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Feb 13, 2019
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Considering the amount of information dropped on Monday, it’s only normal that a detail or two might have slipped by. But this one here is a biggie! Start getting ready to download Wizards Unite!

All aboard the Wizards Unite Express

Wizards Unite is on its way, and it’s time to pre-register!

What pre-registration means

Games normally just come out. They pop right into whichever app you use to download on your device, be it the App Store or the Play Store, ready for you to tap and download.

But sometimes the game will show up for you to pre-register. What this means is that you can mark on your App that you want the game, and then, once it becomes available, it should either send you a notice or directly download into your device.

This basically works as a delayed download. Much like when you buy a film or book before it’s actually for sale. You go through the same basic download process as you would with any app, only with a time delay, be it days or months, until you actually get the game.

Why pre-register, then?

So there is one particular thing that pre-registration allows. And it can be quite the treat: Beta versions.

When you pre-register you will get a chance, however slim, to become a Wizards Unite beta tester. You could get to try the game before anyone else does. You’d be stepping into the wizarding world while the rest of us are left to rot with boring Muggles.


Beta testers for Wizards Unite will be selected from those users who have pre-registered. One happy day you might take an extra dose of Felix Felicis and find a surprise at the Play Store. Perhaps the little note that marked the app as registered is now different. Perhaps it’s not available, and you have become a Beta tester, admired and hated by Potterheads alike.

Beta tester, you say?

We wrote a post a little while back about whether Wizards Unite would have a Beta version or not, considering the lack of information.

A Beta release is a way for developers to test a game in a controlled manner. Generally they will choose a specific country and do the Beta release there. Then once that is up and going and they dealt with any kinks that could come up they add another country, and another. Right until they are confident enough that the game is ready (or our excitement gets the better of them).

Niantic did, in fact, use this controlled released method with their most popular game to date, PĂłkemon GO. The test field for PoGO began in Japan a few months before the wide release that summer. The United States was one of the last to join the beta train.

Now they are doing the same for Wizards Unite, although the country distribution will likely vary. We can all probably agree that the UK, for instance, should be the first to try out a beta Harry Potter game.

There is one thing that should be mentioned. Although Beta testers will get the game before the general public, there is no guarantee that they will be able to hold on to their game achievements and progress. They could very well have to start over from scratch, along with everyone else, once the game is released. But it does seem like a small price to pay, doesn’t it?

I want to be a Beta tester!

Alright, there’s not a lot we can do from here to make you a beta tester, but let’s go over some ways to increase your chances:

  • Go to the Play Store if you’re an Android user, and pre-register for Wizards Unite.
  • If you are playing PokĂ©mon GO and Ingress, make sure you use the same account.
  • Try to level up your Niantic games. Your chances will increase if you are already a high-level player.
  • Pre-register using more than one account or device if possible.
  • Felix Felicis takes six months to brew, but if you have some already in the works, make sure to take it when you pre-register.
Play Store? Wait, what about the App Store?

Ahhh, now that’s another issue entirely.

As of now, Wizards Unite is only open for pre-registration on the Play Store, exclusively for Android users.

But don’t panic yet, the reason might be a simple one. @XpectoGO mentioned something quite interesting on Twitter.

(By the way, if you’re not following @XpectoGO yet, go do it now, I’ll wait. The content is great, insightful and fun!)

So, as I was saying, it seems the App Store has a different set of rules when it comes to pre-registration. Games can only stay in pre-registration status for 90 days. What this probably means is that Niantic is not quite ready yet to give us that tentative date. If the game goes to the App Store now, we’re talking early June for wide release. That seems a little too soon given what we know so far.

Panic not, my dear iOS users. Wizards Unite will come to you, too.

So what do you think about pre-registration? Would you like to become a Beta? Are you an iPhone user worried you’ll end up a Squib? Let us know in the comments!
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