Is Experimental Breeding behind The Calamity?

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More questions, less answers

The Ministry’s recent Public Service Announcement did nothing to assuage our fears or offer us any type of explanation. Moreover, they attempted to varnish our reputation and question our journalistic integrity with statements such as these:

The Daily Prophet, however, began spreading unsubstantiated rumours regarding the cause of the incident.These rumours are simply a way to instill fear, gain publicity and up their sales.

Ministry of Magic PSA

Not only do we take our readers and publications seriously; we also shared all the information gathered during the investigation and the reasons behind our conclusions. If you haven’t read our article yet, you can do so here: Nimbus Incident: are the Potter Boys behind it?

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But in light of recent events, we will focus on The Calamity itself, and its possible origins.

The Vanishing Beasts

There have been many reports of fantastic creatures disappearing from wizarding areas across the world. The Ministry itself acknowledged this, although they were careful to say these beasts only disappeared from “privately owned” research facilities and reservations.

However, reports of creatures disappearing from the Ministry itself have recently surfaced.

The Daily Prophet did not initially give this information enough credit. The main reason for this: the confidential “source” was known for getting a little too friendly with Ogden’s Fire Whiskey and relaying tales of Crumple-Horned Snorkacks stealing her work reports. Here you can find the original article: Ministry Cover-up: The Calamity is everywhere!

Moreso, the incident from this past October at the Ministry of Magic building held no relation to The Calamity or the disappearing beasts. The news that some less-than-reputable sources have published are entirely fabricated.

(…)an explosion did occur. It was, however, part of normal Ministry day-to-day activities. (…)

This incident was not related to The Calamity and the disappearing beasts.

Ministry of Magic PSA

But now the Ministry itself acknowledged an explosion ocurred in their building around the same time as the disappearances. For that reason, we decided to look further into it, and found a reputable source willing to share with us the inside scoop.

Illegal activities, a daily Ministry occurrence

department for the regulation and control of magical creatures logo

Our source works for the Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. She waspresent during the so called ‘explosion’ and agreed to share with us what she saw, what caused it and what happened afterwards.

Lawmakers and their laws

The Ministry is in charge of making and enforcing all wizarding rules and laws. However, it seems they are not entirely interested in respecting them. We all know laws were passed in times of war allowing Aurors free use of any type of magic, including Unforgivable Curses. However, after the defeat of You-Know-Who, that special dispensation was no longer in effect.

unforgivable curses wizards unite

Or so we thought.

According to our source, it is not uncommon to see suspects dragged down to the lower levels of the Ministry building for interrogation.

Many Ministry workers have reported hearing screams that could only be caused by the Cruciatus Curse. Click To Tweet

There are also rumours indicating some Aurors gain ‘special informants’ by putting unsuspecting witches and wizards under the Imperius Curse.

With this in mind, it’s no one can really be surprised at hearing the Ministry of Magic has an entire subdepartment focused on Experimental Breeding, a practice banned since 1965 (in part thanks to the work of Newt Scamander.)

Experimental Breeding

The Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures banned this practice for good reason.

Some of the most dangerous beasts in the wizarding world are the result of experimental breeding, or even interbreeding of different species.

Acromantulas are a good example of this, and were created to guard wizards’ dwellings. Basilisks, although extremely rare, can be easily produced through (and might have originated from) this practice. And many experts believe the Lethifold (also known as the Living Shroud), one of the wizarding world’s most terrifying creatures, is a product of Experimental Breeding.

fantastic beasts acromantula aragogbasilisk fantastic beastslethifold fantastic beasts

So it came as a surprise, even to weathered journalists such as ourselves, to hear the Ministry was deeply involved in such a practice.

The Mysterious Explosion

Our source informed us that the Ministry began collecting foreign beasts a few years ago. Although they claimed they acquired them for research, our source noticed they only brought in rare and dangerous creatures.

There is no good reason to bring this beasts into the country, much less the Ministry building. The best way to conduct research on these types of creatures is to do it in their natural habitat. Not to mention many of them fall under the protection of International Magical Cooperation Treaties.

Things remained quiet at first, but over the last few months employees heard roars that shook the building, as well as several explosions. More than once, witches and wizards were taken to St Mungo’s for lesions such as burns, open wounds or poisonings. The subdepartment quickly became more and more secretive.

Then, early one morning, something happened, and it was too big to keep quiet.

ministry of magic entrance

Our source told us the earthquake-like explosion came from the secret subdivision. While Ministry workers made their way up to the lobby, she noticed a large group of Aurors marching into the department. The Ministry quickly went into a full lock-down, while members of the Magical Law Enforcement search for something unspecified throughout the entire building. They also conducted a thorough search on every witch and wizard in the Ministry.

Amongst the chaos, our source noticed a scared-looking wizard behind one of the columns. He was sitting on his heels, head between his knees, his robes singed and smoking in some places. He was mumbling something our source couldn’t make our until she decided to lean closer.

“They got loose. They ate all loose,” the wizard said again and again. Then an Auror saw him, forced him to his feet and carried him off to one of the elevators

The Unsuccessful Cover-Up

Aurors quickly rounded up every member of the subdivision, and just about any witch or wizard that had been close to them or worked in a nearby office. Luckily, our source managed to avoid detection.

All the Ministry workers they whisked away were missing for over a week. The official story was they were recovering at St MungoÂŽs. However, no one at the magical hospital would corroborate or deny these claims.

After that week, the missing witches and wizards gradually reappeared and returned to their jobs. They acted as if nothing had happened. In fact, they assured their coworkers that they had no memory of this event.

No one seems to know whether this is the result of a memory charm or simply frightened workers forced to keep what happened a secret,

What we do know is that the Ministry was playing around with dangerous magic. They decided to experiment with rare creatures, possibly creating something so dangerous that it threw the magical balance in the world askew.

This creature might be responsible for every other beast disappearing. Perhaps it called to them or forced them to appear wherever it was hiding. Or maybe its abhorrent powers caused chaos with all types of magic, making everyday objects behave in such a way as to put us all at risk.

Perhaps the Ministry is to blame for the Calamity, and their SoS Task Force is the means they chose to cover it all up.

Whatever the reason, whatever the explanation, we will continue to investigate and bring you the latest news.

If you have any questions regarding The Calamity  or the Wizards Unite “game” you can send them through our owl postal service. We promise to answer faster than the Minister can say ‘It wasn’t me.’


And above all, stay alert!

Remember: keep your eyes peeled, your ears open and your wands ready.

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  1. It’s apalling to see the kind of things the Ministry has been doing behind our backs. But what kind of creature could cause something like The Calamity?

    1. I agree, it’s shameful how they try to manipulate us and make us think we’re crazy. We see what they are doing. WE SEE WHAT YOU’RE DOING, MINISTRY!
      As for the creature…it would have to be a cross of some extremely powerful beings. Obscuri possess enough power to control things around you, that might explain the way the Calamity seems to be calling objects, and now creatures, towards Muggle areas. It would also have to be something that can’t be easily seen, such as a demiguise. Those also have the power to see the immediate future, which would explain the Ministry’s inability to stop it…Perhaps we should investigate some more…

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