A newbie’s take on Wizards Unite Brilliant Event

brilliant event video

After a busy few weeks and a lot of issues importing the footage, I’m finally ready to post my second Wizards Unite video. In this one, I share my impressions on the Wizards Unite Brilliant Event, which is sure to be the first of many.

A Newbie’s take on the Brilliant Event

So without further ado, here is the video.

A few things worth mentioning

What I enjoyed:

  • The time frame. Long enough for most casual players to make their way through the four parts.
    brilliant event complete
  • The missions, which were attainable (unlike other Harry Potter games. Not pointing any fingers, Hogwarts Mystery…)
    brilliant event missions
  • The graphics, with their lovely new shade of purple down to the spells cast.
    brilliant event unicorn
  • The Foundables. Even the log-topus brilliant.
    brilliant event registry
  • Really useful rewards, especially Profesion Books

What could be improved

  • A more stable Trace Ratio (lots of event traces on day one, barely any on day two, seemed to settle somewhere in between the following days, and quite a few in the last day or two).
    brilliant event traces
  • Issues with Portkeys not logging distances properly.
    Portkey portmanteau foundable map close up
  • Not enough keys to run simultaneous Portkeys.
    brilliant event keys
  • Runestones were easy to miss, they had almost the same colour as Oddities Runestones.
    brilliant event runestones
  • It was unclear where to find each of the Registry items. Many people were left wondering why they could only find traces for unicorns and hippogriffs on the map.
    brilliant event infographic
    Infographic by Nerdleeniffler

And that’s a wrap

Hope you enjoyed the event and learnt a thing or two so you can be better prepared for the next one. I know I did!

Did you finish the event tasks and complete the Registry? Did you have trouble with something we didn’t mention? Or especially enjoyed another aspect of the Event? Let us know in the comments!

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