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wizards unite brilliant event stronger united ii

It’s almost time for the second part of the Stronger United Wizards Unite Event to begin! This time, due to some issues with the 2.5.0 update the two parts will run back-to-back so there are a few things we need to keep in mind. But to start here’s a rundown of the tasks, the rewards and the Foundables we will come across during the Stronger United II Brilliant Event.

The Stronger United II Brilliant Event

Lasting an entire week (from November 19th to November 26th), this will be the second part of the Stronger United Brilliant Event. This event will let us complete the second page of the event Registry, get some of the Fragments from Part I and also get our hands on some more of those precious restricted books that are holding our professional careers back.

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So let’s get started!

The Stronger United II Event tasks

Just like in all previous events, this one will be split into four parts. Every task will have its own reward, with a larger reward once each of the four parts are completed. This is where we will get our Restricted Section books, along with Brilliant Foundables, event XP and much more. Let’s take a closer look at those tasks.

wizards unite brilliant event stronger united ii orangewizard2019

Graphic by @OrangeWizard2019

Stronger United II  1/4

  • Complete 3 Wizarding Challenges – 2 Restricted Section Books
  • Defeat 5 Foes in Wizarding Challenges –10 Brilliant Family XP
  • Add 1 Friend – 10 Brilliant Family XP

Rewards for completion:

    • 500 XP
    • 2 Restricted Section Book
    • 1 Red Spell Book
    • 1 Ministry ID Lens
    • 3 Lovage
    • 2 Vervain Infusion

Stronger United II  2/4

  • Brew 2 Invigoration Draught– 20 Brilliant Family XP
  • Use Invigoration Draught 2 times – 15 Brilliant Family XP
  • Defeat 5 Foes in Wizarding Challenges – 3 Restricted Section Book

Rewards for completion:

    • 1 Dark Detector
    • 1 Red Spell Book
    • 2 Abraxan Hair
    • 1 Re’em Blood
    • 1 Percy Weasley Foundable

Stronger United II  3/4

  • Place 1 Dark Detector – 500 XP
  • Brew 2 Strong Exstimulo Potions – 500 XP
  • Return 5 High Threat Foundables – 5 Brilliant Family XP

Rewards for completion:

    • 25 Brilliant Family XP
    • 3 Restricted Section Books
    • 1 Red Spell Book
    • 1 Ministry Toilet Sticker

Stronger United II  4/4

  • Use Healing Potion 4 times – 750 XP
  • Brew 4 Healing Potions – 25 Brilliant Family XP
  • Complete 3 Wizarding Challenges– 15 Brilliant Family XP

Rewards for completion:

    • 5 Restricted Section Books
    • 1 Red Spell Book
    • 50 Gold Coins
    • 1 Ministry Memo Sticker
    • 1 Constance Pickering Foundable

Our take on the tasks

This part of the Brilliant Event will focus almost exclusively on Fortresses and Wizarding Challenges. Preparing beforehand should make this one very easy to complete.

Part 1/4

As long as you are near a Fortress, this part should be extremely easy. Even if you go to the lowest possible Chamber, you will face more than 5 Foes in 3 Wizarding Challenges, so that should be a matter of minutes.

Adding a Friend shouldn’t take any time, either. You can find a lot of Codes in our Friend Code Map. Just pick a code and add it in your game. If you receive Friend Request wait to accept them until after the Event begins.

Part 2/4

Part Two will need a bit of prep time. Brewing two Invigoration Draughts (assuming you already have all the ingredients) will take 6 hours (3 hours each). If you start brewing ahead of time you can have them ready to collect as soon as you get to part two.

You will then have to go to a Fortress to use them. While you are there make sure you defeat 5 more Foes and this part will be complete.

Part 3/4

Just like all tasks that include Potions, this one might take a bit of time. Unless you prepare, of course. Two Strong Exstimulo Potions take 8 hours to brew (4 hours each). Make sure to queue them after the Invigoration Draughts and don’t collect them until you get to part three and you should be golden.

The Dark Detector shouldn’t be a problem at all, since you will receive one as a reward for completing part 2/3. So even if you haven’t got any left in your vault you will get one just before you need to use it.

All Brilliant Foundables are High Threat this time around, so returning any five of them will count towards this task. Then you’ll be ready for part 4.

Part 4/4

Getting here should take hardly any time at all. Completing maybe 5 Wizarding Challenges (depending on the Chamber Level you choose) to defeat 10 Foes. Then returning 5 High Level Foundables. You shouldn’t even need to move much at all to get this done. Now the trick here will be the potions.

