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Harry Potter Wizards Unite has no internal chat or easy way to interact with other players.

We’re pretty sure we will be able to send gifts or trade with potions, ingredients, etc.
That’s why we want to help people to connect and interact. It is good to take advantage of contacting with close Wizards and Witches.

Join AWU Discord channel now! https://discord.gg/J9uar8W

Why should you share your Friends Code?

Wizards Unite encourage you to meet friends by providing social benefits: bonus Wizarding XP and Wizarding Challenge XP.

In order to collect this Achievements having friends is a must also add new friends.


Now you can also send and get GIFTS from friends. So be sure to keep them updated:

friends gifts wizards unite

friends gifts wizards unite open

That’s the easiest way to join real life teams in order to defeat the Calamity!

How to find your Wizards Unite Friends Code

Tap the icon above the Profile icon, left side. It shows two wizards:

find wizards unite friends code

Tap “Add Friend” button on top:

add friends code

And there it goes. Just Share or copy your own Friend Code.
Or add the Friend Code from anyone down there:

share friend code wizards unite

So now, just fill the form and enjoy!

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