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Feb 13, 2019
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It is with great pleasure that we present to you the first ever Wizards Unite Profession Quiz!

The First Wizards Unite Profession Quiz

There has been one constant question since we found out about Wizards Unite and got our first look at the gameplay.

Well, two if you count us asking about the release date (when, when, wheeeeen?)

But after that, everyones main question has been: Which profession should I choose?

Which is why we might have snuck into the Department of Magical Education. And maybe, perhaps, stolen a file or two from where they keep their career advice documents. Then we poured all that information into a weird brain (mine) and out came the very first Wizards Unite Profession Quiz!

Take the Wizards Unite Profession Quiz

Choosing a Wizards Unite Profession

Some of us decided which profession to choose the second they were announced. Others are having a harder time deciding. So how do you choose a profession on Wizards Unite?

We believe choosing a profession has a lot to do with your personality and your gaming style. In fact, we recently wrote a quick guide with the main information currently available for Aurors, Magizoologists and Professors to help you choose the best Wizards Unite profession for you:


How to choose your profession in Wizards Unite

But then we thought wed make it fun. There are quizzes for choosing your House, your wand, your Patronuswhy not your Wizards Unite Profession?

Which is why we created this fun quiz to help you along the way! It should only take a couple of minutes and our hard working staff (House Elves, mostly) will help guide you in the right direction. Because you can always change profession once youre in the game, but theres no getting those scrolls back once youve used them, so its best to decide early on and put all your effort in being the best there is!

And now what?

Well, now you should have your Profession Quiz result, and wed love to hear all about it!
Did Trelawney divine the Wizards Unite Profession you were leaning towards? Are you happy with the job the House Elves chose for you?
Maybe share your thought on the different professions (although we all know Professor is the only wise choice) over some Butterbeer.

Join our discord and our forum and share your profession!

dicord.png forum-accio-wizards-unite-harry-potter.png

Just click the button you like most and youll find us on the other side!

Wed love to get the quiz to as many players as possible, help us!

For a limited time only, we are offering house elves a sock if they find the perfect profession for you, so we appreciate the feedback!

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