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Today we will be covering: Acromantulas

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Ministry of Magic Classification: XXXXX – Known wizard killer / impossible to train or domesticate

Physical Appearance

As you might notice in the image above, Acromantulas look much like regular spiders. That is, of course, not taking their size into account.

The Acromantula is a monstrous wizard-bred spider capable of human speech. It has eight black eyes that can see even in the dark. This means they are always aware of their surroundings and coming up to an Acromantula unnoticed is nearly impossible.

Their bodies are completely covered in thick, black hair. There are rumours that their hair can, in fact, deflect some minor types of magic.

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Acromantulas have two large pincers, which they use to make very distinctive clicking sounds when excited or angry. These pincers produce a highly poisonous secretion with paralytic properties.

Their fangs also contain extremely toxic venom. In the black market, it can fetch those witches or wizards brave enough to extract it over 100 Galleons a pint.

They also possess a set of giant pedipalps, which they use to eat live prey or their own dead kin. Their legs can span up to fifteen feet. If that doesn’t give you an idea of their full size, this depiction will.

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Acromantula by ThanyaJK (at deviantArt)


The Acromantula originated in Borneos, where it still inhabits its dense jungle. There are, however, rumours of a colony established in Scotland. The first recorded sighting of an Acromantula dates back to 1794. 

Although magical creatures all have unique characteristics, beasts capable of human speech are rarely self-taught. Acromantulas also possess near-human intelligence. Those two facts seem to indicate Acromantulas are wizard-bred creatures.

Acromantulas are highly territorial beasts. This makes perfect sense considering its unnatural origin. The most common reason for wizards to create new beasts was, after all, to guard their dwellings or treasure.

Acromantulas are untrainable and highly dangerous to wizards and Muggles alike. That is the main reason why they are classified as MoM XXXXX.

Although breeding new creatures is now illegal, Acromantulas long predate Newt Scamander’s Ban on Experimental Breeding, which did not come into effect until 1965.


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Acromantulas are carnivorous and, given their size, they prefer large prey. They spin gigantic dome-shaped webs on the ground, which they use to trap all kinds of creatures.

Many Acromantulas have developed a taste for human flesh, both magical and Muggle. They will often attack campers who dare too far into the forest.


Acromantulas are social beasts who live in large colonies consisting of hundreds of their species. Females are considerably larger than males and may lay up to one hundred eggs at a time.

Acromantula eggs are soft and white, and as large as beach balls. The Ministry defines these eggs as Class A Non-Tradable Goods. That means their importation or sale carries severe penalties.

Their young hatch in six to eight weeks and always stay within their clutter. The oldest members of a colony are revered and obeyed without question.

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Meeting an Acromantula in person will certainly make an impression…

If you are lucky enough to survive.

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