Wizards Unite Gameplay: A guide to Registry Prestige

wizards unite registry prestige

We have already talked a bit about the Wizards Unite Registry. Today we will focus on one small but very interesting part of it: Registry Prestige

The Registry

The Registry is, in short, the place where we collect the many Foundable Fragments we come across on the map. We can also receive Fragments as rewards for opening Portkeys or completing a Fortress.

registry wizards unite

This Registry is divided into different Families. You can see each one at the top of the image. The Families are split the Foundables by theme (for example Mogizoology, Legends of Hogwarts or Oddities). Each Family can have two or three pages with different Foundables. And this is where the Prestige option comes in.

How to Prestige a page

So, as we mentioned before, every Family has two or three pages. Every time you find a Fragment it goes its page until the Foundable is complete and you have the full sticker.

Then, once you have all the stickers for one page you get a new option. To Prestige the page. It’s a little tricky to find at first, so this is what you will see.

registry prestige message

Once you tap the little i on the top-left corner you get a Prestige message. It reads:

Prestiging this page will upgrade this page’s frame and reward you more Family XP for each Foundable returned. The collectibles on this page will reset.

Would you like to Prestige this page?

If you choose to Prestige, your Registry Page will now look like this:

registry prestiged page

You will notice two changes between the pages. First, the frame number of fragments to complete each Foundable has changed. In this case, it went from four to twelve per book.

The other thing you might see is that the frame colour has changed. There are four different frames, which means each page can be Prestiged three times. The first one is a wooden frame. This is the one you see from the beginning of the game. Then as you Prestige it goes to bronze, silver and finally (as of now) gold.

Should I Prestige my page?

For most players, my answer would be: Absolutely! But in case you are still on the fence, let’s go over the pros and cons of Registry Prestige.

Why you should Prestige

  • You get more Family XP when returning Foundables to a Prestiged page.
  • You get more XP too. This is especially noticeable with those Foundables that just pop up everywhere. Get more for your efforts!
  • It adds to the challenge, and you have more of an incentive to keep battling Confoundables.
  • This is the most important to me (and what made me hesitate a bit on some pages): You can still take pictures with the compatible Foundables after Prestiging!

registry prestige foundable picture

As you can see on the image above, after Prestiging the Magizoology page I was still able to take pictures with the Niffler and the Mooncalf, which is a huge plus!

Why you shouldn’t Prestige

In all honesty, I can only see one reason not to prestige, although it’s definitely as valid as any other. If your goal in the game is not necessarily to level up and get more XP, but instead you are more interested in having a full collection of stickers on every page, then the best option for you would be not to prestige. You are much more likely to complete your Foundables collection this way. Unless you also want golden frames, in which case we’re back to Prestiging!

And that’s a Prestigious wrap

What do you think about the Registry Prestige option? Have you been using it or are you going for the sticker collection? Did we miss any important detail? Let us know in the comments!

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