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Feb 13, 2019
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Here at Accio Wizards Unite we are, above all, two geeky fans who love Harry Potter. And we’ve always enjoyed the community that surrounded this magical world from day one. Now, many years later, we decided to take a more active part in the community centred on Wizards Unite.

And as we set off, we met these wonderful creatures Newt definitely should have included in Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them. The WuTubers.

This feature section is dedicated to them. They are all different and unique, and they make amazing content everyone interested in Wizards Unite (and Harry Potter in general) should watch.


The Great Gitta Lovegood!

Gitta has been a big part of the WUtuber community for a long time, so if you’ve been around trying to keep track of what’s been happening with the game you’re more than likely to have come across her content!

But we wanted to get to know her a little better, and to give you guys the chance to do the same. So we grabbed our best Quick-Quotes Quill and got to work.

Getting to know Gitta

  • Tell us a little about yourself.

Hey! I’m Gitta Lovegood, I am currently 26 years old and I live in Denver, Colorado in the United States!

  • The name you choose for your YouTube channel and your social media often defines how people see you. So how did you choose Gitta Lovegood?

My original channel name was actually “The Portkey Adventures” as a play on the “Portkey Games” however, the name ended up being too long for social media.

I do actually go by Gitta with friends and family, so that felt natural, and i have been told by strangers for years that I remind them of Luna Lovegood, both in looks and in personality. I decided to run with that, and then it just kinda stuck.

After a while. I started to prefer to go by Gitta Lovegood so the switch over felt very natural. Now I am thinking of myself and my siblings (who are going along with it too) as Luna’s American cousins!

  • What’s your Hogwarts House? And what do you think it says about you?

I am a hardcore Ravenclaw!

My bedroom is currently decked out in blue and gold colors (much easier to find than blue and bronze, and I do like to stick to the book colors and mascot) with hints of Gryffindor for my boyfriend! I am definitely one of those people that can get obsessed about a particular subject (ahem, Harry Potter) and I am also an extremely creative person in my day to day life. These are very strong Ravenclaw characteristics that I relate to!

The Harry Potter Community

  • How old were you when you discovered Harry Potter?

This is a bit of a long answer that I do plan on covering in a video at some point on my channel. To put it very simply, my mom got me into the series and I was 10 years old. I remember thinking I would get my letter on my next birthday and being very disappointed when that didn’t happen.

  • What do you think about the Harry Potter fan community? Do you think it’s different from other Fandoms?

I love the Harry Potter fan community! We are very diverse and have very strong opinions, but we are all also very open minded and I feel like, for those who have read the books, we all understand acceptance on another level.

The books just teach so much about love and friendship and acceptance of everyone, it’s hard to read them and not be effected by that. I read the books very often to this day, and every time I come out having learned something new about myself or about the world, and I’m very thankful to have that.

Becoming a WuTuber

  • Being a WuTuber is a lot of work. What made you decide to start your channel? And why Wizards Unite?

Being a WUtuber (or youtuber in general) is definitely a ton of work! There is so much that goes into running a channel, it can definitely be a lot to handle sometimes.

For me, I have wanted to do youtube for almost 10 years. The first youtuber I became a huge fan of was Jenna Marbles.
I felt like I instantly connected with her and wanted to be her best friend. Later on, she got a boyfriend (Julien Solomita) that I also became a big fan of. His videos ended up inspiring me even more and seemed more like what I would like to do.

I knew I wanted to go out and record myself exploring the world, but I still didn’t know what the basis of me exploring the world would be. Why would I be doing that? Just because? How would I decide where to go?

Then Pokemon Go came out. This was the first time I ever looked up someone playing a game. Coming across Trainer Tips was life changing. This was finally something I could see myself doing. I actually almost started a Pokemon Go channel, but people in my life questioned if it was right for me. They knew I loved Pokemon, but it wasn’t the biggest passion in my life.

So when Wizards Unite was announced, it was a no brainer. I knew and everyone around me knew that I would be starting a channel to make content about this game.

The Gitta Lovegood Channel

  • What would you like people to know about your channel? What makes it special?

I feel like my passion for the Wizarding World is more unique.

I didn’t get into this game just because it’s going to be the next big thing or because I love Pokemon Go or because I love gaming. In all honesty feel at home whenever I am doing anything connected to the Wizarding World.

The world that JK Rowling has created gives me more comfort than almost anything else in the world, and I can’t wait to share that passion with other people and find those that are just as passionate, and even help others grow their passion!

The Harry Potter universe is so unique and beautiful, I just want everyone to be able to experience the joy it can create and the magic it can make you feel, and I hope to bring that out through my videos! If you have never heard of me or seen my videos before, just search “Gitta Lovegood” and I should pop up on every platform!

Some fantastic Wizards Unite Videos

Here’s Gitta’s Wizards Unite Fan Trailer! She’s working hard to contain the Calamity!

And here’s one of the videos she made with @SnitchesWitch and @ProfLynette. Definitely a must watch!

How to find and follow Gitta Lovegood

Here are a few places where you can find Zoë and her wonderful content. If you’re not following her yet, here is your chance!

Gitta Lovegood and the Online Community

We’ve been asking around, and of course people out there love Gitta! So we asked them to tell us what they thought of her. Here are some of the replies!

  • @profLynette: Gitta is one of the most genuine WUtubers with a true love for the Wizarding World! And even more, she has supported every single creator in our community to help foster relationships among us. Such a kind soul, and I’m thankful to have her as a friend!! She is amazing 1f496.png1f499.png1f49c.png
  • @SnitchesWitch: Gitta has such an amazing heart and a drive for creativity. She’s everything you wanted Luna to be and more. I’m so lucky to call her my friend. 1f499.png1f499.png1f499.png
  • @WizardWayKris: Gitta is a gentle soul w/a heart of gold. She has such a passion for the Wizarding World, and that shines so brilliantly in her content. Her voice is sweet and makes listening to her videos a delight. She’s welcomed & helped so many WUtubers band together! Pillar of our group! 1f49c.png
  • @HPWitchesUnite: Gitta has the biggest smile with an even bigger heart. She’s so supportive of all the #WizUWitches and all the #WUtubers. She’s done a lot of work for our overall community. I’m so glad to count Gitta among my friends!
  • @WonderWomannz1:Because she is herself, she covers great content, her knowledge for all things Harry is great, she has a lovely smile, and she is my new friend 1f60a.png
  • @Loz_Anime_Fan: She is kind and helpful as well as friendly.
So now what?

Now, of course, you go and follow Gitta. On social media, though…we do not condone actual stalking unless it’s us doing it. Check out her videos, where her bright personality shines through. You’ll get all cheered up just by hearing her talk about Harry Potter, you can instantly see how much she loves the Potterverse. And there’s one amazing video where she catches us up with Wizards Unite news while making a wand at the same time. So skip over to her Youtube Channel to watch those gems and don’t forget to suscribe!
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Oh yes, I saw few videos content by Gitta! Those are really great. I am gonna follow the Youtube channel as well. Keep it up the hard work!
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Amazing interview and discussion, you are definitely a great and valuable addition to our HP fans and community!