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There has been a lot of uncertainty and speculation surrounding the Wizards Unite Game. Here we will share everything we know about the game and the new technology Niantic is developing. We will also keep you up to date on when and where to download Wizards Unite, the beta versions, the official release date and much more.

If you are new to the blog and want to learn more about the game first, head on over to our Welcome Page, where you will find a trove of Wizards Unite-related treasure. For those who want to have a look at the gameplay we have seen so far and learn more about how it works, head on over to Wizards Unite Gameplay.

If you are interested in downloading Wizards Unite apk, then you’ve come to the right place:

Download Wizards Unite

So scroll down and join us for the ride

Download Wizards Unite, the AR Game

We are all itching to download Wizards Unite and play. So we’ve decided to pour every bit of information we have into one place.

Let’s go over official news, game footage, release date speculation, download links…whatever you need, we’ve got you covered!

Release date

Wizards Unite kicked off back in November 2017 with Niantic and Portkey Games announcing a brand new Harry Potter-themed AR game, and a late-2018 release date. Originally, fans referred to this game as Harry Potter Go, since it was expected to be similar to Niantic’s other AR Game, PokĂ©mon Go.

After a long year of silence, the sad (but not surprising) news came: the release date  was pushed to 2019. As of late February there is still no official information available to narrow it down any further.

Since that wasn’t enough for those of us impatiently waiting, the Accio Wizards Unite team decided to ask some awesome WUtubers to guess the Wizards Unite Release Date. The answers, and accompanying videos, were extremely insightful, make sure you check them out!

Now, considering how tight a hold WB seems to have on all media releases and marketing surrounding the game, and the fact that they recently began directly contacting WUtubers and Wizards Unite Influencers, we might have allowed ourselves the tiniest glimmer of hope that the game might actually become available quite soon. As in, we hope we might get lucky and be able to download Wizards Unite this summer.

**UPDATE** Summer Release

LA Times interviewed Warner Bros CEO Kevin Tsujihara on February 27th. When asked what new technologies projects are in the works he replied:

The one that’s the closest is this “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite” [augmented reality] video game project coming out this summer from Niantic, the maker of “Pokemon Go.” That’s a world where, clearly, 5G and faster connectivity with a mobile device is going to make that game better.

So we could, in fact, have Wizards Unite on our phones this summer! Read the full post: Wizards Unite Summer Release Confirmed?

Wizards Unite: logos, trailers and gameplay


2018 did, however, bring us a Wizards Unite logo with some details and hints as to what the game might be about. We’ve had some fun speculating about the logo, what the three (very familiar) wands might mean, and even the links to Fantastic Beasts in the font and the scratches on some of the letters.

**UPDATE** New Logos

Two new logos were released on March 11th. Both of them include actual game footage.

Wizards unite gameplay logo

Wizards unite gameplay death eater

The Trailers

Trailer #1: The Golden Snitch

And along with the logo came the first teaser trailer.

In it we can see a member of the SoS Task Force Apparating to a Muggle area, where she proceeds to catch a rogue Golden Snitch.

Trailer #2: The Riderless Broomsticks

About a month after that one we got another little drop of news. They released a few seconds of footage featuring riderless Nimbus 2000 flying out of control down a Muggle speedway.

How to capture a nimbus 2000

On the image above, you can see a trace over the Nimbus picture. We believe this might be a clue as to the wand movement needed to stop the speeding broomstick. Perhaps a hidden little gameplay detail?

**UPDATE** Tracing Spells

This is, in fact, one of the spells, or Confoundables, we have to trace in order to contain a Trace of magic and return the displaced object to the wizarding world (and our Registry). There are many different spells we will be covering in our Gameplay posts, so check that out!

Trailer #3: The Discombobulated Niffler

rogue niffler wizards unite

It took two more months until we got to see any new footage. This time in the form of a Rogue Niffler on the loose.

First, the Wizards Unite official channels released the Trace Alert poster. The next day we got to see this amazing (and incredibly cute) video of a Discombobulated Niffler in a Muggle Arcade.

This time, the trailer did not reach us through the usual official website or social media. Instead, WB contacted some amazing WUtubers and asked them to share the video with the rest of us using Muggle technology. Their Niffler trailer came with a letter from the SoS Task Force itself.

letter to WU influencers
You can see the Insiders’ reaction videos on our forum thread, Influencers and WB Insiders.

And on WUtubers react: Discombobulated Niffler you can check out even more amazing WUtubers videos. All in one place for easy viewing.

But if you think a rogue Niffler is not dangerous, you haven’t seen this one, and what it has done to WUtubers all over America.

The Gameplay

On March 11th 2019 we were suddenly inundated with official game footage. This time, as with the Niffler video, Niantic and Warner Bros chose a less traditional way to release the information. They contacted websites and blogs centred on gaming and gave them the chance to try the game themselves. Then on March 11th they all released articles detailing the amazing experience.

We’ve covered the new footage in detail. From professions to Locations, we broke the information into manageable pieces to analyse each of them in-depth. You can find our analysis, thoughts and theories here: Wizards Unite Gameplay Guide

**UPDATE** Beta Gameplay Images

Since the Beta release in New Zealand on April 17th we have a lot more information and images. Beta players from New Zealand have been sharing some amazing beta information and footage. Niantic has allowed players to share this information, so we will be updating our gameplay section with much more content. Meanwhile check out our Community thread for some amazing screen captions.

