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Wizards Unite Master Notes

When it comes to potions, ingredients are not enough. It is an art form, after all. With these Master Notes you will be able to brew any potion 15% faster. READ MORE

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Wizards Unite Potions

Potions are an important part of Wizards Unite if you want to make the most of the game. From upping your chances of defeating some Confoundable Magic to healing us during Fortress incursions, there’s a potion for every need. READ MORE

wizards unite introduction Hagrid Registry 2

Wizards Unite Registry

The Registry is where we keep track of all those Foundables we have successfully returned to the Wizarding World. READ MORE

wizards unite greenhouse

Wizards Unite Greenhouses

Greenhouses serve a double purpose in Wizards Unite. They’re the perfect place to get some nice potion ingredients and they also give players some rewards when visiting. LEARN MORE

wizards unite gameplay portkey

Wizards Unite Portkeys

In the game we will find a Portmanteau here and there in the form of an old boot. READ MORE

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Wizards Unite Fortresses

Fortresses are one of the most interesting concepts in the new Wizards Unite game. Whether you play with friends or choose to face your enemies on your own, here’s what you need to know. READ MORE

Wizards unite map

Wizards Unite Locations

Once you start playing Wizards Unite you will notice some peculiar buildings in your map. Here’s what you will find. READ MORE