Trailer Frenzy: Giant Canine Caught in Taco Frenzy

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This past few weeks, we have been inundated with a huge number of teaser trailers for Wizards Unite. They’ve come out so fast we haven’t really had time to properly analyse them. That’s why we’ve decided to take a moment and go over each of them in turn. Today we’ll enjoy the beauty of Fluffy in what would probably be Hagrid’s favourite video: Giant Canine Caught in Taco Frenzy.

The Fluffy Trailer Poster

WB and Niantic have been ramping up their marketing campaign for Wizards Unite, trying to reach those Muggles that still don’t know magic is real and coming to their phones soon(ish). If you want to know more about this you can read our post:

Wizards Unite for Squibs and Muggles

Last week, they released a new batch of Wizards Unite Muggle-proof posters. This was one of them.

fluffy wizards unite trailer

The text next to the image reads as follows:

A giant three-headed dog has passed through this area acting unusually. It is highly probable Muggles will notice the telltale signs of a giant canine: massive footprints, pools of slobber and trails of colossal destruction. The beast answers to ‘Fluffy’, but you are advised not to call him as he may indeed respond. Numerous encounters have been reported near venues where large groups of Muggles gather to hear music. We request you immediately report any encounters to the Statute of Secrecy Task Force. Once you have satisfied this request we suggest you run for your life.

Now I think it’s important by now to acknowledge how absolutely hilarious these posters are. From the ‘Untrained wizards, or anyone wearing open-toed footwear, are advised to avoid at all costs.’ note in the Monster Book of Monsters poster to ‘The beast answers to ‘Fluffy’, but you are advised not to call him as he may indeed respond‘ or ‘Once you have satisfied this request we suggest you run for your life.’

They are being creative and putting a great deal of effort in appealing to us Potterheads. And as far as I’m concerned, it’s working.

The Fluffy Trailer

And here you can see the trailer itself in all its glory. Although this is a sport stadium, the poster mentions that Fluffy tends to show up ‘near venues where large group of Muggles gather to hear music’ so it’s probably safe to assume it was some kind of music concert taking place in the stadium at the time of the incident. Here’s a transcription of the text we see on the SoS Trace file.

Here’s a transcription of the text we see on the SoS Trace file.

Trace no. 212, Ravenous Three Headed Dog.

Witness: Taco truck driver reported the sighting of a bear to animal protection organisation. The case has been now dropped.

Damage: Total destruction of vehicle known as ‘Taco Truck’ containing popular Muggle cuisine.

If you remember the Monster Book of Monsters the security footage was dated February 24th, 2019. That incident was Trace 234. The Fluffy incident is classified as Trace 212, which means it happened even earlier.

So what is up with the delay in information? The Ministry wants us to enlist and help contain the Calamity, but only informs us of a handful of Traces, and we’re getting this information three months after the event. What are they trying to hide? Do they really want to stop the Calamity? Are they just pretending to set up a special Task Force while, in reality, they want the Statute of Secrecy to fall? Are they secretly Grindelwald supporters? So many questions!

And that’s it for today

Personally, here at Accio Wizards Unite we are loving the new trailers, although getting the actual game would be much more appreciated. This one is great because we get to see Fluffy again. Last we heard, Dumbledore had sent him back to Greece, but there’s no way to know where the reported incident takes places except that there is a Muggle area where people eat tacos…Doesn’t really narrow it down. Also, I wonder what type of music they were playing in that stadium that instead of making Fluffy sleepy it gave him the munchies. And it’s only normal for a puppy to follow his nose when something smells like food. It’s hardly his fault that taco trucks are so very small…he just wanted a snack before bedtime.

Which of the trailers we’ve seen is your favourite so far? Let us know in the comments, and subscribe to keep up to date with the latest Wizards Unite news!

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And remember, keep your eyes peeled, your ears open and your wand ready. Wizards, Unite!

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