Wizards Unite Accesories: what to pack

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When delving into the world of Wizards Unite, our magical skill will not be enough to contain the Calamity. Here are a few things we will definitely need to make the most of the game. And a few more things we hope to see.

Mobile device

mobile device wizards unite

This is, of course, the most important element to playing Wizards Unite. There are hundreds of different mobile brands and models on the market. While most of them should work with the game, let’s quickly go over what we know.

And while we’re talking about downloading the Wizards Unite app to your device, remember you only have until the end of April to reserve your Code Name if you want to keep your Pok√©mon Go or Ingress name. You can do it here.


On March 11, 2019 Niantic opened Pre-registration on the App Store. On the same date that they released gameplay information.

If you haven’t pre-registered yet, this is your chance. You can do so here. You might even get to try the Beta version if you do.

Pre-registration beta playstore wizards unite

There have been some compatibility issues with some Android devices. You can read more about that on our Community Forum thread: Device not Compatible

iOS / iPhone

Now this is where things get tricky. Although we all expect Wizards Unite to launch on both Android and iOS, there is still no pre-registration available at the App Store. And that’s over a month after the pre-registration period opened at the Play Store.

We’ve gone a little more in-depth in our post: No Wizards Unite for iPhones? You can also find out more about the 90-day rule for pre-registering Apps for both the App Store and the Play store: the 90-day conundrum.


Niantic has been very vocal about their plans for using 5G in their AR games. In fact, you can check out what Niantic CEO John Hanke had to say on the subject during his 2019 MWC Keynote. Their new multi-player platforms are based on 5G connectivity which would allow for faster data download and low latency.

If you haven’t seen the Codename Neon footage check it out here: Is multiplayer duelling on its way?

Unfortunately, switching from 4G to 5G will be very expensive for telecommunication companies, so the availability will largely depend on where you live.

The same happens with mobile devices. More and more phones are offering 5G compatibility for their newer models. If you’re thinking about switching up your phone, you can read our thoughts on the matter on our post: Should I buy a 5G phone to play Wizards Unite?¬†

Extra power. So much extra power

Augmented Reality games use many of your phone’s resources. They constantly access your location, use your data, your camera, your speakers or headphones, and they often need your phone screen to be on for a long time. Maybe hours, on a heavy-playing day. And while Phones have been improving quickly, they’re still not able to keep up with this type of battery drain. Which is why they’ll need some help.

Battery Pack / Power Bank

usb c battery pack wizards unite

There are many different types of battery packs. They come in different sizes, and at different price ranges. What you want to find is the balance between weigh and power that works best for you. Generally speaking, the more powerful the battery, the heavier it will be. I’d either choose several light-weigh packs or go for a single, heavier one.

If your backpack has a charging port you don’t have to worry about holding the battery in your hand, so you can just get a longer charging cable and play on. Having a pack with more than one USB port will also allow you to help out a friend who is running low and didn’t pack as well as they should have.

So apart from size and weigh, here are two important things to consider.

  • Battery Capacity (mAh): It’s best if your pack has the same capacity as your phone battery. A 10,000 mAh pack will only be able to charge 50% of a 20,000 mAh phone or two full charges on a 5,000 mAh phone. So the more mAh you get, the more charge your pack will provide on the run.
    You should be able to see your battery capacity by going to settings-battery&performance-power. Just to give you some context, I own a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 and my battery capacity is 4100mAh
  • Battery Output (Amps or A): This refers to how quickly the battery can recharge your device. Considering the use and that we will need ‘newer’ phones to play Wizards Unite, you should look for at least 2A output or the game might drain the battery faster than the pack can recharge it.

Battery Case

battery case wizards unitebattery case wizards unite samsung

There are some phones, specially from the more famous brands, that have their own battery cases. More specifically iPhone and Samsung. So if you have a compatible phone, this is probably the easiest way to go. No wires, no carrying heavy battery packs in your bag. Just put on the battery case and you’re ready to go.