If you did all your brewing for tasks 2/4 and 3/4 then your Brewing Queue will have been full for hours. But here you need to brew 4 more potions. Healling Potions take 2 hours each to complete. That makes a total of 8 hours of brewing. For this we have two options:

  • Start brewing Healing Potions as soon as you collect the Strong Exstimulo. This will mean an 8-hour wait before you can complete the event tasks.
  • Rent a Cauldron. You can rent one for 35 coins and leave the four Healing Potions brewing in advance. That way they will be ready when you reach this part.

Time is still on our side

So all in all, this event should be very, very easy to complete if you do a little pre-brewing.  But, of course, this is far from a competition, and we have a whole week to complete the tasks, so there’s no need to rush!

Tasks Rewards Summary

As for the reward, if we complete every task we will get:

  • 2250 XP
  • 125 Brilliant Family XP
  • 1 Ministry Toilet Sticker
  • 1 Ministry Memo Sticker
  • 2 Brilliant Foundables
  • 1 Ministry ID Lens
  • 9 Potions ingredients
  • 1 Dark Detector
  • 50 gold coins
  • 15 Restricted Section Books
  • 4 Red Spell Books

A few important details

Just like in previous two-part events, map Foundables from Part I will appear during Part II, which is great if you didn’t manage to return all the Fragments. Also, if you have any leftover Runestones from part I they will start yielding the new Foundable as soon as the event begins. Once the event is over, they will yield Fragments from Part I or II at random.

The opposite applies to Portkeys. Any Portkey you still have from Part I will yield Part I fragments regardless of when you open it. So, unlike the Runestones, you shouldn’t save those Portmanteaus for Part II. They will only take up space and make it harder to complete the Part II Portkey Foundable.

Where to get the Stronger United II Event Foundables

stronger united ii brilliant event foundables orangewizard2019

Graphic by @OrangeWizard2019

Let’s have a look at where we can find each of the Brilliant Event Foundables:

  • Arthur Weasley– 10 Fragments – On the map
  • Percy Weasley– Complete step 2/4 of the Event tasks
  • Constance Pickering – Complete step 4/4 of the Event task
  • Flying Ministry Memos – 3 Fragments – Use a Brilliant Runestone (important!) in Wizarding Challenges
  • Adult Hermione – 3 Fragments – Use a Brilliant Runestone (important!) in Wizarding Challenges
  • Daily Prophet – 5 Fragments – In 3km Brilliant Portkey Portmanteaus

Bonus Assignment

Once more, this Brilliant Event comes accompanied by a Stronger United Bonus Assignment.

stronger united brilliant event bonus assignment tasks orangewizard2019

Graphic by @OrangeWizard2019

This assignment will appear once we finish Part II of the event. The Tasks to complete this assignment will be:

  • Defeat 30 Foes in Wizarding Challenges – 3 Spell Books
  • Return 30 High Threat Foundables – 2000 XP
  • Complete 15 Wizarding Challenges – Piece of paper with a code

Rewards for completion:

    • 100 Brilliant Family XP
    • 1 Event Badge

Brilliant Event Tips

Here are a few tips to keep in mind before and during the event.

  • Brew your Potions in advance. You might need to rent a Cauldron. This time you’ll need:
    • 2 Invigoration Draughts
    • 2 Strong Exstimulo Potions
    • 4 Healing Potions
  • If you can, try to start the event with full energy. It will make the first day go much better.
  • Find an area with some Inns or Greenhouses near a Fortress. You might need some extra Spell Energy between Wizarding Challenges.
  • Master your spells. That will make returning those Brilliant Foundables much easier and will save you time and energy.
  • Try to level up the game, but don’t get overexcited and go all out with your profession. You might want to save some scrolls for when you get those shiny Restricted Section Books and plan where to spend them when you’re done with the event.
  • Make room in your vaults for ingredients and potions.
  • We’re all sure to meet some new Potterheads during the week. What better way to make new friends and possibly new teammates for your next Fortress incursion? Don’t be shy and reach out!
  • And the most important one: Have fun! (And try to convert as many Muggles as possible!)

That’s what we have for today, so go play!

Make sure you’re ready to make the most of the event, add your Friend Code to our map if you haven’t yet. You can also have a look around the map and find players in your area!

We also have a Local Community Map where you can add your Wizards Unite Communities for other players to find you!

If you have any more tips for new players make sure to leave them in the comment section! We’d love to make the most the event.

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