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Uncontrollable Dragons at the Muggle Super Bowl

MACUSA -after much pressure- recently confirmed there had been an incident at the sporting event  Still, they refused to share any of the details (or even admit there were uncontrollable dragons in Muggle areas). Don’t panic. It is all under control. Join our Special SoS Task Force. This seems to be all any wizarding government has to say these days.

But for us at the Daily Prophet, that is simply not enough.

According to the (sensationalist) news outlet The Quibbler, what actually occurred was quite disturbing. You can read their article here, if you are so inclined. For the rest of our readers, let us simply review what has come to light.

Super Bowl Event: A summary

MACUSA has developed a Panic Prevention Program, which consist of sending Aurors and SoS Task Force members to important Muggle gathering areas or occasions. This does nothing to prevent the occurrences, but at least MACUSA is attempting to have its agents present and ready when The Calamity strikes. That is much more that can be said about our own Ministry of Magic.

“It’s hard to stop Muggles noticing us if we’re keeping dragons in the back garden – anyway you can’t tame dragons, it’s dangerous”

Ron Weasley, Pottermore

During the Muggle Super Bowl, a very popular sporting event, three Hungarian Horntails flew into the stadium. The Panic Prevention Program apparently somehow managed to contain these uncontrollable dragons and transport them away before there were any casualties. They used some extremely powerful Memory Charms on Muggles at the stadium and even those who were watching the live transmission somewhere else.

We decided to contact our own sources from the Task Force for some new information. Unfortunately, none of them were part of the Program. They had nothing but hearsay and speculation to share. With that in mind, we decided to investigate further.

Dragons and their Dragonologists

superbowl dragons

Right around the time the Ministry building shook with an earthquake like explosion, fantastic beasts began disappearing worldwide.

The Ministry puts much more effort in keeping us in the dark than they do in protecting us. There is no type of prevention program in place. The Public Service Announcements are almost entirely a campaign to get witches and wizards to enlist for their Task Force. Which, incidentally, you can do here, if you want to become a Daily Prophet inside source.

So it was clear to us that turning to the Ministry for information would be a waste of time. Instead we reached out to those who know dragons and their behaviour best. Dragonologists.

Romanian Dragon Sanctuary

Although all dragons are dangerous, and most of them quite violent, none are as fierce as the Hungarian Horntail. That is the reason why this breed can only be found in wizard-controlled environments. More specifically, the Romanian Dragon Sanctuary.

With that in mind, it became quite clear where the dragons had come from. But did they simply fly all the way to America on their own, or was there something that attracted them to that place?

We sent our best reporter to the Sanctuary to interview Head Dragonologist Mr Charles Weasley (of the famous Weasley family. It came as no surprise that he refused to speak to the Daily Prophet.

However, one of the trainees realised keeping the public informed was more important than petty disputes and agreed to share her experience with us.

What makes dragons so unique?

Dragons are unlike most other beasts in that they have very powerful magic of their own. This, along with their thick skin and nearly-unbreachable scales, makes them all but impervious to most types of spells.

It was, perhaps, for those very reasons that, when all other magical beasts began to disappear, only dragon eggs and newborns vanished from the Sanctuary.

The other dragons, however, were not entirely unaffected

Adult dragons began showing strange behaviour: many of them seemed confused, disoriented, and even had trouble with basic motor functions such as flying. Some would attack other members of their same breed, or dragonologists who had been looking after them from the day they hatched. Many of them attempted to escape the sanctuary and had to be restrained until they calmed down. The same happened in many other reservations, and there are rumours of at least two dozen escaped dragons.

However, it was the females that were affected the most. Specifically the ones whose eggs or younglings had disappeared.

According to the trainee, the stronger the dragon, the more their behaviour changed. It hit their three female Hungarian Horntails especially hard. The Dragonologists were unable to calm or restrain them for long, and a few weeks after The Calamity hit they flew away. Their caretakers attempted to follow them, but lost track of the trio somewhere above Austria. Clearly, they eventually made it to America.

Could these dragons lead the Task Force to the source of The Calamity?

The fact that these three dragons flew so far, and were in fact not seen by wizards or Muggles along the way, makes Dragonologists think they could have been tracking something. Whether this something was their eggs and younglings, or the source of The Calamity itself is still unknown. However, the trainee we spoke to heard rumours of Ministry Magizoologists considering letting the dragons loose again in an attempt to track down the fantastic beasts that vanished or whoever (or whatever) is behind this chaotic incidents that put us all in danger.

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