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Feb 13, 2019
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Here at Accio Wizards Unite we are, above all, geeky fans who love Harry Potter. And we’ve always enjoyed the community that surrounded this magical world from day one. Now, many years later, we decided to take a more active part in the community centred on Wizards Unite.

And as we set off, we met these wonderful creatures Newt definitely should have included in Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them. The WuTubers.

This feature section is dedicated to them. They are all different and unique, and they make amazing content everyone interested in Wizards Unite (and Harry Potter in general) should watch.


The Wonderful WizardWayKris!

If you play Wizards Unite and have looked it up on Twitter or Youtube at some point, then you’ve probably already seen WizardWayKris. Their fabulous hair alone is memorable enough. But Kris is also an awesome content creator and a very talented singer (and Moaning Myrtle impersonator!)

But we wanted to get to know them a little better, and to give you guys the chance to do the same. So we grabbed our best Quick-Quotes Quill and got to work.

Getting to know Kris

  • Tell us a little about yourself.
    My name is Kris! I’m currently 33 (“it’s a magic number”… doubled ^_~). While I’m originally from California and grew up in Arizona, I’ve been living in central Florida for about a decade now. It was definitely a shock moving from high altitude foresty mountains down into the heat and humidity, but with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter so close, who can really complain?
  • The name you choose for your YouTube channel and your social media often defines how people see you. So how did you choose WizardWayKris?

Like many others, I heeded Trainer Tips Nick’s call to arms when he first shared the news that Niantic would make a Harry Potter AR game. Wizard Way rolled off the tongue for me and allowed me the freedom to also showcase magical shenanigans outside HP specifically, so I like having my options open for channel growth and evolution over time!

  • What’s your Hogwarts House? And what do you think it says about you?

Slytherin, all day e’ery day! I’m a creative and tenacious person with a lot of ambition. I start a lot of things I don’t end up finishing, which can be problematic sometimes (lots of videos filmed but never finalized through editing LOL). But my Slytherin qualities make me value individuality, ingenuity, and uniqueness. True Slytherins are those who pursue a life being true to themselves. That’s me to a T.

The Harry Potter Community

  • How old were you when you discovered Harry Potter?

College. ~hides~ I’d enjoyed the movies but refused to read the books until the final book was coming out. I read the first 6, and then immediately went to the launch party in Las Vegas for the 7th book. Read it all straight through!

  • What do you like most about the Potterverse?

The potential for expansion within the world-building. As an author myself, I appreciate depth and detail with a flare for creating new creatures and words. JK Rowling has that in spades with her Wizarding World. People who know me wouldn’t be surprised by this… I’m a huge Tolkien fan for the same reason.

  • What do you think about the Harry Potter fan community? Do you think it’s different from other Fandoms?

One unique thing that I have found in this fandom is how genuinely supportive it is in general. Part of what draws people to HP is the sharing of connection to being an outsider in some way. With that common core, it makes for a community that reaches out to embrace those on the fringes. We’re definitely stronger for it.

The Life of a WuTuber

  • Being a WuTuber is a lot of work. What made you decide to start your channel? And why Wizards Unite?

I’m obviously insane. LOL Between by day job and caring for my chronically ill partner, I don’t have as much time as many others when it comes to content creation, but I’ve always been extroverted. My life is rather isolated, so this gets me out of my shell, and in the case of Wizards Unite in particular, out of the HOUSE as well. Fresh air!

  • What would you like people to know about your channel? What makes it special?

Well, when it comes to personal flare, I try to bring bright energy to my videos. Part of that is my ever-changing hair colors. (I’m a metamorphmagus, you see…) But I’m also a fan of circus Arts and KPOP, both of which tend to be bright, cheerful, and quirky.

On the flip side, to balance out gameplay videos and livestreams, I’m also an aromatherapist, so I showcase essential oil blends I craft based on the Harry Potter potions. Welcome to Potions Class!

If you’re STILL not sold on my channel… I have 13 cats in my house. Everyone loves cats, right?

  • What do you look forward to the most about Wizards Unite?

Getting out of the house and hopefully connecting with local players, but also having adventures in magical places, both in game and in new places in the real world. My ability to travel is pretty limited, but heck, I haven’t even explored Florida yet after being here a decade! Bring it on!

  • What are your plans for the channel now that the game is out?

Weekly livestreams, for certain, and as many other videos as I can manage in my limited spare time. Keep a watch on my social media for #WitchingHour livestreams and #PotionsClass essential oils tutorials for kicks and giggles!

  • Anything else you’d like to share?

I have failed miserably to choose a Profession to main in this game. Which means I’ll be switching between all three in my gameplay, which will keep things interesting and hopefully make me a Jack of All Trades to help other players in Fortresses. Can’t wait to share the game with everyone!

Some fantastic Wizards Unite Videos

1. “The Games We’re Gonna Play”

My musical parody of “A Million Dreams” from the Greatest Showman… with lyrics all about #WizardsUnite. My very first time recording and performing a song! What a great collab!

2. “These cats KNOW SOMETHING”

My reaction to the kittens teaser trailer. I interrogate my cats in 3 languages. I pulled an all-nighter editing it, which means it got silly. But I like the final product! Remember to turn on the Subtitles! LOL

3. “Wizarding World Music Video 2018”

This one doesn’t have singing, but I was so happy to combine an entire summer of footage into one music video, and it really stretched my editing skills at the time. I get to showcase gameplay at Universal Studios, too, so expect a lot of these environs in my Livestreams for Wizards Unite!

4. “Potions Class 101”

An intro to the aromatherapy and essential oils side of my channel. This gives you all the basics so you can better enjoy my “Potions Class videos in the future!

How to find and follow WizardWayKris

Here are a few places where you can find Kris and their wonderful content. If you’re not following Kris yet, here is your chance!

WizardWayKris and the Online Community

We’ve been asking around, and people out there obviously seem to like Kris! So we asked them to tell us what they thought of them. Here are some of the replies!

  • @SnitchesWitch: Kris one of the sweetest, most genuine people on this platform! I love the representation they bring to the #WUtuber and when they bring the SHADE. (click here to see the accompanying GIF)

  • @CoopersCharms: Kris is a very talented, funny, and entertaining content creator with such an open mind and a kind heart. I’m beyond excited to meet them at Wizards Unite Fan Fest and I feel like when I meet them, it’ll be like greeting an old friend. 2764.png1f9e1.png1f49b.png1f49a.png1f499.png1f49c.png
  • @GittaLovegood: Kris is so genuine and sweet, and such an amazing friend! Honest when necessary, and always there when anyone in her life needs her. Her joy for all the HP games is so genuine and pure and just fun to watch even when you don’t particularly like the game 1f61c.png Kris is amazing! 1f60a.png1f970.png1f49a.png
  • @HPWitchesUnite: Not to state the obvious, but Kris has the best hair and makeup. More than a beautiful physical appearance, Kris also has a beautiful soul! She’s so supportive of all the WUtubers, and she’s a fierce advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.
So now what?

Now, of course, you go and follow Kris. Be careful though, those cats are a little shifty. Especially one of them (Hail Hydra!). Check out those amazing videos, enjoy the hair (which is made of rainbows and perfection) and make sure to subscribe and go back for more!

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Feb 14, 2019
Really enjoy watching her videos, recommended!
Mar 11, 2019
Yes, I saw a lot of your presence regarding WU, but I never knew that you are a good singer as well. :eek:
Feb 14, 2019
Hey Kris, I didn't notice your age earlier, :giggle:, so you are nicely mature and doing great with your stuff! Keep updating all of the Wizards with your videos.