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stronger united i brilliant event

After the October Hype and the amazing Dark Arts Month events, many of us figured November would come with a bit of a down time. But there is no resting for SOS Task Force Members while the Calamity is still wrecking chaos throughout the Muggle world. As the saying goes…no rest for the witches (and wizards!). And so, with barely a warning, we found out the next Brilliant Event, Fighting Forces, will be starting right away. Let’s take a look at the tasks ahead, and what we can do to prepare for them.

UPDATE: The developers have just announced that, due to the bugs in the latest 2.6 update Stronger United I will be delayed until Tuesday November 12th ending on November 19th. There is still no word on whether Part II will start on the 19th or will be delayed as well.

Stronger United I Brilliant Event

Lasting an entire week (from November 12th to November 19th), this will be the first part of the Stronger Together Brilliant Event (with the second part running from November 19th to November 26th). This event will let us complete the first page of the event Registry and also get some more of those precious restricted books that are holding our professional careers back.

Learn more about professions here: How to choose your Profession in Wizards Unite

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So let’s get started!

The Stronger United Event tasks

Just like in all previous events, this one will be split into four parts. Every task will have its own reward, with a larger reward once each of the four parts are completed. This is where we will get our Restricted Section books, along with Brilliant Foundables, event XP and much more. Let’s take a closer look at those tasks.

stronger united i tasks orange wizard 2019

Graphic by @OrangeWizard2019

Stronger United I  1/4

  • Place 1 Dark Detector – 2 Restricted Section Books
  • Return 5 Medium Threat Foundables – 1 Dark Detector
  • Add 1 Friend – 20 Brilliant Family XP

Rewards for completion:

    • 500 XP
    • 1 Restricted Section Books
    • 1 Spell Book
    • 1 Ministry ID frame
    • 2 Abraxan Hair
    • 2 Re’em blood

Stronger United 2/4

  • Brew 2 Strong Exstimulo Potions – 300 XP
  • Use Strong Exstimulo Potion 2 times– 15 Brilliant Family XP
  • Return 5 High Threat Foundables – 20 Brilliant Family XP

Rewards for completion:

    • 25 Brilliant Family XP
    • 3 Restricted Section Books
    • 1 Ministry ID frame
    • 1 Amelia Bones Foundable
    • 2 Unicorn Hair
    • 4 Re’em Blood

Stronger United 3/4

  • Brew 2 Potent Exstimulo Potions – 500 XP
  • Use Potent Exstimulo Potion 3 times– 500 XP
  • Return 5 Brilliant Mad-Eye Moody – 15 Brilliant Family XP

Rewards for completion:

    • 25 Brilliant Family XP
    • 3 Restricted Section Books
    • 1 Elevator Control Sticker
    • 1 Ministry Memo Frame
    • 2 Dark Detectors

Stronger United 4/4

  • Return 5 High Threat Foundables– 750 XP
  • Place 2 Dark Detectors – 25 Brilliant Family XP
  • Return 5 Brilliant Nymphadora Tonks – 25 Brilliant Family XP

Rewards for completion:

    • 50 Gold Coins
    • 5 Restricted Section Books
    • 2 Dark Detectors
    • 1 Rufus Scrimgeour Foundable
    • 1 Hat Lens

Our take on the tasks

These tasks seem quite different from what we’ve encountered in previous events. The main differences we can see are:

  • No Portkey-related task
  • No Fortress-related task
  • Heavy emphasis on Dark Detectors

All of this means we will probably finish this Stronger United Part I event tasks much faster. The only time-consuming tasks are the potions we need to brew, and we start that one ahead of time. We do need to return some High Threat Foundables, but everything seems to point towards Dark Detectors bringing us more of those than usual.

The Potions

This event focuses on Exstimulo Potions, both brewing and using them. Although we don’t have any Fortress tasks, these potions will certainly come in handy when dealing with High Threat Foundables. Of which we need 10 in total.

Important note: You will receive 2 Unicorn Hair in part 2/4, which you can use to brew the Potent Exstimulos for part 3/3 if you don’t have any in stock.

Keep in mind that, with the latest 2.6 Wizards Unite update (from November 5th) Exstimulo Potions carry over to the next encounter.

What does this mean?

If you drink a Potent Exstimulo potion, for example, its effects will last 5 spell casts. Now imagine you manage to return the Foundable before the potion runs out. Now the game will save the remaining attempts until the next encounter or Wizarding Challenge.

So if you take a Potent and return your Foundable on the first attempt, when you tap on the next Foundable you will have 4 more attempts with the effects of the potion. If you return that second Foundable and still have attempts left over, those will, once more, carry to the next encounter.

This is, of course, great news for all players, and will certainly come especially handy during the Stronger United I Brilliant Event


Another thing worth mentioning. Portkeys from the Brilliant Event Part I will always yield a Part I Foundable (in this case Brilliant Kingsley Shacklebolt). So keep that in mind and make sure you don’t fill up your queue or leave them unopened, or you might run out of room and waste time when Part II begins. Also, if you have Brilliant Portkeys left over from the previous event remember there’s no way to tell them apart.