Other Accesories

Bluetooth Headphones

bluetooth headphones

We want to make the most of our Wizards Unite experience. And that will involve sound. Of course we¬īll want to hear some kind of alert when Foundables are close. But what about fantastic beasts? Wouldn’t it be great to hear every roar, growl, screech and hiss?

And we know the game will be story-driven, so we can expect quite a bit of information to come from our Profession Leaders in audible form, not just written on the screen.

The reason why we recommend a Bluetooth-compatible headset is that it will allow for much better freedom of movement. Wired headphones might lead to tangling, and we need free range when trying to battle a Dementor or cast a Confoundable.

Spigen-style Ring

spigen ring

This one is beyond important. Especially if you fall on the clumsy side. Wizards Unite is an outside game, much like Pok√©mon Go and Ingress. And once we’re outside, we have little control over the weather. Our hands can get wet from rain. Or slippery if it gets too hot. When it’s too cold, our fingers can stiffen.

The last thing we want while we’re in the middle of the game is to drop our phone, for obvious reasons. So getting some kind of holder is a good idea. Spigen rings or similar can come in really handy, allowing us to hold the phone with a single finger while we’re chasing after a rogue Hippogriff or trying to catch a Niffler.

There are some button-style holders that should work too. Anything that helps you keep hold of the device while playing is a good idea.


apple watch

Those of you with iPhones probably know there’s a Pok√©mon GO companion App for the Apple Watch. This app alerts players when there’s a Pok√©mon or a Pok√© Stop nearby. It also tracks movement through steps, which means that it increases your step count during certain routes, such as circular ones. This allows for faster egg hatching.

We can probably expect something similar for Wizards Unite. So if you already own an Apple Watch you might get your own companion App for the wizarding world. There’s no official word on it yet, of course. And they might even make a companion App that works with the Samsung Watch as well, considering how closely Samsung and Niantic have been working as of late.

And don’t forget…

Your Backpack

backpack wizards unite

You will be carrying your backpack around for quite a while, so it’s important to make sure you are comfortable. If you already have one that works, that’s great. If you’re looking for a new one here’s a few things to keep in mind.

Make sure the straps are wide and soft. Getting a waterproof backpack might also be a good idea, considering we’ll be going out no matter the weather. I’d also recommend getting a bag that has a charging port, like the one in the picture above. This way, you can charge your phone while your battery pack is still inside your backpack.

Some Comfy shoes

running shoes wizards unite

If you’re here, you are anxiously waiting for Wizards Unite. Which means once you download it, you’ll probably spend quite a few hours (at least at first) wandering around your area looking for magical Traces.

Don’t let your feet stop you from becoming the best SoS Task Force member possible! Make sure you wear comfy shoes, the kilometres or miles will add up, and no one wants to cut a magical day short because their feet hurt too much to walk.

A Water bottle

We tend to focus on what the game needs above what we need. Just like wearing comfy shoes, staying hydrated is important to make the most of our Wizards Unite day. Please, always remember to bring some water along. You never know where the adventure might take you, and while you can always get something to drink in the city, you could venture too far from shops or play until too late and be left thirsty and exhausted.

Be ready for any weather

Pack a thin windbreaker, a raincoat, thick gloves, sunglasses… Whatever fits your area, make sure you have it with you. Don’t let some tough weather limit your Wizards Unite enjoyment. There are fantastic beasts to free, dark wizards to battle and Portkeys to activate. We must work hard to stop the Calamity!

And please remember to stay safe

Don’t wander off alone in the middle of the night, no matter how loud that werewolf is howling. Don’t go into bad areas of your city just to get a Foundable. Make sure your phone doesn’t die before you make it back home. The wizarding community is a friendly one, but some Muggles can be dangerous. And just in case, keep your ears open, you eyes peeled and your wands ready!

What are your Must-Haves?

If you’ve been playing Pok√©mon Go or Ingress for a while, you probably have a few things you always make sure to pack before you go on an adventure. So did we miss anything important? Did we give you some new ideas? Let us know in the comments!

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