Samsung exclusive: Rowling approved wearables

nimbus wand movement

Finally More News!

Dong Jing Koh, Samsung CEO, was interviewed by a group of selected #WUtubers who became Warner Bross Insiders (chat available in their Discord channel), detailing Samsung’s plans for the companyÂŽs future.

So while we still don’t know when we’ll be able to download Wizards Unite, this news is heartening. Let’s delve into the juicy details.

The Samsung Exclusive deal with Wizards Unite

Late last year, we got some news through The Inquirer about Samsung signing a Harry Potter-related exclusive deal with Niantic for $40M. Now we finally know what it is!

First Came the S-Pen

s pen

In a surprising turn of events, Koh was asked about the new Samsung device and the S-pen. We’ve talked about the S-pen before, and how it could potentially work as a wand for Wizards Unite.

The idea is that the pen can trace movements and send the information through Bluetooth to the device without having to touch the screen. This would allow players to use the wand to trace the different Confoundables when they come upon a trace of magic. They could even use it when taking part in a team quest into a Fortress to battle the enemies inside.

Then the Samsung WIZARDS UNITE Watch

According to Pottermore, Koh mentioned integrating the S-Pen technology into other gear, such as smartwatches.

The new generation of smartwatches will better respond to hand movement, allowing #wizardsunite users to perform certain pre-set actions through a simple shake of their wrist. Click To Tweet

This could also be very useful when playing Wizards Unite, especially if they manage to make it work similarly to the pen. Once more, you could perform the necessary wand movements with your arm instead of tracing the pattern on the screen.

I can’t think of any who wouldn’t jump at the chance to grab their magic wands and set out into the Muggle world to catch a Foundable or two. I, for wand, keep my Voldemort wand at the ready just for cases such as these.

But there is something so much better coming our way!

The exclusive Samsung Wearable

So finally we got a confirmation:

Confirmed! @jk_rowling interviewed by @Mugglenet: exclusive Samsung's #wizardsunite Wearable! Click To Tweet

This Wearable is so exciting I’ve already started thinking what I can sell in order to be the first in line. Who needs two kidneys nowadays?

Quidditch through the ages

Every Potterhead dreams of delving into the magical world of Harry Potter, and that world wouldn’t be complete unless Quidditch was in the mix. If you’ve visited our Community Forum then you’ve probably read our Quidditch thread over there. Here is the link for when you’re done squee-ing over the news.

In fact, the first two Wizards Unite trailers released by Niantic centred around Quidditch equipment: The Rogue Snitch and the Riderless Nimbus, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The Wizards Unite Minigames

Along with the March 11th trove of information, we learnt there will be some mini-games within Wizards Unite. This will be short, extra adventures we can take part in while playing the main game. A side quest of sorts.

The only mini-game that was specifically mentioned in Pottermore and WU’s official website was the involving potion brewing. But now, thanks to Samsung CEO we found out there will be another, recurring mini-game for us to play in. If we have a Samsung device, that is.

Now we know that there will also be Quidditch tournaments for Wizards Unite players who own a Samsung device and the necessary wearable gear.

The new Wizards Unite Wearable

So this is where the big surprise comes in.

Samsung's exclusive deal: compatible Quidditch Gear. More specifically: Broomsticks-bikes as seen at #WUtubers Discord channel. #wizardsunite Click To Tweet

You might’ve heard about this from #WUtubers by now. All of them work hard covering every bit of Wizards Unite news, as you can see in our WUtubers Pensieve. But some of them became WB Insiders and as such always get the scoop.

In fact, Samsung CEO paid the WUtubers discord a visit earlier today for a quick chat before the news broke! If you want further coverage of the new wearables you should check out their discord channel here.

We’re also starting our own AccioWU Discord channel here, come give us a shout!

According to Mr. Koh, once your broom-bike arrives you just need to set it up, link it to your phone, and off you go. The Wizards Unite game will even provide an in-map animation when the broom-bike is active, showing your avatar flying through magical map.

The way it works, from what Samsung CEO told WUtubers, is players will sync their devices and then ride the broom-bike to the nearest trace of magic. All in-game benefits that are unlocked by distance (just like in Pokémon GO where you need to walk a certain distance for an egg to hatch) will unlock much faster when using the device.

Choose your favourite

There will be several models to choose from, and prices will vary. While a Cleansweep is better than walking, a Firebolt is a whole different deal.

The company has shared images of their first two prototypes:

broombike wizards unite

This budget-friendly model can be yours for just $45k and a healthy kidney.

But if you’re looking for the real experience, you might want to think about getting the Samsung Broom-Bike Pro.

broombike pro wizards unite

This one starts off at $90k, one kidney and a lung. They do have a special pay plan. If you turn in your old bike the price falls down to $75k and a firstborn (there is a three year delayed pay-plan if you have no children yet).

And we need to remind buyers this is not ET-compatible at the moment. So all flight capabilities will depend on your courage and willingness to jump off buildings.

et bike wiwards unite

So which one are you getting?

And that’s a wrap

So if you’ve made it this far, congratulations! And happy April fool’s day.

If you liked the story please play along in the comments! And you’re welcome to like and share it so other Potterheads can have a laugh, too.


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  1. This is awesome! If I start saving now… Maybe by 2020 I can afford a bristle. It’s waaaay to expensive. I’ll wait for Xiaomi to develop their own cheaper (but equally good) version.

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