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Downloading Wizards Unite: Is Android taking the first piece of the pie?

wizards Unite Android download

Sometimes waiting for the Wizards Unite Game to release feels like running in a little hamster wheel. We can go as fast as we want to, there’s no forward movement to be had.

So after going through everything we know so far, we’ve decided this would be the perfect time to delve a little deeper into the App, the different OS, the possible deals… It’s time for our Speculanews!

How to download Wizards Unite


Earlier this year, Niantic offered a few selected people a first look at Wizards Unite. They were allowed to test the game and asked to review it. On March 11 those reviews came out. They gave us a lot of information and a comprehensive look at the Wizards Unite Gameplay.

On the same day, Niantic also opened Wizards Unite for pre-registration at the Play Store. You can find more information on our Pre-Registration post.

At this time the game is only available for Android. Here you can read more about the 90-day rule for pre-registered Apps and why we think it’s not available for iPhones.

You can pre-register to download Wizards Unite on a compatible device right here. If you want to know more about the pre-registration issues and device compatibility visit this forum thread.

We’ll add a link to download the Beta Apk as soon as it becomes available.

Wizards Unite is getting closer

A hidden clue to the release date?

Although we still don’t have a release date for the game, the clock is literally ticking.

Wizards unite exposure clock alert

The Exposure clock in the official site changed its danger level the day the Niffler got loose in Great Britain. Most of us Potterheads waiting for the game are actually beginning to hope this is a clue for the release date (around March 15th?). In fact, the recent move by Niantic to hire security experts to protect them from hacking and mining makes us think the game is close to being ready.

Check out this post and watch WUtubers guess the Wizards Unite release date.

The biggest issue here is whether they will do a beta release first, to avoid a repeat of what happened when Pokémon Go was released, or if they will simply, hopefully, go straight to a wide release. Read more on Wizards Unite: To beta or not to beta.

Will Android get the Wizards Unite Apk first?

Many popular games have exclusivity deals when first released. In fact, we recently covered the $40M deal Samsung made with Niantic. Could it mean Samsung will get the game in exclusive?

But as big as Wizards Unite will probably get, we don’t think Samsung’s exclusive Harry Potter game deal was for WU. This would alienate too many potential players.

AR vs AR+

Pokémon Go is probably the most popular Augmented Reality game to date.

As the technology surrounding AR continued to develop, we got AR+. The biggest difference: while in AR the object is placed in our surroundings (when using the phone’s camera while playing), AR+ allowed this object (generally a Pok√©mon) to be aware of our position, our approach and our speed, which made for a unique experience where the Pok√©mon could, in fact, react to us.

When AR+ first came out it gave iPhones an edge, since the technology was only compatible with iOS. Since then, however, Android and AR quickly adapted, and both OS stand almost on equal ground.

Wizards Unite Only for Android

If we get a wide release, we think the most likely outcome will be the game available for download across all platforms.

There is a chance, however, that Android users will get to download the Wizards Unite App on the Play Store first. Samsung does, after all, use Android as its OS. Not only that, but Android is a lot more user friendly than iOS when it comes to downloading or personalising.

There are many more resources to play around with Android configurations than with an iPhone, which could make for a better user experience once Wizards Unite comes out.

And compatibility-wise, Android is also the most versatile option, so if we do get a Wand to play with, it’s much more likely to happen for Android phones. And we are more likely to be able to get cheaper compatible wands from third parties than we are with iOS.

So that’s our opinion on¬†the matter. What do you think? Scroll down to send a comment through our Owl post or pop over to the forum for a chat.

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    1. My hope is that it will come out for everyone, although depending on how much ‘pressure’ mobile brands put on exclusive deals one might come earlier than the others. Much like with AR+ on PoGo only being compatible with iOS for a while.

    1. I hope so, but even now with the new tech coming out in germany for low latency and the convention in Barcelona Samsung seems to be very closely involved with niantic’s developments…so they might just get a head start?

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