Will we have magical pets in Wizards Unite?

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There are still no news on the official sources, so it’s time for some SpeculaNews!

Wizards Unite! (and bring along your magical pets)

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Let’s start with the game details we have:

When the game was first announced, this is what the official websites had to say:

The game encourages you to step outside with your phone, explore your local surroundings and take part in a series of adventures, such as searching for magical creatures and bumping into iconic wizarding world characters along the way. Crikey. Who knows who you’ll spot in your local park? You’ll also be able to cast spells, discover mysterious artefacts, and build up your very own, illustrious wizarding career.


So, we know the game will be adventure-based, and hence will probably follow a storyline. This is quite different from Niantic’s most popular AR Game, PokĂ©mon Go, where the objective is, simply put, to ‘catch them all.’

Apart from finding out-of-control magical objects like the Wild Snitch and the Riderless Nimbus, we will also possibly run into iconic Wizarding Characters.

But the most interesting part, at least for this post, is the possibility of building up your wizarding career. Although we can follow many career paths in the wizarding world, the new set of films focus in a particular field: Magizoology. With Newt Scamander, the most renowned magizoologist, as the main character, it’s easy to assume this will be one of the paths we get to choose from.

What we want to know is, will we be able to keep some of the beast we find as our own magical pets in Wizards Unite? Click To Tweet

Becoming a Magizoologist

We know that through The Calamity, magical creatures are acting strangely and entering Muggle areaso. The loud roar at the end of the Snitch video made that much clear. So it’s fair to assume we will be interacting and possibly capturing some of these creatures. But the goal of magizoology is to study fantastic beasts, and we might be able to choose this as our career path, despite our temporary status as SoS Task Force members.

Also, other Pottermore Games, specifically Hogwarts Mystery, focus quite a bit on fantastic beasts as pets, and even studying magizoology, adopting wild creatures and earning their trust through bonding and feeding.

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The Perfect Magical Pet

There are probably as many fantastic beasts as potterheads out there. However, in the context of the game, not all of them hold the same appeal.

If we could choose a creature to help us through our Wizards Unite adventures, we would need to narrow that down. Here are a few possible creatures we already know and love, and could probably come in handy.

Bowtruckles, tiny green beauties

fantastic beasts bowtruckle

Much like we saw in the Fantastic Beasts films, Bowtruckles are deceptively useful. They are very timid creatures, and earning their trust might be difficult, but certainly worth it. Their size, skill and intelligence make them a great sidekick for our Wizards Unite adventures.

Phoenix, always rising from the ashes

fantastic beasts phoenix fawkes

Among other useful attributes, a Phoenix will come to the rescue whenever its Master is in danger, without needing to call for it. This makes it a great adventure companion, especially for those who tend to get into trouble. Their tears have very powerful healing properties, its song increases courage and they are immortal creatures. They do, however, go through a period in which they are not quite as useful, when they are close to death and shortly after their rebirth.

Demiguise, your best danger-warning system

fantastic beasts demiguise

This little creature looks like a cross between an ape and a sloth. They are peaceful beasts that can turn invisible at will (their fur is, in fact, used to make invisibility cloaks). Their most useful quality, however, is their ability to see the future. With a Demiguise on your side you could probably be undefeatable.

Nifflers, natural treasure finders

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These quirky looking creatures can be of great help when you need to find something (as long as that something is shiny). They are fast, limber and very clever. Nifflers have been used for centuries by wizards and goblins alike to find hidden treasures. Nifflers also have a magical pouch where they can hold just about anything. When looking for magical artifacts (or some fancy jewellery to borrow) they are your best bet.

Owls, magical texting devices

fantastic beasts owl

This is a tricky one. Although owls are extremely useful in the magical world, us Muggles have our own devices to communicate with one another. So even if the game allows us to play in teams, we probably won’t need an owl to deliver our messages. However, their ability to find just about anyone makes them quite a useful tracker, as long as you manage to follow them all the way to your target.

but no, thank you

There are many other fantastic creatures we would probably love to have as our magical pets. However, being part of the SoS keeping them with us would not be a great idea. Some examples are:

  • Dragons (great for both fight and flight)
  • Hippogriffs (they are deadly when threatened and can take us away if we are in danger)
  • Acromantulas (very loyal -if they like you- and impossible to sneak past)
  • Augurey (their wails might scare some wizards off, and they can predict heavy rain, although so does our phone)
  • Obscurus (basically the wizarding world’s get-out-of-jail-free card)


So what do you think? Did we miss any fantastic creature you’d love to have as a magical pet? Do you think Wizards Unite will actually let us keep some of the beasts we find? Let us know in the comments!

And if there’s anything else you’d like to know, just pop over to our Q&A and leave your question. We’ll be sure to answer faster than a Niffler can pocket a gold coin.


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    1. Me too, I think it’d be the wisest choice. They’re versatile, can get you out of a bind (quite literally) and are naturally shy, so chances of accidental exposure are quite low 😀

  1. Personally, I would love a dragon but if I couldn’t have one of those I would have to go with a niffler or bowtruckle! Thanks for the info

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