Best thing is that, all of the spells are well described with related details!