Is Niantic gearing up for the Wizards Unite release?

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Wizards Unite release might be closer than we expected!


If you’re like most of us impatiently waiting for Wizards Unite, then you are probably expecting a summer release by now. And that’s being generous. The truth is there’s too much uncertainty surrounding the game. We’re almost at the point where even a late 2019 would look good.

In fact, we did a bit of ‘research’ with many of the #Wutubers covering the game to find out what they thought. You can check out our post Wizards Unite Release Date: What do WuTubers have to say? where many other potterheads try to guesstimate when we might actually get to play the game.

Right now it’s all we can do, given the developers’ absolute silence.

Wizards Unite’s track record

We’ve mentioned this many times over. The Wizards Unite information timeline has been more than a little frustrating.

  • Late 2017: game announced with a 2018 release date.
  • Then a year of silence.
  • Late 2018:  we get a new logo and two trailer videos. They also moved the release date to 2019.
  • Then back to silence.

It seems as if Portkey Games and Niantic want to get us excited for the new game, but then change their minds and leave us hanging. Although we’ve seen some of the new tech Niantic has been working on, specifically in regards to their multiplayer platform for AR games, we haven’t gotten so much as a peek at what Wizards Unite might actually look like.

Many of us even spent our Sunday evening watching the Superbowl (or #WUperbowl) waiting to see if they would use the event to release a new Wizards Unite trailer. All previous videos, after all, had been sports related (the Golden Snitch and the Nimbus 2000).

It even seemed as if the official Wizards Unite website (here) was giving us a little hint:

The Statute of Secrecy Task Force is doing everything in its power to track these rogue brooms before they are noticed by Muggle authorities. These brooms may split up in search of their natural sporting habitat, so keep an eye out around Muggle sport stadiums.

There’s a Rumble in the Forbidden Forest

But this week it seems as if things have begun to change. From what we hear, Warner Bros has actually started contacting Wizards Unite influencers on social media.

They are reaching out across several platforms, contacting people who have spent the last few months covering the Wizards Unite game. influencers who are making some amazing efforts to keep us all up to date and entertained with their posts, tweets and videos.

You can actually see @Goshinyhunter‘s awesome video about being contacted by WB right here.

So what does this mean for Wizards Unite?

Nowadays, social media is fickle, moving from one thing to another in search of the best bit of instant gratification. And there is nothing wrong with that.

But a company like WB most certainly knows how this works. And they know they can’t get us all worked up too early, or interest and coverage will fizzle out before long. They are already pushing it far enough with over a month of silence after two promos. So this has to be a tactical move. Barnaby Lee, they are not

barnaby hogwarts mystery

So why start contacting people now? Well, the only reasonable explanation is that they are, in fact, finally gearing up for the Wizards Unite release. There have been mentions from inside sources about the scope of the game. It will not be a ‘catch all’ kind of experience like PokĂ©mon go.

The game encourages you to step outside with your phone, explore your local surroundings and take part in a series of adventures, such as searching for magical creatures and bumping into iconic wizarding world characters along the way. Crikey. Who knows who you’ll spot in your local park? You’ll also be able to cast spells, discover mysterious artefacts, and build up your very own, illustrious wizarding career.


WU App: Beta testing vs wide release

So we can expect fantastic beasts, potions ingredients, magical artifacts, iconic characters, and perhaps even a bit of duelling. There will also be a main storyline for players to follow. So there is a lot of work to get everything ready for launch, and probably a lot of pressure to get it right.

This is, in a way, why it would kind of make sense for them to skip the ‘Beta testing’ period, and do all their testing in-house. They have to make sure the game is ready to go because we all know there will be probably hundreds of thousands of downloads the minute it becomes available.

This, given all the information out there, would be our conclusion. Things are heating up and we might actually get Wizards Unite sooner than we anticipated.

Let’s Get Ready to Play Wizards Unite

Now we just have to make sure we are ready when the time comes to download the Wizards Unite App

  • So jump over to the official site to enlist  and become part of the SoS Task Force if you haven’t already (here).
  • Make sure your device is ready to go, or have a look at the best phones out there for AR gaming.
  • Check out our list of things to do to make the wait a little easier.
  • Subscribe to these amazing WUtubersYoutube channels and follow them on Twitter
  • Take a look at our Wizards Unite training camp and brush up on all your magical knowledge.
  • And above all, keep your eyes open, your ears peeled, and your wands ready!

Accio Wizards Unite!

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