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Feb 13, 2019
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For those of you who love those fantastic little beasts from the Potterverse and would love to care for them, Wizards Unite is the way to go.

We’ve been covering what we know about Wizards Unite Gameplay since we first got a look at those amazing images earlier this month released through Pottermore and the official WU website. We’ve done our best to break the information down by categories in order to review it in more detail.

After writing about the three Wizarding Professions we’ll get to choose from, we felt it was time to go into each of them and see what they’re all about.

You can read all about Aurors here. And today we’ll delve into an amazing one:

Wizards Unite Professions: Magizoologists

A Magizoologist is a person who studies magical creatures (a field known as magizoology); another, less popular name for this profession is wizarding naturalists.


Not all Magizoologists work in the same way. Some are very hands-on and do their best to contain and protect fantastic beasts. Others, on the other hand, take on the role of observer and limit their work to studying those creatures.

And some even work for the Ministry, making sure beasts are properly taken care of, that the correct measures are taken in order to protect the Statute of Secrecy, and that no one is secretly hoarding toads and eggs to make their own basilisks.

Magizoologists in Harry Potter

In the Harry Potter series we never properly met a Magizoologist. We heard of Professor Kettleburn, who was the Care of Magical Creatures at Hogwarts for many years. We never did get to meet him in the books. Once he retired, Rubeus Hagrid took over his teaching duties.

Now Hagrid had a lot of hands on experience with all kinds of beasts, and was certainly good at his job. So while he may not have had the training to be a Magizoologist, we could probably at least consider him a wizarding naturalist.


But there was one famous Magizoologist we read about in the original series. His book, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them, always had a place in the Hogwarts Library. We are, of course, talking about Newt Scamander.

Newt had retired by the time Harry Potter got into Hogwarts, so we never met the character there. But he is the protagonist of the more recent series of books and films. The Fantastic Beasts series.

Another Magizoologist we have technically met is Luna Lovegood. Although the original series barely mentions her chosen profession, she did grow to become a famed naturalist. And she even married one of Newt’s grandchildren: Rolf Scamander.

Magizoologists in Wizards Unite

Each profession will have an in-game leader, a non-playable character who will guide us through our training and along the game.

While we have much less information about Magizoologist as a profession, all signs point to Newt Scamander being that leader. In the present time he would around 120 years old. That might make him being an active part of the game a little tricky, so we might get to interact with the younger version from the films.

Magizoologists: Skill tree


The image above represents the Auror skill tree. That is the only tree we have seen so far. We will have to use a bit of imagination with this profession.

Now, it’s reasonable to expect the Magizoology three will be similar in its design. We will probably be able to choose different paths as we advance through the game. Although we don’t know what those paths might entail, we think the distribution will be similar.

We will probably have a defensive and an offensive side to choose from. After all, not all fantastic beasts are nice and cuddly like a Niffler (if you’re shiny enough) or mostly harmless, like an Augurey. We will also encounter dangerous beasts, like Hippogriffs or Acromantulas. Those require quite a different set of skills.

Points distribution

If you look closely at each node on the tree, you will notice the circle around it. This is what we will have to fill up in order to acquire a skill or master a spell. Some of the nodes require only one ‘point’ (this might have a different name in-game, but we’ll stick to points for now). As you progress down the tree and level up you will reach new nodes that will require more points to complete.

An important thing to keep in mind is that, once a point is used on a certain node, it cannot be moved or taken back. What this means is that a clever player will plan ahead and decide which path to take before spending their points.

From the information we have so far, you can obtain points by tracking down and containing Foundables in your area and using the corresponding Confoundable. From what we’ve seen so far we get the impression most of those Foundables will be, in fact, fantastic beasts.

We will also probably get points through Potions-related mini-games and Fortress incursions.

Magizoologists and Fortresses

Fortresses are the place where we will be able to team up with other players. We will battle beasts, dark wizards and Merlin knows what else as we try to make our way to the top.

There have been several mentions of working with a varied team for best results. It seems the ideal way to win a Fortress is to team up with players with different professions and skills.

When it comes to team-play, each profession will work differently in regard to power and resilience. In general, we are expecting Magizoologists to be the the ‘tank’ player. The one that can take the most damage. Unfortunately that will probably mean they will be able to inflict much less damage than an Auror might.

Magizoologists statistics


This image shows some of the stats for Aurors. Just like with the skill tree, Auror information is all we have access to at the moment. Now these stats will certainly vary depending on how far along the game we are. They will also be different if we choose to specialise in a certain area (such as defence or offence).

Let’s do a very quick run down of the main ones.

The first item on the list is Stamina. This is basically the energy we have at a certain point in the game. When we run our, we will have to make our way to an inn to recharge. In the case of Magizoologists, we would expect stamina to be higher than in other professions.

Then we have power, which is our avatar’s strength; their ability to cause damage.The percentages beneath that show our skills in different areas. Magizoologists will probably have low critical power and precision. They are, after all, the player that takes damage, not the one that inflicts it.

But then if we think of the defensive abilities things will be quite different. Their defense, deficiency defense and Protego power should be the highest our of the three professions. Magizoologists will be our little battle tank.

So when it comes to team work during a Fortress incursion, you might need more than one Magizoologist to come along, in case your team runs into some powerful foes. But since this profession isn’t really suited for battles, you will want to keep an Auror close-by.

Perhaps that is why the game is called Wizards Unite. The wizarding community is at its best when it’s working together.

What do you think of this profession? Do you agree with our assessments? Let us know in the comments!
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