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Today We’ll be covering: Horcruxes


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Horcruxes in Wizards Unite

There are few magical artifacts better known to Harry Potter fans than the Horcrux.

Since we know that finding artifacts will be part of the game, it is reasonable to think Horcruxes will be among them. Now there are many ways in which this could be introduced into the game.

  • It could be something as simple as a ‘Save Game point’ which would allow us to make a ‘copy’ of the game at that exact point and save it for later use.
  • Or part of a task we must complete in order to destroy a certain Dark Wizard (or Witch) to stop The Calamity.
  • Perhaps it could be something for us to create in order to strengthen our team, or make sure we are harder to kill.
  • Or maybe a safety net if Wizards Unite duelling becomes a reality.

Horcrux Origin

Herpo the Foul, one of the better known dark wizards of old, wasn’t only infamous for breeding the first Basilisk. He was also the creator of the first Horcrux.

There is very little information available surrounding this artifact’s origin because its mere existence is considered too horrifying. The knowledge of Horcruxes, and the magic behind them, are kept secret from the wizarding world. In fact, very few witches and wizards are even aware of its existence or nature.

Forbidden Knowledge

Even Hogwarts, a place created to educate young witches and wizards, banned the study of Horcruxes. Apparently Albus Dumbledore himself had a hand in it, believing the knowledge of such a dark artifact so dangerous it shouldn’t even be part of the school’s Restricted Section. The subject is, in fact, considered so widely as evil, that academies heavily focused on the Dark Arts, such as Durmstrang, will not touch upon it.

There are a few books that mention Horcruxes. All of these books revolve around the Dark Arts, and even there the information offered is little more than the mention of its existence. Magick Moste Evile, one of the most famous books on the Dark Arts, mentions Horcruxes as magic so evil it should not be spoken of.

There is one book, however, that does go into further detail. Secrets of the Darkest Art is the only book daring enough to offer detailed information on the method and consequences of creating a Horcrux. And even that information is extremely limited, since at the time of its publishing the only wizard known to have created a Horcrux was Herpo the Foul.

In all of wizarding history there have only been two instances of a wizard creating a Horcrux. Herpo invented them and created a single Horcrux before the magic was banned. Tom Riddle, later known as Lord Voldemort, is the only other wizard who dared use the magic. And he is also the only one to have created more than one Horcrux.

Creating a Horcrux

The creation of a Horcrux is not really complex magic. There are only two steps to it:

  1. The person who wishes to create a Horcrux must first deliberately commit murder. This act is one of supreme evil, and thus damages the soul.
  2. Then a simple spell will cast out the damaged part of the soul and incase it in an object.

The object chosen to become a Horcrux could be anything, although an inanimate object is recommended, due to its durability.

Once the Horcrux is made, it creates a link between the soul still inside the wizard and that encased in the object. Should the wizard die with the Horcrux still intact, this would tether him to the world of the living in a non-corporeal form. There are, however, certain methods for such a wizard to regain a body, rendering him almost immortal.

However, every time a Horcrux is created, a part of the soul is ripped from the body. So there is a theoretical maximum number of Horcruxes that can be made before the soul is completely spent.

“Well, you split your soul, you see, and hide part of it in an object outside the body. Then, even if one’s body is attacked or destroyed, one cannot die, for part of the soul remains earthbound and undamaged. But of course, existence in such a form…”

Horace Slughorn, Pottermore

Destroying a Horcrux

For a Horcrux to be destroyed, the object housing it must be damaged beyond repair, magical or otherwise. But Horcruxes are powerful items, so the task is not easy.

In Harry Potter’s Unauthorised Biography we learn that all of Voldemort’s Horcruxes were, in fact, destroyed using specially powerful objects or magic.

It is understandably unknown whether the creator of the Horcrux can sense when one is destroyed. There is little to no information on what happened to Herpo the Foul’s Horcrux. In Voldemort’s case, by they time Harry began destroying the Horcruxes, Voldemort’s soul was too damaged and unstable to register anything.

Voldemort’s Horcruxes

Tom Riddle was the first known wizard to have created a Horcrux after Herpo the Foul. And the only one to ever create more than one from the same soul.

He was still a teenager at Hogwarts when he created the first one, after the murder of Myrtle Warren in 1943. At that point he put the damaged part of his soul into his diary, which retained his appearance and personality at the time of creation.

But Tom Riddle seeked immortality to a greater point. He believed the creation of a Horcrux made a wizard stronger, his magic more powerful. So he decided to create a total of six Horcruxes which would split his soul into seven pieces, a number that held great meaning to him.

A death for immortality

First he hid the damaged part of his soul within his diary. Then he sought out and killed his paternal family and created a second Horcrux out of a family heirloom from his maternal side of the family: The Gaunt Ring.

Then he sought out objects he deemed especially powerful. Objects that once belonged to the founders of Hogwarts. He hid a piece of his soul inside Salazar Slytherin’s locket, another in Helga Hufflepuff cup and a third one in Rowena Ravenclaw’s Diadem.

By then the part of his soul still inside his body had become too broken and unstable, to the point where he unwittingly created a Horcrux and placed it inside Harry Potter on the night he attempted to kill him. The damage to his soul, the new piece ripped away and the protective magic Lily placed upon Harry when she died destroyed Voldemort’s body and left him weak, tattered to the world of the living but unable to regain corporeal form.

Years later, Voldemort created what he believed was his sixth Horcrux when he killed Bertha Jorkins. This piece he placed within Nagini.

The Seven Horcruxes

  • Tom Riddle’s Diary
  • Marvolo Gaunt’s Ring
  • Salazar Slytherin’s Locket
  • Helga Hufflepuff’s Cup
  • Rowena Ravenclaw’s Diadem
  • Harry Potter
  • Nagini

Voldemorts horcruxes


What destroyed them

  • A Basilisk fang (the diary and the cup)
  • Godric Griffindor’s sword (the locket and nagini)
  • Fiendfyre (the diadem)
  • The Killing Curse (the piece inside Harry Potter)

So let’s get our wands out and start practicing. And check out our welcome page for all things WU. 

We want to be ready when Wizards Unite AR Game finally arrives!

And above all, stay alert!

Remember: keep your eyes peeled, your ears open and your wands ready.

Accio Wizards Unite

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  1. Sounds reasonable, but my guess is that only few great dark wizards will have the ability to create a horcrux, so they won’t show often in wizards unite.

    1. Right, they don’t happen often, but I did come up with two possible scenarios for them to be part of the game.
      One, it could be part of the mission to stop the Calamity, which could very easily be a plot to expose the wizarding world like Grindelwald attempted. Someone capable of starting the Calamity would want to take precautions were they to be found out. A Horcrux would be a good plan B, and a way for us to go through an adventure like the trio did.
      Another possibility would be that Horcrux might be created by accident because of the Calamity. Everything magical is acting in such an unusual way that perhaps any act of murder would create a Horcrux on its own, and then that Horcrux would go on to influence everyone around them, much like the Locket did to Ron.
      This, of course, is all speculation because Niantic hates us all and won’t give us any real info on gameplay 🙁

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