October Community Day Review: Dark Creatures all around us

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October’s Community Day just ended in our timezone, so we thought we’d write a review and share our thoughts on this Community Day and a few tips we wished we’d figured out sooner. Let’s break this down!

The Complimentary Gift and the Special Bundle

In this Community Day’s Complimentary Bundle we received 25 Spell Energy, one Tonic for Trace Detection and ingredients to brew one Baruffio’s Brain Elixir. And the icon on the map will take you to the CD Bundle, so you have to go to Diagon Alley yourself and look for this one.

october community day complimentary gift 1october community day complimentary gift 2

The Community Day Bundle gave us three Baruffio’s Brian Elixirs, three Tonics for Trace Detection and 100 Spell Energy for 450 Gold Coins. It’s not necessarily a bad deal, since 100 Spell Energy normally costs 200 coins, plus 300 for the Elixirs and 180 for the Tonic. That’s 450 Gold Coins for what would normally cost 680. Now it’s up to each player, of course, to decide where to spend their coins. In this case I didn’t have enough coins left to buy it if I wanted to, but I don’t find the bundle especially useful. I will get into the reasons why in the Potions section.

october community day bundle

-Important- Both bundles are available only during the three hours of the Community Day, so don’t forget to stop by Diagon Alley for the free goodies (and the special bundle if you want it)

The Special Oddities

During the three hours of Community Day we only found the three special Oddities we knew would be spawning for the event: the vampire, the werewolf and the doxy. However, not only were these the only three oddities out and about, but they came in numbers. There were a lot  of them just about everywhere!

oddities yellow

All three Oddities yielded three times the normal amount of XP, with doxies giving us 150XP (300XP with Baruffio’s Brain Elixir) and both vampires and werewolves gave 450 XP (900 with Baruffio’s Brain Elixir).

Although we were expecting this increase, we didn’t know the Oddities would also double their stamina (100 for doxies, 200 for vampires and 300 for werewolves). Which meant it took twice more energy to defeat them.

october community day doxiesoctober community day werewolfoctober community day vampire

NOTE: The vampire caught me between Brain Elixirs, which is why there’s a 450XP rewards and not 900XP. Also, finally managed to complete the doxy and prestige my Oddities page!

The Potions and the Spawns

Like I mentioned before, the Oddities were everywhere. So while we’d spent over a week trying to stock up on Tonic for Trace detection, which we knew would only spawn the special Oddities, it was far from necessary.

october community day tonic for trace detection

Here’s my experience. I drank down one Tonic near the beginning of Community Day. During 30 minutes I found it detected the usual number of Traces, all of them Oddities. But there were so many Traces on the map that it was completely unnecessary. Here we had heavy rain all through those three hours, with a weather warning in the game. Still, the only time my map had no oddities was for about three minutes while I was taking a coffee break (i.e. not moving for some 15 minutes). Other than that, there was never a point where I defeated the Oddities faster than they appeared. So here’s my advice: save those Tonics for another day.

As for Baruffio’s Brain Elixir, that one was extremely useful. We could brew a potion in 30 minutes (or 15 using Master Notes) instead of the usual 12 hours. So, if you had the ingredients, it was the perfect time to stock up. And using the Elixir meant every encounter with a vampire or a werewolf would give us a whooping 900XP. I played for just over two hours and got over 90,000XP. And I’m sure there are other players with more attack power (I can do 75 damage per hit) or faster reflexes that got a lot more than that.

What could’ve been better

While I enjoyed this Community Day immensely, there were a couple of things that could’ve made it just perfect.october community day spell energy

  • More Spell Energy: With the Oddities being twice as strong, it took twice as much Spell Energy than usual. And there were so many Oddities (which we’re so happy about) that there was no way to get energy faster than you were spending it. In my case I started off with my 125 max, the 10 Spell Energy rewards from the daily tasks and 25 from the Complimentary Bundle. That did not last as long as I expected. In fact, even with many Inns around me, I encountered this little notice a few times in my two hours of play. It actually felt as if the Inns were giving me an all-time-low amount of energy. So some energy on the map or an increased yield from Inns would’ve made quite the difference.
  • Leaping Toadstool on the map: For a few months now, Greenhouses give us half as much Leaping Toadstool (or anything, really) than they used to. This means that you have a seed that takes 24 hours to grow and gives you a single Toadstool. Or 9 if you contribute 50 Spell Energy. That is simply not enough for an ingredient that is so extremely rare in the wild. In fact, when you translate it to gold cost, those 100 Gold Coins in the store. And buying 9 Toadstools straight up will cost you 54. Something needs to change here.

What we wish we’d known or noticed sooner

  • There will be enough spawns that you don’t need to use the Tonic for Trace detection.
  • Most players will run low on energy. Instead of stocking up on Tonics get Exstimulo Potions ready. They will help you defeat your oddities twice as fast, so you’ll spend half as much Spell Energy.
  • When it comes to XP gain per Energy used, vampires are the way to go. If you don’t need doxies to complete your Registry Page skip them altogether (they will be the only low-threat Oddity). If you can, favour vampires over werewolves. You can’t tell them apart in the map, but you can escape the encounter and lose only a few seconds.
  • These Oddities are harder to kill. If you have the scrolls and spell books, invest in increasing your Profession’s power before starting the Community Day. It will save some valuable energy.
  • Stop at every Inn and Greenhouse you see. You will need the Energy. Alter your normal route if necessary. You can get an incredible amount of XP during this Community Days, but for that you’ll need your Spell Energy!
  • Use Exstimulos if you have them. Especially when fighting werewolves. Most players will need four attacks to defeat them. If you can cut that down to two you’ll save energy and time. Exstimulos are easy enough to brew and you will get quite a few from these encounters.
  • All Oddity encounters will give you one Dark Arts Runestone. While most are level 1 a few of them will be higher. You can even get the odd level 5. Remember to save them all for the special Halloween Event. You’ll need them to access the event’s Harrowing Halloween Fortress Chamber.

So that’s all for today

We hope these tips will help you out if your Community Day hasn’t started yet.

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