How to download Wizards Unite

**UPDATE** Pre-Registration for Android

As of Marc 11th Wizards Unite is available for pre-registration in the Play Store. At the moment pre-registration is not available for iOS users. We go more into detail behind the reason for this in our post: Wizards Unite pre-registration: a 90-day conundrum.

**UPDATE** Name Reservation

Throughout the month of April Niantic has opened a Codename Reservation site. Those of you who would like to keep your Trainer Name from Pokémon GO or your Agent Name from Ingress can do so by simply reserving it using the same email address for both. There are also a few interesting loopholes in this Reservation option, you can read all about it in our post about Wizards Unite Name Reservation

The Beta Release

Niantic might, as it has with its previous AR games, do a slow roll out. That would mean getting some beta testers before the game is actually released for everyone.

Right now, we are not really sure Niantic if will go for a beta period before wide release. If you’re wondering why, we’ve covered our theories and speculation on Beta Release:To Beta or not to Beta

In case they go fora beta release, they might choose to do it in only one country first. This is why we recommend you sign up on the official Wizards Unite site using multiple accounts and choosing different countries to increase your chances.

Still, we should be able to download Wizards Unite as soon as it becomes available. Despite this, we do recommend waiting for it to be available in your region. It will probably save you from a glitch or two at least.

**UPDATE** Pre-registration

The Wizards Unite Beta release has been confirmed. The game is now available for pre-registration at the Play Store here: pre-register for Wizards Unite. If you pre-register you will increase your chances of becoming a Beta tester. Read the full post: Wizards Unite pre-registration.

Play store wizards unite pre-register

**UPDATE** Beta released in New Zealand

On April 17th New Zealand Task Force Members were called to action. With no previous announcement or warning Niantic made the Beta version of the game available for open download in New Zealand on both the App Store and the Play Store. We expect the same will probably happen for the next countries down the line.

How to become a Beta Tester

If you want to be the first to download Wizards Unite, this is the way to go.

Being a beta tester for a game means you will get it before everyone else does. This is an amazing opportunity, of course. The big issue here is that, to become a beta tester, you do need to remember to sign up for the Wizards Unite beta invite. If you own an Android Phone you can pre-register here.

enlist banner Wizards unite ar game

The official Wizards Unite website has an option to enlist, as you can see in the image above. The registration form is available here, and all you need is a valid email address. Once you sign up, you will become a member of the Statute of Secrecy Task Force.

wizards unite sign upstatute of secrecy task force wizards unite logo

Of course, your chances will increase if you sign up with multiple accounts from multiple regions. You should also try to sign up on both Android and iOS platforms. Historically speaking, players from the Oceanic region often get beta access priority.

Now here is another important tip. If you are already playing Niantic’s other AR games (Ingress and PokĂ©mon Go) you should use the same email address when signing up.

Niantic treats experienced players with higher priority when it comes to receiving beta invites. That’s why you also need to make sure you are levelled up in both games.

**UPDATE** Download Beta APK

When Niantic released the Beta version for New Zealand players, they didn’t select beta testers. Instead, the game was available for everyone in the country. This is great news for all of us waiting to play!

There is, of course, a non-official Beta APK you can download if you want to have a look at the game right now. You can download the Beta APK here

There are, however, a few things worth mentioning -and considering-.

  • If you are not in a country with an official Beta, this APK will only allow you to go through the game introduction. After that, it will prompt you to go searching for Foundables, but there will be none in your area.
  • Just to be careful, you might want to sign up using a different name and email address than the one you used to pre-register. You wouldn’t want to run into issues when the game is finally out.
  • Remember this is a Beta version. There might still be some bugs in the app, so you won’t get the best experience until the full version is out.

The Wide Release

After that beta period, the game should become widely available, although we still don’t know if it will work with all devices or only android.

We do say should because of the new $40M deal between Niantic and Samsung. This could give the mobile company exclusive access to the Wizards Unite AR Game. So far there’s no way to know if Samsung called dibs on Wizards Unite.

And just in case they don’t get an exclusive and we all get to play, check out these awesome Mobile Phones for AR gaming and The Best Budget Phones for Wizards Unite.

**UPDATE** Android and iOS

Once the Wizards Unite Beta released in New Zealand, it was finally confirmed that the game will be available for all compatible Android and iOS devices. Because of the 90-day pre-registration rule at the App Store, we believe Wizards Unite will only become available for iPhone users only when Niantic releases the Beta in your country. So be patient, iOS users. You will definitely get to play Wizards Unite!

The Download Links

Click here to Pre-register. Once the game becomes available (or you are chosen as a beta tester) the game will automatically download into your phone.

Download the Beta APK here.

Once the game is released we will add links to the official downloads for every OS that supports the game. Stay tuned!

In short, keep this in mind

  • Sign up for the beta here.
  • Use multiple accounts from multiple regions.
  • Use Android and iOS devices if possible (we expect the game to become available for iOS pre-registration soon)
  • Level up your Pokemon GO and Ingress accounts.
  • Remember to use the same email address for all three games.
  • Keep checking Accio Wizards Unite for the latest news. We will share links to download Wizards Unite as soon as it becomes available.

Good luck, and here’s hoping we’ll get the game soon!

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