Nimbus Video: Riderless Brooms in the Muggle world

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The Calamity must be contained!

The Ministry of Magic has released a new Nimbus video  showing the extent of The Calamity’s threat. As you can see, the file number shown on the image seems to indicate this is not a rare occurrence. There seem to have been at least 73 previous instances of traces of magic detected in the Muggle world.


What does the Ministry have to say?

Earlier this morning, the Ministry of Magic issued the following public announcement regarding The Calamity.

The Calamity puts us all in danger, and it must be contained.

A new Nimbus video, captured by Muggle devices, shows a flock of brooms flying riderless and seemingly out of control out in the Muggle world.

While we urge our citizens not to panic, these images are certainly a cause for concern.

The newly created Statute of Secrecy Task Force will be in charge of the investigation. We call on all witches and wizards to enlist now and help contain The Calamity before it is too late. Volunteers can apply here.

Nimbus Video: Brooms flying out of control

You can view this new footage below; a simple tap of your wand on the centre triangle should start the Nimbus video. 

The Real News

Here at the Daily Prophet we pride ourselves on giving you the most accurate and up-to-date information available. What follows is our unbiased and extensive analysis of the Nimbus video released by the Ministry of Magic. Members of the newly formed Task Force have been unavailable for comments, despite several attempts to reach them.

Our Experts’ Take on the Nimbus Video


As any witch or wizard will know, the incidents during the first Quidditch World Cup in 1473 led to many changes within the sport’s rules. Brooms come equipped with top-level security measures. This means that interfering with a broomstick is extremely difficult and would require a singularly high proficiency in charms. Moreso in the case of newer models, as the ones shown in the Muggle Nimbus video.

Whether this is the deliberate work of a single individual, an organised group, or perhaps an unexpected consequence of The Calamity, is as of yet unclear.

The new Task Force


The Ministry of Magic has set up a special Statute of Secrecy Task Force to deal specifically with The Calamity.

Our sources tell us that new recruits undergo special training in spells and curses that the general community are not allowed to use.The Ministry is calling on all witches and wizards ready to roll up their sleeves and enlist to help save the wizarding world.

Join the New Training Site

Moreover, AccioWizardsUnite is a certified a Muggle-proof training site. There, they  will help members of the newly-created Task Force to brush up on their spells, curses and general magical knowledge.

Within this site recruits will learn to improve their reflexes and increase the power of their spells and curses. On top of that, they will become proficient in one of the most powerful weapons against The Calamity: the deceptively difficult memory charm Obliviate.

The Daily Prophet, always at the Forefront

Many of our reporters have enlisted and will provide inside coverage of the Special Task Force program. We will endeavour to keep our readers informed on any and all new developments regarding The Calamity.

We must all do our part

If you have any information or have witnessed traces of Magic inside or outside the wizarding world please contact us. You may use our owl service (Howlers will be disposed of unopened) or share your experience in the comments.

In our centuries of journalistic experience we have learnt that the only way to keep our world safe is to work together. Wizards, Unite! 

And above all, stay alert!

Remember: keep your eyes peeled, your ears open and your wands ready.



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