Somebody stole my Thestral, and I can’t see it!

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The Wizarding World’s Alternate voice.

Ministry of Manipulation

Nowadays, with The Calamity constantly on the news, the Ministry has managed to put us in a state of constant fear. It is easy, then, to manipulate the public. To make us see only what they want us to see.

The Ministry will release a video or two, show us some sports equipment out of control, be it Nimbus or a Snitch, and expect us to trust them blindly. To do as we are told. And it is happening at a global scale.

They say they need our help, try to enlist us, to make us part of the problem. But what about us? What about the magical community’s needs?

Here at The Quibbler, we know better. We remember the past. We won’t be fooled.

Which is why, on top of following this Ministry conspiracy as it unfolds, we also listen to our fellow witches and wizards. We help our community when the government won’t.

A missing Thestral, a cry for help

We receive letters from our dear readers on a daily basis. Many of them merely wish to thank us for the work we are doing, giving a voice to those who are often ignored. Others want to share their discoveries with us, their experiences.

But every once in a while, we will receive a letter that we feel should be part of The Quibbler. A call for help we cannot ignore.

Mathilda Marsh, of Abergavenny recently contacted us with a disquieting letter:

My Thestral is missing, and I can’t see it.

Dear Mr Lovegood,

I am a long time reader of The Quibbler, and wish, above all, to give you my most sincere congratulations on your work. Yours is the only news outlet I would ever trust to give me the real news. You are a voice for truth and honesty, listening to us readers and sharing our stories when others would simply label us crazy.

My current problem is, I believe, quite unique. I have contacted the Department of Magical Creatures recently and they all but laughed me out of the building.

In short: My Thestral is missing, and I can’t see it.

My mother, Marguerite Marsh, recently passed away. As the only living member of our family, I inherited her house in Abergavenny.

Now, my mother owned a Thestral. She inherited it from her own mother long before I was born. Although none of us could see it, I remember hearing it shrieking and moving around the woods at night. We would always leave food and water for it and it would be gone by morning.

Although a shy creature, my mother always told the story of one time, when I was a toddler, that it came close enough for me to pet. 

Since I moved back into my childhood home, there have been no signs of my mother’s Thestral. I have left food for it as always, but it was still uneaten in the morning. I couldn’t hear it moving or shrieking either.

The main problem is, of course, that I cannot actually see it.

When contacted the Ministry to see if they could help, they informed me they had no records of my family owning a Thestral or one ever being spotted in the area. They went so far as to insinuate it didn’t actually exist and we had just imagined it all.

This Thestral has been in my family for generations, and I know it would never abandon us. If it is gone, then someone must have stolen it.

Please, I need help finding it. You are my last hope.

With love from a loyal reader,

Mathilda Marsh.

The Treasured Thestral

Firstly, we would like to thank Ms Marsh for the trust she puts in us. We will do our very best to help her with her rather uncommon situation.

thestral forbidden forest harry potter

Thestrals are quite unique creatures, in that they are invisible to all but those who have witnessed death. Above, you can see one of the rare images captured of a Thestral in its natural habitat. For those who cannot see Thestrals, we have commissioned a painting to help you understand what they look like.



The Thestral’s unusual looks would often scare witches and wizards, who believed them to be omens of death. In truth, Thestrals are generally kind and loyal creatures. And above all, they are extremely intelligent.

Thestral Theft

Ms Marsh mentions in her letter her fear that somebody might have stolen the Thestral. In our experience, any attempt to capture a wild Thestral would probably result in the death of the wrongdoer. If Ms Marsh hasn’t found any unexplained bodies in the woods by the house, then it is probably safe to assume it was not taken.

A new home

It is possible that the Thestral abandoned these woods once Ms Marsh’s mother passed. However, this is highly unlikely. Although Thestrals are social creatures and they would mourn the passing of a loved one, they very rarely leave their homes unless something else occurs.

An unexpected injury

Another, more concerning, possibility, is that the Thestral might be injured. When trying to attract a Thestral, it is best to offer them food. Thestrals are carnivorous and can smell fresh blood for miles. Fresh blood or fresh food is a good option when attempting to lure a Thestral closer. If this doesn’t work, we urge Ms Marsh to contact us again. We will send someone who can see Thestrals to her home so they can check the woods together.

The Calamity

The last possibility we can think of is that the Thestral, like so many other fantastic creatures, disappeared because of The Calamity. If this is the case, there is very little to be done at the moment. We would advise Ms Marsh to contact the Ministry once more, perhaps the special Task Force directly, and report the missing Thestral. Once The Calamity stops, a creature as intelligent as a Thestral will easily find its way back home. So be patient, go back to the Ministry and don’t take no for an answer.

And above all, stay alert!

Remember: keep your eyes peeled, your ears open and your wands ready.


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  1. What a beautiful picture of the Thestral spreading its wings in the forest. I’m very sorry for Ms Marsh’s loss. Maybe some Crumpled-Horned Snorkack took him? That’s what happened to my pet Puffskein when I was little.

    1. They are quite the beauty, aren’t they? I’m sorry to hear about your Puffskein, but as far as I know Crumpled-Horned Snorkacks are vegetarian…But you are right in a way, though, We have heard of Thestrals travelling for miles chasing after them, they are quite the little treat apparently. Maybe that’s what happened to Ms Marsh’s?

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