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It is time again for the most exclusive, and highly awaited, wizarding event:

The Ministry Ball, New Year’s Eve

Here, at the Daily Prophet, we will be covering this event and giving you every last, juicy detail. And this year, with the help of our brand-new InstaQuills -available for purchase at the Daily Prophet- you can read what is happening in real time!

The Decorations


As we arrive, we encounter a very simple, if elegant, theme. The walls are covered in glittering, warming ice; the ceiling holds hundreds of everlasting icicles; the floor resembles a layer of snow; the centerpiece is a large, white Yule tree decorated with dozens of fairies.

This minimalistic decorations make sense if one recalls what occurred last year.

The Incident

The decorations for the Ministry Ball were in warmer tones. The red and¬†gold palette made the Ministry’s clear -and long standing- preference for Godric Gryffindor and his House unmistakable.


The Ministry Ball dress code last year requested all guests wear something red to the ball, and to accessorize with gold jewelry.

Red and burgundy silky banners with thousands of bright fairies decorated the room and red floating candles with a golden flame lit every last corner.

Every witch and wizard of note was in attendance, looking their very best -although many quite displeased at the colour scheme.

It seemed just like any other Ministry Ball at first. But it quickly became memorable.

Shortly after the Minister finished his speech, before the guests even had time to take their assigned seat, a loud scream startled the crowd, and the room quickly fell into chaos.

The uninvited guests


As everyone quickly realised, there were at least a dozen nifflers loose in a room where every last witch and wizard in attendance wore gold.

Purses and pendants, bracelets and necklaces, family crest buttons and pins, even earrings. The nifflers tore every bit of jewelry off of anyone not quick enough to stun them.

Amidst the chaos, our journalist noticed a bit of a commotion on the other end of the ball room. In his own  words:

“Head Auror Harry Potter was angrily dragging his sons, James and Albus Potter,¬† down a hallway, away from the crowd. The boys’ laughter could be heard even amidst all the chaos.¬† Meanwhile his wife, our former senior Quidditch correspondent and current Holyhead Harpies trainer, Ginny Weasley, was heading the opposite way, angrily stunning every niffler within reach.”

The Cover-up

Minutes later, members of Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures arrived. By then most of the nifflers had already been stunned and placed in a warded area.

The guests, in various states of disarray, were not immediately allowed to leave. Aurors arrived shortly after and interviewed everyone in attendance.

However, despite our journalist’s testimony, no culprit was officially found.

Simply another case of the Potters showing rules don’t apply to them.

Back to this year’s Ministry Ball – Live

The guests arrive

As Witches and wizards begin to Apparate (the Floo Network was disabled for security reasons), we notice quite a few, unfamiliar faces.

First to arrive are the Heads of each Ministry department. And what seems to be every Auror in Great Britain.


After that, and likely because of The Calamity,¬†envoys from each and every Magical Government are announced.¬†All of these witches and wizards are sat at the Minister’s high table.

This could give them an opportunity to discuss the incidents discovered to date. We will report on their conversations in depth after careful analysis.

Lastly, representatives from the most influential businesses and members of select wizarding families arrive.

The dress code for this year’s Ministry Ball is snow-white, and everyone in attendance seems to glimmer as they walk about the room, greeting other guests, showing off antique diamond jewelry and shimmery robes, suits and dresses.

The Potter boys are conspicuously not in attendance.

As the Minister is about to begin his speech, the door opens and one last guest walks in, followed by whispers and some angry looks.


For the first time in almost two decades, Draco Malfoy is in attendance, representing his fallen-from-grace, pure-blood family.

The Speech


As expected, the Minister centers his speech around The Calamity. He reminds us of the danger of exposure. The international envoys seem quite interested in what they hear. The other guests seem to be waiting for it to be over. Our Minister has never been a good spokesperson.

The speech itself seems out of place at such a celebration. An attempt to induce fear in the attendants, and a call to enlist here.

Chaos erupts again

Moments after the speech ends, the building begins to shake.

Flocks of augurey, believed for centuries to be a death omen, fly out of every fireplace in the room.

auguray fantastic beasts

Some augurey fly towards the Yule tree, attacking the fairies decorating it. Others, seemingly out of control, crash into the tables and attack guests.

Witches and wizards are screaming. Running to doors that are suddenly locked.

Fairies fly off the tree, attempting to escape the augurey. They crash into the guests, add to the chaos.

Aurors are shouting at each other. Pushing people out of their way as they attempt to control the birds.

The fairies are flying towards the press.  The augurey follow.

They scratch my face. they are try- try-trying to take my quill. Other journalists ju- ju- jump up and run. There are too many.

Someone scr- screa- screams that it is all The Calamity. 

The lights go out. Some- someth- something is grabbing my quill. I can’t ho-


—-End of live transmission.

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