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Accio Wizards Unite is our way to be part of the wonderful Harry Potter community.

A way to let our creativity run wild and share our ideas with like-minded people. People like you.

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Let us tell you a little bit about us

We’re basically two Ravenclaws who needed something special to do while we waited for the WU game to drop, and a place to chat and stay up to date once we could all finally join the SoS Task Force and go out into the AR world to fight The Calamity.

This site was created from a place of love for the original material. We are fans of the Potterverse, and we are writing for other fans. Although much of our focus might be on the game, this is still a Harry Potter community at heart.

The Harry Potter Community

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There are many fandoms out there, centered around films, or shows, or books, or comics. Anything you might think of, there is a fandom for it. But there is something quite different about the Harry Potter Fandom, isn’t there?

Regardless of when Harry Potter made its way into our lives, those books changed all of us in a way. They changed the way we viewed the world, the way we acted around others. Whether you mentally sort everyone you meet into one of the Hogwarts Houses or mutter spells as you go about your day (I can rarely turn off a light without my brain going ´Nox´), the Potterverse is part of our lives.

But the real magic of Harry Potter is not inside the books but outside, in the community it created. Even amidst the toughest times (Harmione Ship Wars, anyone?) we were all still a community. We felt safe sharing our quirks and geeking out over every new theory, every little drop of information JK Rowling let slip or decided to share with us.

And it is exactly this, the magically safe place, that we want to share through this blog and our forum. And we would love for all of you to be part of the adventure.

Why Guest Post at AWU?

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We are a fast-growing site centered on a fandom that’s lived for over 20 years and still growing strong. With the new, highly awaited Wizards Unite game about to launch, the community will only grow.

So this is the perfect chance for content creators of any kind to share that experience with us.

  • Our Guest Authors are free to create whatever type of content they feel more comfortable with related to WU or Harry Potter in general.
  • All Guest Authors will their own Author Page with links to their social media, channels or websites.
  • They are also free to link back to their own content as part of the Guest Post.
  • We promote those posts on our own social media, encouraging our readers to find new authors and subscribe to their content.
  • This is a great way to improve your platform and increase the reach of your own sites.
  • We are part of a tight-knit and faithful community. When a Potterhead likes your content, we stick close to you and spread the word.
  • And most important of all, us creative types need to create, so why not do something different once in a while and work your own platforms at the same time?

What we are looking for in a Guest Post:

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We love the variety of ways in which Potterheads channel their creativity. In my case that is through writing, but it isn’t the same for everyone. This is why we welcome all types of content, including but not limited to:

  • ‘News’ Articles, whether they fit into The Daily Prophet or The Quibbler.
  • Posts related to Wizards Unite Game
  • Speculanews, imagining what the game might be like or trying to guess when it will be released.
  • Videos featuring theories, Hogwarts lessons, parodies, or perhaps a first person account of what that little Niffler did to you.
  • Tutorials for Harry Potter related crafts, decorations, food…
  • Podcasts
  • Harry Potter Fanfiction

We want you to be creative, to let the muse run free, and we will be more than happy to share any type of content you use to express yourself. And if you don’t feel comfortable with doing a Guest Post on your own, we are happy to share the load and turn it into a collaboration.

How do I become a Guest Author?

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Well, this one is extra-easy.

But most importantly, what to send:

  • You can send us the finished content you would like published on a Guest Post (this doesn’t need to be brand new content, as long as it’s yours!)
  • Or tell us about an idea you have for a post, and we can work on it together.
  • If you’re drawing a blank, you can also ask about some of our own ideas, to see if any of them tickle your fancy.

Whichever option you choose, we’d love to hear from you. Whether it’s a one off or a recurring collaboration, we are happy to meet new Potterheads and make sure to share the love with the rest of the community.

Everyone is, after all, always looking for quality content. So come on in, and join the party!

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  1. I’m so happy I decided to write a post with you guys, it’s been great fun and you’re so supportive!
    And everyone else out there, if you have a little time give it a try, these guys are great and super friendly, and put absolutely no pressure on us newbies. Come join the fun!

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