Although there’s no specific Fortress task, we will need to complete some Wizarding Challenges (at least 3) to get the Brilliant Gethsemane Prickle Foundable. Like we mentioned before, Exstimulo Potions will carry from one Foe, Challenge or Chamber to the next, so don’t be afraid to use those potions just because you’re too close to defeating your opponent.

As for the Brilliant Runestones, remember those will yield Part I fragments until Part II starts. Then during Part II week you will get Part II fragments from those same Runestones. After that, they will yield Part I and II randomly when you use the Runestone. But these Runestones give you Family XP and every time we rank up we get 5 more scrolls, so get as many as you can. You can keep receiving those Fragments until the next event is about to begin.

Stronger United Part I Special Goodies

SOS Bundles and Complimentary Gifts

stronger together i brilliant event sos bundle complimentary gift free orange wizard 2019

  • Complimentary Gift (free)
    • 4 Dark Detectors
    • 2 Potent Exstimulo Potions
    • 25 Spell Energy
  • SOS Bundle (450 Gold Coins)
    • 5 Dark Detectors
    • 2 Potent Exstimulo Potions
    • 2 Strong Exstimulo Potions
    • 50 Spell Energy
  • Brilliant Bundle (900 Gold Coins)
    • 5 Dark Detectors
    • 6 Potent Exstimulo Potions
    • 3 Strong Exstimulo Potions
    • 150 Spell Energy
  • Bonus Bundle (2100 Gold Coins. 2 Bundles Available)
    • 15 Dark Detectors
    • 15 Potent Exstimulo Potions
    • 150 Spell Energy
    • 15 Strong Exstimulo Potions

Also remember, if you have a Sponsored Fortress nearby do give it a visit. They now include Spell Energy as a reward for completing a Wizarding Challenge.

Tasks Rewards Summary

As for the reward, if we complete every task we will get:

  • 2550 XP
  • 170 Brilliant Family XP
  • 2 Brilliant Foundables
  • 1 Ministry ID Lens
  • 3 Ministry ID Frames
  • 1 Ministry ID Sticker
  • 50 Gold Coins
  • 14 Restricted Section Books
  • 1 Spell Books
  • 5 Dark Detectors
  • 10 Potions Ingredients

Where to get the Stronger United I Event Foundables

stronger united i foundables orange wizard 2019

Graphic by @OrangeWizard2019

Let’s have a look at where we can find each of the Brilliant Event Foundables:

  • Mad-Eye Moody – On the map
  • Nymphadora Tonks – On the map
  • Amelia Bones – Complete step 2/4 of the Event tasks
  • Rufus Scrimgeour– Complete step 4/4 of the Event task
  • Gethsemane Prickle (3 Fragments) – Use a Brilliant Runestone (important!) in Wizarding Challenges (any level)
  • Kingsley Shacklebolt (5 Fragments) – In 3km Brilliant Portkey Portmanteaus

Bonus Assignment

This month we will have two sets of Bonus Assignments, one for each part of the Stronger United Brilliant Event.

Here are the details for the Stronger United I Bonus Assignment

stronger united i bonus assignment orange wizard 2019

Graphic by @OrangeWizard2019

This assignment will appear once we finish all of the Brilliant Event I tasks and will end with the event, on November 19th. To complete this assignment we will have to return:

  • 30 Medium Level Threat Foundables – 2 Dark Detectors
  • 20 High Threat Founbdables – Ministry ID Title
  • 3 Severe Foundables – Hat Lens

Rewards for completion:

    • 2000 XP
    • 100 Family XP
    • 3 Red Spell Books

Brilliant Event Tips

Here are a few tips to keep in mind before and during the event.

  • Brew your Potions in advance.
  • Don’t be shy about using those Dark Detectors. And remember you can use up to three in the same Inn.
  • Check out our Friend Code map and grab some codes to use in part 1/4 – Add 1 Friend
  • If you can, try to start the event with full energy. It will make the first day go much better.
  • Find an area with enough Inns and Greenhouses to move between. Remember the 5 minute waiting period.
  • Master your spells. And most importantly, remember the game values speed over accuracy.
  • Use Exstimulo Potion as needed. Remember that now leftover potion will be saved for the following encounter.
  • Try to level up the game, but don’t go all out with your profession. It’s your game level (and your ability to trace spells) that determines whether or not you defeat a Confoundable. You might want to save some scrolls for when you get those shiny Restricted Section Books and plan where to spend them when you’re done with the event.
  • Make room in your vaults for ingredients and potions.
  • We’re all sure to meet some new Potterheads during the week. What better way to make new friends and possibly new teammates for your next Fortress incursion? Don’t be shy and reach out!
  • And the most important one: Have fun! (And try to convert as many Muggles as possible!)

That’s what we have for today, so go play!

Make sure you’re ready to make the most of the event, add your Friend Code to our map if you haven’t yet. You can also have a look around the map and find players in your area!

We also have a Local Community Map where you can add your Wizards Unite Communities for other players to find you!

If you have any more tips for new players make sure to leave them in the comment section! We’d love to make the most the event.

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