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Feb 13, 2019
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Here at Accio Wizards Unite we are, above all, two geeky fans who love Harry Potter. And we’ve always enjoyed the community that surrounded this magical world from day one. Now, many years later, we decided to take a more active part in the community centred on Wizards Unite.

And as we set off, we met these wonderful creatures Newt definitely should have included in Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them. The WuTubers.

This feature section is dedicated to them. They are all different and unique, and they make amazing content everyone interested in Wizards Unite (and Harry Potter in general) should watch.


The Xpectacular XpectoGO!

We hope by now you know most of the WUtubers out there. This of course includes James and Sue. They make great, insightful content, and they always manage to make it fun, too!

But we wanted to get to know them a little better, and to give you guys the chance to do the same. So we grabbed our best Quick-Quotes Quill and got to work.

Getting to know James and Sue – XpectoGO

  • Tell us a little about yourself.

James and Sue, and we live in VA

  • The name you choose for your YouTube channel and your social media often defines how people see you. So how did you choose XpectoGO?

When we made the channel, we wanted to cover HPWU and Pokemon Go. We wanted the channel to sound like a gamer channel, and we wanted recognisable elements from Harry Potter and Pokemon Go. After a lot of trial and error, we landed on “Xpecto” (variation on the spell “Expecto Patronum”) and Go (from Pokemon Go).

  • What’s your Hogwarts House? And what do you think it says about you?

James is a classic Hufflepuff – loyal, hardworking, accepting. This is probably not surprising, because he works so hard to put out well-researched videos and loves to share his enthusiasm with others.

Sue is a Gryffindor (and is only a LITTLE obnoxious about it), although she occasionally shows some Slytherin tendencies.

The Harry Potter Community

  • How old were you when you discovered Harry Potter?

Sue got into Harry Potter around age 20, when she read the first book on a whim. Within days, she’d purchased the rest of the books and read through them as fast as she could.

James has been a fan of the movies ever since they came out, and got his love of the series from there.

  • What do you like most about the Potterverse?

Sue – “I love how the Potterverse takes our regular Earth and adds so much magic to it. That statue isn’t just a statue anymore – it’s the entrance to an underground tunnel. That ruins isn’t just a ruins – it’s a school of witchcraft and wizardry in disguise. The series surrounded us with magic and made us feel like we were part of something, and that is so amazing.”

James – “I love how the series focuses on a kid who started with nothing and discovered his own power and confidence along the way. Everything was so well thought out from beginning to end, and let’s be honest, the magic just looks COOL.”

  • What do you think about the Harry Potter fan community? Do you think it’s different from other Fandoms?

The Harry Potter fandom is all about being inclusive, and we love that. There is no threshold for being part of this fandom – it doesn’t matter if you haven’t read all of the books or seen all of the movies. You don’t have to know all of the lore. If you love Harry Potter, you’re in – and that’s really special.

The Life of a WuTuber

  • Being a WuTuber is a lot of work. What made you decide to start your channel? And why Wizards Unite?

We both thought Wizards Unite would be something special, and we really just wanted to be part of it. If there was no Wizards Unite, there would be no channel – because it is so much work, the channel has to be about something we’re passionate about. We love our area and think it would be fun to show it off on the channel, and it would be an absolute dream come true to make Wizards Unite content as part of our livelihood, once the game gets released.

  • What would you like people to know about your channel? What makes it special?

We like to research our topics thoroughly and produce high quality videos – but more than that, we love to have fun together and share our excitement for the game. James brings a lot of knowledge about technology and gaming, Sue brings the Harry Potter knowledge, and they both bring the hype. We’ve been on the Wizards Unite hype train since 2017, and we are so excited to make videos about this game!

  • What are you looking forward to the most about Wizards Unite?

Aside from actually getting to play it, we’re excited to see what kind of communities build up around the game. From what we’ve seen, this game will be detailed and very deep, with tasks for every level of player – it seems totally unprecedented for mobile games. It will be so fun to be part of a worldwide community of mobile gamers who invest time in this game, and we are so excited to bring the Wizarding World to our neighbourhood and just see what happens.

  • What are your plans for the channel once the game is out?

We want to produce regular vlog-style videos, of course, along with live-stream and news updates. We’ll share tips and tricks that we learn along the way, too!

Some fantastic Wizards Unite Videos

This is their amazing Wizards Unite Fan Trailer

Here’s a great video covering the official Wizards Unite trailer: Calling All Wizards.

And this one is a wonderful live-stream, one of their latest video and part of their Wizards Unite prep series. They have amazing chemistry on camera, so it’s always a lot of fun to watch! If your timezone permits, you should definitely watch them live and join the chat, it’s a great experience!

How to find and follow XpectoGO

Here are a few places where you can find James and Sue and their wonderful content. If you’re not following them yet, here is your chance!

James and Sue and the Online Community

We’ve been asking around, and people out there seem to like James and Sue! So we asked them to tell us what they thought of them and their content. Here are some of the replies!

  • @SnitchesWitch: James and Sue have the most amazing chemistry on camera, which can be a challenge, even if you’re already married! And as if that want inspiring enough, they work so hard to support their fellow creators!
  • @UnitingWizards: I so often reference their videos in my own, because they’re so easy to follow and informative. Every time a video of theirs shows up, I know I’m in for an amazing experience! On and off camera, they’re just both wonderful people, and I’m so glad to know them! 1f642.png
So now what?

Now, of course, you go and follow XpectoGO. On social media, though…we do not condone actual stalking unless it’s us doing it.

Check out their videos, which are super entertaining. Honestly they manage to get such an amazing amount of energy through the screen they’re the perfect replacement for your morning coffee! And of course, remember to like and comment on their content, we want to show them how much we enjoy their hard work!
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Almost all of the channels I see here regarding WU belong to a single person; but here two persons are putting efforts in this channel, so I believe there must be something special in this channel! :geek:


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Nice one, like their videos!
Feb 14, 2019
Another great post @Samantuchy , thank you! Please confirm if they can share some insights of the event that was organized last month in LA?