Could the Marauder’s Map be part of Wizards Unite?

Marauders map

solemnly swear marauders map

Could something like the Marauder’s Map work as a background feature for Wizards Unite?

Feeling like we are looking at the Marauder’s Map as we go around our day would be, simply put, magical.

Official channels back to silence

A year after Wizards Unite was officially announced, it seemed things were finally starting to move forwards. November and December 2018 brought us a new Wizards Unite logo (you can read our logo analysis here) and two teaser-trailers.


The first video showed an alley where a Task Force member Apparated and captured an out-of-control Snitch. Read our post right here: Task Force video: on-site training.

wizards unite trailer witch snitch

The second video shows riderless Nimbus 2000 zooming erratically down a deserted  motorway in a Muggle area. Our Daily Prophet post covered the video and the Ministry PSA right here: Nimbus Video: Riderless Brooms in the Muggle world.

riderless nimbus video wizards unite

After that, absolute radio silence from Niantic and Portkey Games for over a month.

What a way  to drive us crazy!

After such a long wait, and a tiny look at what the game could possibly look like, the developers certainly got all the attention they could ever want. Hashtag after hashtag has been created to keep track of all Wizards Unite (or lack thereof.)

And since there are no news, us Potterheads have been going crazy running around in our hamster wheels coming up with speculanews after speculanews.

Today, we’d like to share one that caught our attention (and set our imagination aflame).

The Marauder’s Map as part of Wizards Unite

marauders map WU

While we were going crazy scouring the web for any and all information, we ran into this idea in a post by @brettendo (You can find the original post here)

This sketch plays with the idea of Wizards Unite not showing us the world as is through our camera, like it does in games like Pok√©mon Go. Instead, our surroundings could turn into something similar to the Marauder’s¬†Map and show us the areas around us and the traces of magic we can find.

If you could choose between seeing traces of magic in the real world through your screen or watching your world turned into the Marauder’s Map, what would you choose?

Speculanews is all we have for now

So, we understand the idea behind Augmented Reality might be to blend what we can see around us with in-app images or information. But we are talking about a magical world here. A wizarding world.

To feel like we are looking at the Marauder’s Map as we go around our day, visiting parks, shops or beaches in search of traces of magic would be, simply put, magical.

wizards unite app phonemarauders map WU

Let’s be honest now, if you could choose between seeing traces of magic in the real world through your screen or watching your world turned into the Marauder’s Map, which option would you choose?

Whatever your preference, let’s hope we find out what Wizards Unite has in store for us soon!

marauders map mischief managed

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  1. That mockup looks cool, let’s hope Niantic keeps their eyes peeled, their ears open, and start paying attention to what the fans are saying…

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