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Feb 13, 2019
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Here at Accio Wizards Unite we are, above all, two geeky fans who love Harry Potter. And we’ve always enjoyed the community that surrounded this magical world from day one. Now, many years later, we decided to take a more active part in the community centred on Wizards Unite.

And as we set off, we met these wonderful creatures Newt definitely should have included in Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them. The WuTubers.

So here is our feature section, bringing you the best content and the best content creators in the wizarding world..



We’ve all been waiting a long time for Wizards Unite to make its way into our phones.

Back in April, the Beta version was finally released. And New Zealand was the country Niantic chose to go first. Lucky for Spicy (and for us) he was there, ready to try out this magical game and share the experience with the rest of the world.

So those of us that aren’t shying away from spoilers have come across his content. And now it’s time to get to know a little bit more about him.

Getting to know Spicy

  • Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Liam James (Spicy). I’m 15 and I live in Auckland New Zealand

  • How did you choose your channel name?

Originally my name was DramaGaming21 as I loved drama, gaming and the meme of the year was 21. Then later on someone said to me “ohhh that’s spicy 1f336.png,” and there’s the name!

  • What’s your Hogwarts House? What do you think it says about you?

I’m a proud member of Gryffindor. I have always been a leader and I do a lot of leadership in school (and I took a Pottermore Quiz) haha

The Harry Potter Community

  • How did you get into Harry Potter?

Around 2014. It was because all my friends were talking about the movies, and then one weekend I binge watched the whole series on DVD. Then I made my parents take me to HP Wizarding World in Universal Studios in LA.

  • What do you like most about the Potterverse?

I love the line from Snape “Mr Potter… OUR..NEW…CELEBRITY” from the first film.

  • What do you think about the Harry Potter fan community? Do you think it’s different from other Fandoms?

There has always been room for magic, and the community of Wizards and witches feels like the real world. I’ve heard Wizards say “oh, what a muggle” before.

The Life of a WuTuber

  • Being a WUtuber is a lot of work. What made you decide to start your channel? And why Wizards Unite?

Originally I started making Minecraft videos on this channel. Before that, I actually started making videos on YouTube when I was 7. But I played Pokémon GO and loved Niantic, so when I saw Wizards Unite being announced I said to myself, “Wow, this will be epic!” Luckily enough New Zealand, which is where I live, got the first Beta. So I started making videos straight away.

  • What would you like people to know about your channel? What makes it special?

My Chanel brings you, the viewer, not only an amazing community but also some Awesome and Exclusive gameplay. You’ll find the best tips and tricks, and you’ll get to see it from a teenager’s point of view and experience that.

This is what I think makes my channel stand out (and I was the first one to make a gameplay video 1f61d.png)

  • What are you looking forward to the most about Wizards Unite?

I want to see if Niantic will bring competition to this game, as In gyms, team vs team, or Quidditch.

  • What are your plans for the channel once the game is out?

Well, for me it is out, and I will continue to give you the highest quality gameplay I can.

  • Anything else you’d like to share?

I would like to say thank you to each and every one of you that has watched one of my videos over the past month!

Some fantastic Wizards Unite Videos

  • Will you share a link of your favourite video with us? Why did you choose it?

I love the Rotorua one I recently did, Episode 9. Mainly because of it being cinematography, which is what I love, and making a Awesome Wizards Unite Video out Of it .

Why we love his videos

Spicy brings a really fresh energy to all of his videos. We can see the wonder in each of them as he goes through the game for the first time. Watching him discover all the amazing things Wizards Unite offers is quite the experience. He manages to transmit what we are all hoping to feel once we get our hands on the game. That magical sense of being part of the wizarding world. Just like when you see someone discovering Harry Potter for the first time, these videos (apart from being very useful and instructional) also bring back memories of when we first discovered this magical world. At least for us at Accio Wizards Unite.

How to find and follow Spicy

Here are a few places where you can find Spicy and his daily content. If you’re not following him yet, here is your chance!

So now what?

Well, here’s what you can, and should, do now.

The first is quite obvious, go and subscribe to Spicy’s Youtube channel. He always announces his videos on Twitter too, so make sure to follow there and on Instagram as well.

Then, once you’re done with the subscribing and following, go straight to the very first video. It’s the perfect place to start if you want a spoiler-full review of the beta. All of his videos show the phone screen while he plays, so you can see exactly what is happening every time he encounters something. And they’re a great tutorial!

And, of course, remember to give the videos a like and leave a comment!

Once you’re done with all of that, we’d love it if you give us a visit at the Community Forum or our new Discord Server. You’ll have some great chats with other Potterheads who are as frustrated with Niantic as you are!
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Feb 28, 2019
He is a great guy! I am really amazed to know that he has visited the actual location at Universal studios, LA, where HP was filmed. Please share your experience with us.
Mar 11, 2019
SPICY... nice name selection. Being a girl I love spicy food and spices all over, so love your channel name as well. :love:
Feb 14, 2019
He is one of my favorite WUTuber. I have been following him on youtube channel, now I am connected with him on other social media sites as well. (y)