EE leaked Wizards Unite release date?

leaked wizards unite release date

Niantic has been making quite a few exclusive deals with other companies, starting with Samsung. But it’s one deal in particular that we are interested in today. It seems their partner EE accidentally leaked Wizards Unite release date.

The EE-Niantic Partnership

We’ve mentioned the EE-Niantic partnership for Wizards Unite in a previous post. In short, the companies made an announcement of a partnership between Niantic and EE, a 5G network provider in the UK. According to EE their customers will have exclusive access to special, sponsored content and better rewards in the game.

ee niantic deal announced

As the UK’s best network for gaming, we’re the exclusive UK network partner for Harry Potter Wizards Unite – the exciting new AR game from @NianticLabs, launching this summer.

AR, your 5G mobile device and #5GEE will bring the Muggle and Wizarding World together.

The Consumer Event and a possible leak

EE held a Constumer Event today. While the main focus was the company itself and its growing 5G Network, several people who attended the event noticed something else. In what was probably an accidental slip, EE’s spokesperson reportedly revealed the Wizards Unite launch date (at least for the UK, which is where the company operates). It seems the game might be finally available for players in the UK in under two weeks, Thursday 20th June. There are also reports that the carrier will offer its customers unlimited data all through the summer, so they can make the most of their 5G exclusive Wizards Unite content.

While we’ve mostly been expecting news on Wednesday, we’re always happy to hear any development, whether it’s on a Thursday or a Sunday at 3 AM.

The sources

Here are some of the tweets we’ve found regarding the leak.

leaked wizards unite release date xpectogo

This first one comes courtesy of @XpectoGo, a great resource if you want to stay up to date with Wizards Unite and enjoy some amazing content on their Youtube channel.

Wonderful Wutubers: XpectoGO

The caption is of a conversation posted on the HPWU FB Group.

There was a first post that read: EE let slip release of 20th June, at consumer live event.

Then the conversation captioned above followed:

  • Where does it say 20th
  • Really hope it’s true
  • The CEO announced it on stage, I’m at their consumer event
    • So that’s specifically…
    • yeah…
  • I can’t find any other reports of this. Are you sure it wasn’t just an awesome day dream?
  • The CEO announced it on stage, I’m at their consumer event
    • So that’s specifically for HPWU
    • Yeah, it was, as EE are in a partnership with it they also announced anyone on EE will get unlimited data for the summer for the game free

This second tweet comes from UK based @RealLifeOfJake

leaked wizards unite release date lifeofjake

It reads:

So apparently @EE accidentally revealed the release date for #WizardsUnite, according to multiple reports, @EE held a consumer event and people that attended got told that #wizardsunite will be launching here in the UK on June 20th, seeing as summer officially starts on the 21st.

What are your thoughts on this?

Do you believe the rumours, since there’s no official word or coverage of the event so far? Is this just more false hope for us witches and wizards waiting to play Wizards Unite? The date could make sense, considering there’s an official Wizards Unite LA Event just two days earlier, on the 18th.

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