New Wizards Unite Gameplay trailer

wizards unite gameplay trailer

A new Wizards Unite trailer was just released!

*note: While the trailer appears on the official Wizards Unite Youtube Account, it shows as unlisted which means that, much like Tortuga, only those who already know where it is can find it. In this case, we got our link from @zviznemte on our discord channel.

On the eve of the Los Angeles Wizards Unite event, we got an unexpected new trailer. However, this one was not like the previous ones. While all the other trailers were more immersive, making us feel like we were part of the adventure watching news clips from the Ministry, this one is completely focused on players.

Let’s check out the new gameplay trailer and then we’ll talk a little more about it, shall we?

What makes this trailer different

Short answer: everything.

This gameplay trailer has a completely new feel about it. Starting with the music, it seems to be trying to transmit a feeling of excitement and fun instead of the feeling of “danger” from the previous trailers in general.

The other videos were largely focused in-game, showing us Traces, Foundables and security camera footage. This one, however, is focused entirely on the player’s experience, viewed from outside the game. While every other trailer was immersive, this one looks at the Calamity completely from the outside.

It’s clear that the goal here is to appeal to players in general, showing how fun the game is. Up to now, the marketing effort was largely aimed at fans already waiting for the game.

The trailer shows people having fun while playing the game (which we all will, of course). It gives us glimpses of what playing will be like (by showing us a lot of happy people, none of them wearing robes or wielding wands for some reason). From the camera feature where you can add suits, wigs or glasses to your selfie to Foundables being returned, the trailer shows a bit of everything. Nothing we haven’t seen before, but with an entirely new style and target audience.

It also seems focused on transmitting a sense of community. While some people are playing on their own, most are with friends and family. Even some children celebrating what we guess was a victory after a Fortress incursion.

The road to release

This new gameplay trailer makes one thing quite clear: They are ready to go for the mass audience. This audience is not as patient as we are. If someone watches this trailer and finds it interesting, that gives WB and Niantic a short window of attention. Assuming the two companies are finally on the same page, this could mean quite a bit. Warner Bros know their marketing. They wouldn’t launch a new effort targeted at such a broad audience if the game wasn’t extremely close to release. Otherwise it’s a waste of money and effort, and potentially a loss of players who are not interested enough in the game to wait a month or three until they can play.

Now knowing what we know, considering the LA Wizards Unite Event and the leak-that-shall-not-be-name, I’m almost ready to hope for a release this month. This week, in fact. Do you think they could go global (or almost) on the secret-day-we-mustn’t-speak-of?

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